10 Most Deadly Armored Vehicles In The World

10 Most Deadly Armored Vehicles In The World

facts pers presents 10 most deadly armored vehicles in the world number 1 lexus LS 460 L this vehicle has plenty of armored and non armored features this vehicle is made by the armored car manufacturer incus it has an 8-speed automatic transmission with a 389 horsepower engine not only is it fast it’s very heavy the vehicle could withstand not only bullets but also grenade blasts if you are driving down the street in this vehicle people would not know that it is made of such high-grade armor as it looks like you’re in a normal everyday Lexus it is as safe as it is luxurious if you wanted to own one of these you should be ready to pay $300,000 number 2 BMW 750 li sedan this vehicle was created by the international armoring corporation they were able to transform a typical BMW into a tank on wheels it has a v8 400 horsepower engine this makes it possible to get away quickly in case of an attack many armored sedans are designed to just protect the backseat or the main passenger compartment to cut down on costs this vehicle is different the entire compartment is protected so that the people in the front seat are safe as well it has a reinforced suspension for driving on any type of terrain the front fenders the battery radiator fuel tank and the tailpipe are also armored preventing any type of explosion if there is an attack if you want to drive one of these vehicles you’re going to pay around $340,000 number three the cadillac escalade esv this is a fully loaded armored vehicle it was created by Becker automotive design and they put as much into the interior of the vehicle as they did with the exterior the vehicle has leathery upholstery large flat screens state of the art office equipment and wood trim the vehicle is 20 inches longer than other Escalades providing more space inside this vehicle has a chassis that is extra strong the outside is safe from bullets as it is made of steel the glass is 40 millimeters making it completely bulletproof if you want to own one of these vehicles you better have at least 350,000 dollars to spend number four mercedes-benz s guard this is one of the most popular types of armored car the company who built this kept the vehicles stylish features while making it almost impossible to destroy it if there is an attack this vehicle is so strong that it can withstand non-stop bullet attacks from an m60 machine gun if there is a gas attack this vehicle has its own oxygen system that will completely seal up the exterior vents offering those inside fresh air the double pane glass will also help if there is a gas attack because of the vehicle’s extreme wait it needs built-in hydraulic lift to open and close this vehicle has a price tag of $400,000 making it out of the typical person’s price range number five night xB this vehicle was created by conquest vehicles which is one of the leading armored car manufacturers in the world this vehicle is one-of-a-kind and there were only 100 of them made it has a v10 engine with several military-grade designs the vehicles armor is opaque and transparent so nobody would know that it is armored the vehicles made of ballistic aluminum with metal composites the windows are also bulletproof the interior is very luxurious and includes a satellite television heated seats a cooler and an entertainment media center it even has a black box just in case the car comes under attack this is one of the most pricey vehicles with tag of $629,000 number six quran a pc unlike many of the armored luxury vehicles this particular model makes it very obvious that it is armored this will keep anyone from attacking as they will know it would be pointless this vehicle can withstand fire using heavy ammunition from the m80 ball ammunition the vehicle’s floor to withstand the force of a grenade and other types of explosives there’s a machine-gun turrets on the roof which allows the passenger to attack if necessary this vehicle is designed more for military use rather than for private use it is also large enough to transport an entire security team this vehicle costs more than most people’s homes at six hundred thirty thousand dollars this is one of the 10 most deadly armored vehicles in the world number 7 Audi a8 security this vehicle is fully armored however you wouldn’t know it at first glance although it resembles a typical allottee it is certified by the German ballistics testing centre which proves the entire vehicle is completely bulletproof the vehicle is made by hand in a secured area by highly trained workers it takes 400 hours for the workers to build the vehicle if you would stand anything that is fired at it it has LED signals a siren digital radio networks and a smoke detector it can withstand just about anything that comes its way and it should considering that it costs seven hundred thousand dollars number eight mercedes-benz g63 AMG this vehicle was created by Incas and it is one of the most secured armored limousines on the market it was designed to take luxury and security to the next level it features bulletproof glass fuel tank protection our we’re bulkhead and bullet catchers the floor is armored so that it can withstand explosions from underneath the exterior is also completely bulletproof interior is leather and provides a very comfortable ride this car would cost 1 million dollars if you want to own one number 9 Cadillac 1 also known as the beast this is the only car used to transport the President of the United States it is the most iconic armored car in the world it has an armor-plated fuel tank which is surrounded by fire resistant foam it also has its own oxygen supply and extra space in the trunk for weapons the armor is made from aluminum and titanium which is so heavy that it is difficult to open the door from the outside it also has its own encrypted communication system just in case the president is under fire and needs to call for help this vehicle is extremely expensive at 1.5 million dollars number 10 combat t98 this vehicle is made by the Russian manufacturer darts most people know this vehicle as the palm brawn the entire interior is upholstered with whale penis leather this vehicle is often used by European princes and Russian political figures it has diamond encrusted white gold gauges with gold plates on the window trim it is completely bullet and explosion proof the armor protects not only the engine and the fuel tank but the people inside as well the cost of this vehicle is tied with the Cadillac one at 1.5 million dollars subscribe for more you

