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Every information regarding the expectations of our customers and their ancestors whose documentation we should rediscover, are very important to us. To make the contact easier we put examples of expected input from our customers on our website. It will enable us to meet your expectations. After we get your email, our representative will contact you in order to present the offer and the agreed procedure.


Why should I choose

We are the Polish firm with its seat in Warsaw which enables prompt access to the most important archives and authorities in Poland. We act in Poland so due to it we immediately start to realize any order and monitor up to date its progress at the Polish institutions.

We do not benefit by intermediaries. We invest in high quality services and not in expensive advertisements. Due to that we achieve above-average effects assuring the lowest prices.

We collaborate with institutions in Poland and abroad. We have got exact and present information about archival files as well as rich experience in their acquisition safeguarding realization of the most difficult undertakings and satisfying their high quality standards.

According to the Polish regulations the person whose place of residence or place of regular stay is outside Poland or other EU member state, if in any administrative matter does not act through the Polish consul, is obliged to point a plenipotentiary to handle the matter or a plenipotentiary for deliveries in Poland.

In practice settling any administrative matter in Poland by the person living abroad requires to exercise services of a person living in Poland. The consular assistance is limited to transferring the matter to the appropriate administrative board in Poland only as the consul does not act as the party to the proceedings nor the party representing applicant`s interest.