What is the status of Find Polish Roots?

findpolishroots.com is a contemporary, rapidly growing service company operating in Poland. The company's headquarters is located in Warsaw. It provides professional assistance in the search of documents concerning Polish citizens in domestic and foreign institutions, finding marital status certificates, as well as it represents applicants during the procedure of Polish citizenship confirmation.

Is my presence obligatory during application for confirmation of the Polish citizenship?

The Polish regulations do not impose the presence of the applicant in office in order to process their case. The application can therefore be made in the provincial office by proxy, for example a findpolishroots.com employee, who will represent the person absent in Poland. The application for Polish citizenship confirmation is to be submitted to the competent local governor. In case of persons who never lived in Poland, it is the governor of Mazovia.

Can I apply for confirmation of the Polish citizenship on-line?

Proceedings may be instituted if the application has been signed by the person applying for confirmation of the Polish citizenship or by his representative, such as a findpolishroots.com employee. In addition, the application must be accompanied by originals or officially certified copies of documents confirming the data and information contained in the application. It is therefore appropriate to make the application in paper form. On behalf of minors, the application is to be submitted by one of the parents.

Does findpolishroots.com issue applications for confirmation of the Polish citizenship only at the Masovian Provincial Office in Warsaw?

No, the company headquarters is located in Warsaw, however, findpolishroots.com employees represent our clients in all 16 provincial offices as well as in the second instance, before the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.

Does findpolishroots.com  search for documents exclusively of the ancestors who lived in Warsaw and its surroundings?

No, our employees conduct the search for documents throughout the Polish territory and in certain circumstances also abroad.

Will I be required to serve in Polish military after obtaining the Polish citizenship?

No, service in the Polish army is done on voluntary basis.

Will the application be processed more quickly if it is filed through findpolishroots.com or the consulate?

The findpolishroots.com employee will immediately forward the application to the provincial if they were provided with full power of attorney and the required documents. Office correspondence is carried out on the Polish territory which shortens the procedure significantly. The findpolishroots.com employee may stay in touch with the person applying for confirmation of the Polish citizenship by e-mail on the course of the proceedings, informing and letting know of any need of providing extra documentation. In case of difficulties with obtaining the required documents from the applicant within the time limit set by the office, they may request the authority to appoint a new deadline or suspension of the proceedings.

If the service is rendered by a consul, he is not a party to the proceedings, only forwarding the application, the documents obtained and passes over obtained correspondence. The provincial office sends requests to the applicant to the address of the consulate, which then sends it to the person residing abroad, which may extend the waiting period for settlement of the case.

Is a Polish birth certificate of my ancestor sufficient evidence for them to have the Polish citizenship?

No, according to the rule of ius sanguinis being in force in Poland, a child acquires the Polish citizenship if at the day of their birth one or both their parents had the Polish citizenship, regardless of whether the child was born on Polish territory or abroad. Possible proofs of the Polish citizenship include, eg. an extract from the books of the Polish population - permanent or reported, archival documents, identity card of the ancestor, a Polish passport with the entry of the Polish citizenship, a military booklet or other military documents of the ancestor.

If my grandfather departed to the USA in 1938 from Vilnius, which currently is not within the Polish territory, and did not acquire foreign citizenship, could this mean that I as his grandson have the Polish citizenship?

For this purpose it is necessary to conduct a confirmation of the Polish citizenship, eg. through FindPolishRoots. There is a high probability that you possess the Polish citizenship if your grandfather was of Polish nationality and before 1945 he left the part of Polish territory included to the Soviet Union as result of the Second World War. In order to specify the details, please contact us by e-mail.

If my ancestors were deported to Siberia is it possible to find their documents and confirm my Polish citizenship?

The findpolishroots.com employees also do conduct search for documents related to the people who have left the Polish territory in the circumstances of the World War II not having a Polish passport. On the basis of an ancestor's biography submitted by the person concerned with finding the documents, The findpolishroots.com employee will undertake the search for documents in archives, museums and institutions storing documentation from the war period. For more detailed information on the required data on the ancestor necessary to initiate the search, please contact findpolishroots.com by e-mail.

Is it necessary to grant power of attorney in order for findpolishroots.com to conduct the case?

Yes, under the Polish law, a power of attorney needs to be submitted to the Polish offices and archives to enable representation of an applicant before them.

Having US citizenship can I also have a Polish citizenship (EU)?

At present, dual citizenship is permitted in many countries, including Poland, USA, Great Britain, Canada. Poland is not currently a party to any convention for the avoidance of double citizenship.

Will findpolishroots.com find the documents of my ancestors with certainty?

Employees of findpolishroots.com exercise due diligence to search the archives, offices and other institutions which may hold the documents of ancestors of the clients who have trusted our services. We have an extensive database of archives and their places of storage in Poland and abroad. We conduct the enquiries personally, as well as we entrust with them experienced archivists displaying high efficiency. Not all ancestor documents survived to the present time as a result of the devastation of the World War II. The success of our research depends also on the completeness of the information provided to us by relatives, such as the date and place of birth of the ancestor, places of residence, profession, service in the Polish army, the way of surviving the war, sometimes even religion, due to religious registration of civil status prior to 1st January 1946.

How long will I need to wait for documents from the archives?

The findpolishroots.com employees begin fulfilling the contract as soon as possible. The search for documents in the Institute of National Remembrance and in archives may take from a couple of weeks up to several months depending on the availability of a collection, its size, period of production, the language in which it was prepared in, the necessity of travelling outside Polish borders.

How long will I need to wait for documents from the Registry Office?

Extract of marital status certificates from the Registry Office or a certificate of loss or destruction of a related marital status books may take from several days to several weeks. If a birth certificate is archived, it may take up to several months to extract it, depending on the date and place of drawing up of the act. The consulate is currently no legal mediate in extraction of civil status certificates in Poland, therefore it is worth to use the services of findpolishroots.com.

How long will I need to wait for the governor's decision on the confirmation of the Polish citizenship?

It is not possible to pinpoint the waiting period for the governor to issue a decision, because it depends on the efficiency of the provincial office, the degree of complexity of the case, the need to submit additional documents and their translations, of which the province governor may post a request, nor the waiting period for the reaction of other institutions the provincial office may address. In most cases, the procedure takes several months, although some are finalised over a longer period.