Apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship or Polish Charter (Karta Polaka)?

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The Card of the Pole does not entitle the holder to obtain Polish citizenship or the legal right to reside in the territory of the Republic of Poland or to cross the Polish border without a valid visa.

The Card of the Pole can be granted only to a person who on a day of applying for its issue holds a citizenship of: Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Estonia, Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Moldavia, Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Republic of Uzbekistan, or holding a status of the statelessness in one of these countries. The Card of the Pole can only be granted to a citizen of one of these countries whose Polish heritage has been stated as legally valid under the Act on repatriation of 9 November 2000, who does not hold the Polish citizenship or the right to permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Holder of the Card of the Pole is entitled to:

  • exemption from the obligation to have a work permit for foreigners;
  • obtaining a long-term visa enabling a multiple Polish border crossing,
  • running business in Poland on the same basis as the Polish citizens;
  • study and participate in other forms of education, as well as participate in research and development work. The holder retains the right to apply for scholarships and financial support from the State budget or from the Commune Authorities devoted to supporting the Polish citizens abroad;
  • use of health care services in the states of emergency on the same conditions as the Polish citizens;
  • 37% discount on public transport omnibus, flier and express rail travel;
  • free admission to state museums.

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