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  1. What kind of stupid idiot would only protect himself in the back seat but not necessarily the driver. If the driver gets killed, who will drive the car to safety ? Common sense it's not that common.

  2. European princes? Unlikely. Unless you consider Arab sheiks to be European nobility. I wouldn't blame you for thinking that considering the demographic trends

  3. Did he say real penis leather? Surely not??!! I must have misheard him. My hearing aid needs seeing to???

  4. …wtf was that thumbnail, you took the broadsides from fallout 4 and the dog chain gun from fallout new vegas, slapped them on and made an eye sore and these are normal cars except for the end, this is trash

  5. Hehehe i am a lucky one dnt need anything protected because i am just simple gal always remember do not the other or animals you got to believe no one gnna hurt you .")

  6. Kombat T98 armoured vehicle’s interior is covered with “whale penis” leather. What??? and the car cost $1.5M USD

  7. None of this cars are paint probe 🤣if someone throws lots of oil based paint all over the car what?

  8. If someone put a lock on the tires what? Have to stay there till someone comes to rescue you 😱if you lucky and they don’t pour fire on your car or trow you inside a hole full of water

  9. that thumbnail had weapons from fallout 4 lol, the cannon on the side in the thumbnail was the broadsider from fo4

  10. You got my attention at "Russian" and the "Whale Penis leather" had me sold.

  11. If Lambo's cost 25 G a night. How much would it cost us regular folk to just sit in one of these.

  12. Number one in the opulence for an armerd-Car, Was the for-skin of a Whales penis for the upholstery, Rectum numbing, Or something.

  13. OMG whale penis leather? So when Vladimir Putin cruises the country side he spends all day riding a whale dick, how gay is that?

  14. They named some cars and trucks but deadly? the deadliest vehicle I can think of is being stuck in a van full of people who just ate at Taco Bell.

  15. You left out the # 1 most deadly armored vehicle ever made, the 2016 Trumpmobile, featured in your thumbnail.

  16. From Philippines I want All in my Dreams 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 6/26/2019

  17. 600 grand for the knight… That is actually not too bad given what you get out of it… I was expecting that one to be like 850 grand or so

  18. About that Kombat whale penis thing?.
    This is a perfect example of extravagant disregard for life.
    So, that makes your video irrelevant.

  19. "The vehical is made od steel." "So this makes it bullet proof." Then all stock production vehicals. Qualify as bullet proof.

  20. So the Russians built an armored vehical. To protect mor then just its fuel. Whew what is this world comming to. LOL

  21. .เสียง.ไบบ.เลย.โอ.เค.เยดส.วัน
    ทูก วัน.ดูด..ก..ดอ.ไอ.ไฟ.โ.อ.เคค

  22. .ส..ส..ค้า.ยา..ข้าม..โลก.หยู.ใน.ไทย

  23. There is also a surprise in best armoured car category from Russia known for Lada in past now it's in best of it's category of making best car too

  24. Biggie rapped about his Lexus LS, Tupac had a BMW. both were killed in drive by shootings. The first two cars shown here were the Lexus LS and the BMW. If only they had these ones.

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