Registry Office Records in Poland

The Registry certificates are necessary to obtain an identification document and a passport as well as to settle in Poland and abroad all inheritance, property, alimony matters, social and family benefits, to contract marriages. The civil register records are a basis for issuing:

  • Full and abridged copies of the civil register acts
  • Certificated of entries into the civil register or the lack of such entries
  • Certificates of loss or damage of civil register records.

Registration of an action concerning legal status (birth, marriage, death) which has taken place outside the borders of the Republic of Poland by signing into Polish registry and issuance of Polish documents confirming its existence is called transcription or registration of foreign vital records. There is no legal duty to register a foreign vital records in the Polish Registry, however Polish certificates are often required in the citizenship confirmation process and PESEL number applications.



According to the Act dated November 28, 2014 Law about civil registration certificates full and abridged copies of civil registration certificates, certificates about entries made in civil registers or about their lack, are issued at the request of a person who is the holder of the civil registration certificate, his or her ascendant, descendant, siblings, spouse or statutory representative.

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Obtaining copies of Polish civil registration certificates or registration of foreign vital records in Poland

Helpful information:
  • Applicant's full name,
  • name, surname, maiden name of registered person,
  • date and place of the event (birth, marriage, death),
  • relationship to the registered person
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Both the Registry records and the collective files for their creation are transferred to the state archives after lapse of 100 years in case of birth certificates and 80 years in case of marriage and death certificates from the date of their issuance. Exceptional are records from the territory of the former II Republic.

From 1st January 1946 secular registration of Registry has been in force, the older records were conducted by clergy separately for each faith.