Тест дверных блокираторов. Режем два Хендай Солярис.

Тест дверных блокираторов. Режем два Хендай Солярис.

Hello, everyone! Today we re making the next experiment and check equipment that are used in sperial workshops which sphere is anti-hijacking and will see it s effectivity. But remember how muggers break into the car for stealing gold and to hijack. Using factory retranslator for non-contact come in system mugger passes by every door lock and opens it in 5 seconds Using interception code grabber of factory or additional authorisation system mugger can illagally run opened doors. Also mugger s able to come in after he s just broken window and opens the door so. In most cases turning the driver’s door lock cylinder In modern German cars where floating larva door lock is used that s saved from turning, muggers often use extractor. So the best safe method is locker of doors, it s connected by triggel to outside the door and car stand. But last time we find happens when mugger is very interested at car and breaks into it using special things. In order to determine door s locks we ll make an experiment. For this we ve prepared 2 similar cars one of them has standart blocking system whereas the 2 d has expert type. I don t remember what and what is put. To test Yanne is welcomed. Yanne, where is your instrument? Another deal. We can begin. Yanne, what car? -Cast lots at first. O P -We ll start from it. At first going to check door s lockers we see door s opened, closing it, and giving voltage We can hear ScHCh.. it means locked The door is locked. We shall start. -And what was it? For Yanne it was a surprise, he doesn t know on what car expert lock is put. So, let s resume. Outside the door is easily vulnerable and while pulling plastic wire, where running signal comes. This riggel was being hesitated That s why it was unlocked. But Yanne, how much time did it take? 1 minmute OK>Let s try another car. -Let s! Some people usually ask question why it s needed to open a door while hijacking… every car is unique and most of cars in order to see e- module of running system, which are located under torpedo, demontage of plastic details is needed and it s impossible without opening doors. -What are you doing, Yanne? -Changing new disc. Changing new battery. For semi-demontage he uses grinding saw Compact instruments that are in the mugger s bag or bagpack have 8000-10000 rounds per per minute. In thi case we can see Korean autoprome elements are vulnerable. As you know they re made with low carbon sheet steel. In this car material is not so thick=0.5 mm and isn t fortified. Disc is moving softly and quickly while carving. Additional variant of fixing inside the door is made with kebulare coating So, it will be more difficult to saw and it ll take more time. But in this variant we test standart variant of the surface. Window in standart sise gives some difficulties to Yanne It seems to me, he couldn t find running wire that has to be So he tries to determine what s went wrong. Yanne has to expand methalic window in order to observe this non-standart situation. I can see some type of protection… I was trying to see running wire, but couldn t manage to do that That s why have carved. -But haven t you found activator? -Not yet. -But what are you trying to do next? -I m going to take some extra instruments with me. -Let s go!) Yanne found non-factory security elements which will be demontated manually using hammer he tries to knock down steel rivets and locks which fix extra-security elements. -Try to knock down the girth rail . He understands that more strong instrument is needed. -I d departure it to the hell! We can see it s not always convenient to work with usual instruments in the door space because native elements don t allow to do it These elements stiffen door. Will the saw crawl through it? No problems. You d better saw the edge -wait, please. Yanne, may I take a scrap? -No, manually. -There is protective cover. We need a bolt cutter. Let s go! In order to pull the bolt, the bolt cutter won t help us. And Yanne uses screwing movement using the bolt cutter. Excellent! -Yanne, congratulations! It was expert lock. So, let s have a look and figure out. Wire that s running girth rail is unusual and covered with steal. And in order to see it, we had to repick up this methalic bracket. Of course, some force was pushed… only after this, it was opened. Pay attention, here every bolt is unscrewed but it still continued resisting and didn t give us opportunity to open it. Yeah… Yanne tried to pull out girth rail using methalic screwer, but because the construction was accelerated, he did extra non needed wholes outside the car. As we can see not every standart situation of saving doors help prevent from burglaring. Of course, we undertand that while hijacking not every door will be so, but because it was just experiment, Yanne was allowed to do it. So we recommend you use non-standart methods of doors lockings but before having them put in, plese, ask specialists for advice. Friends, keep your car in the safety. There were experts of ugona.net please, don t forget to put likes and subscribe us!)))))

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