10 SCARIEST Things Caught on Security Cameras

10 SCARIEST Things Caught on Security Cameras

– Security cameras are
there for your protection, but the truth is they can’t
actually stop anything. In fact, sometimes all that they can do is capture your worst
nightmares as they come true. Here are the 10 scariest things
caught on security cameras. Number 10 are creepy clowns. Unless you’ve been living a life that doesn’t include online
videos or social media, by now, you’ve likely seen the clips of scary killer clowns in
prank and scare videos. But while most of these masked figures are giving birthday clowns a
bad name in a harmless way, simply waiting for a victim to scare with fake murders and other antics, elsewhere, like in Jackson, Florida, other more devious things are going down. Video from surveillance cameras have captured multiple characters doing far more threatening things, such as walking onto
people’s property and porches while posing for the camera
and, in one instance, tearing a Halloween
jack-o’-lantern into pieces with their bare hands
while their psychotic grin remains frozen on their masks. Other videos show clowns
making threatening gestures while staring right into security cameras, all while standing on
a private home’s porch. A large number of arrests have been made, not just in the United States but all over North America
and the United Kingdom. It’s just a matter of time
before one of these clowns makes your nightmare a reality. Number nine is an insane car crash. On July 30th, 2016, a car
was traveling down a highway in Deland, Florida, when it careened off, struck a mailbox, and
then became airborne, flipping over several times
before landing upside down in a parking lot at the side of the road. A security camera for a local business caught the entire shocking event, which became even more terrifying when the front end of
the vehicle caught fire, sending smoke up in plumes. Witnesses grabbed fire
extinguishers to put out the fire before attempting to get the sole occupant out of the vehicle, only to discover that the
car was so heavily demolished in the horrific crash that they couldn’t pull
him through the window. Instead, the growing group of
bystanders flipped the car, cut through the man’s seatbelt, and managed to pull him
through the sunroof. Amazingly, the man survived,
but not everyone is as lucky. Number eight is a home invasion. Our homes are meant to be our safe places, places we can be ourselves and not worry about the negative events
of the outside world. But when that safe feeling is
taken away, real fear sets in. On February 20th, 2017,
individuals forced their way into the apartment of an
unidentified business owner, assaulting him and robbing
him while he bled out. A surveillance camera in the
North York, Toronto, condo caught the home invaders on film as one shot the man in the shoulder before a second man stabbed him repeatedly in the head with a screwdriver. Four out of the five people
involved in the assault, two men and two women, were
shortly after arrested, mostly due to one of the men
still wearing his ankle monitor that he was ordered to wear after being released from prison. This random attack happened
so quickly and so intensely, it makes you wonder if
it could happen to you. You may want to go check that your doors are locked right now. Number seven are traffic twins. So much goes unexplained about twins. How do they know when the
other’s injured or killed? How can some pairs
communicate without speaking? And in this case, why did both have to run into
oncoming traffic together? In this shocking video captured by closed circuit traffic cameras, two twins, Sabrina and Ursula Eriksson, can be seen walking along the median between two lanes of the M6 motorway near the city of Keele in England. As authorities approached them, they unexpectedly fleed
into oncoming traffic, as the pair ran out in front of cars, where Sabrina was struck
and suffered injuries. Shortly after, when police managed to seemingly calm the girls down at the side of the motorway,
the pair broke away from them and ran back into the path of traffic, this time getting them both struck. Experts claim that the pair
suffered a shared psychosis, which caused them to act erratically, a psychosis that they still
can not explain to this day. Number six is the Fresno Nightcrawler. Every city has their own
local monster legend. And for the city of Fresno, California, that monster is the Fresno Nightcrawler. According to legend, a
family was growing tired of being awakened in
the middle of the night by the sound of their dogs barking at something in the woods nearby. In an attempt to determine what it was that stalked the property, they put up a security
camera on their garage, only to discover that what
was moving about late at night was an unusual
white-sheet-wearing creature that strode with legs far
too long for a real person. Numerous individuals have come forward with eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage
of these creatures, which have also been referred to as the Fresno aliens
or stick-figure aliens. Unfortunately for experts who
aim to study these creatures, the footage has been lost over time. However, it’s very likely
that they’re still out there, stalking in the night. Number five is the burglar in baby’s room. What could possibly be
scarier for a parent than watching as a stranger who’s just broken into their home stands creepily over their baby’s crib? That’s just what happened to one family in west Harris County,
Texas, on April 5th, 2014, when their baby monitor’s
motion-activated camera caught 18-year-old Christopher Gomez as he crept about the infant’s bedroom. At one point during
the disturbing footage, he’s seen standing right
over the sleeping baby and staring down at it. Gomez entered the house through an unlocked first-floor window and proceeded to search the home with the aid of a flashlight. Authorities reported
that even though the man seemed to know his burglary was being recorded on a video camera, he went about with his thieving anyway. Gomez was ultimately caught
due to the anonymous family releasing the video of him and his creepy actions in their nursery. Makes you wonder how
often you actually check that your windows are locked. Number four is Eliza Lam’s elevator ride. On February 19th, 2013, the naked body of a 21-year-old
student named Eliza Lam was pulled from a water tank
on top of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. A resident of Burnaby,
British Columbia, Canada, Lam was on a tour of California
while on break from school. Sadly, her tour was cut short, though no one knows exactly why. Lam had been missing since January 31st, when she’d failed to call her parents as she’d done every day prior. Investigators released the
last known images of Eliza, specifically the recordings taken via the surveillance camera
in the hotel elevator, which sees the woman acting oddly, pressing several buttons though
the lift doors don’t close, and she’s seen talking to
somebody that is unseen. The footage went viral, with many claiming the
dark history of murder that the hotel was the site of led to Lam being possessed
by a demented spirit. Officially, her death
was ruled as an accident, although it’s clear to many that something more diabolical was afoot. Number three is the Miami zombie. For decades, the thought
of a zombie outbreak has terrified millions
upon millions of people, with many actually preparing their homes and families for the
forthcoming zombie apocalypse. Of course, many laughed
at these individuals. That is, until May 26th, 2012, when a vicious attack in Miami, Florida, changed things a bit. A homeless man named Ronald Poppo was sitting under a tram bridge when 31-year-old Rudy
Eugene approached him. Security footage from multiple cameras, including the most famous angle from the Miami Herald Building, saw Eugene strip naked
as he walked up to Poppo and soon after viciously attacked him. After knocking the man unconscious, Eugene proceeded to consume most of the flesh from the victim’s face, even eating his left eye. The unbelievable event culminated in an officer shooting Eugene dead. Given the nature of the attack, hazmat officials had to
be called onto the scene. And to this day, no further
explanation has been given. Number two is the ghost in the cab. After a massive tsunami hit
Japan on March 11th, 2011, multiple drivers around the country began reporting ghostly
apparitions trying to enter or in some cases floating
right into their vehicles. Some taxi drivers even found that seemingly regular
people got into their cabs, only to vanish soon after into thin air. In this clip taken from a security camera at a Japanese taxi stop, a man is seen walking towards a car while a translucent
eerie figure follows him. The ghostly image appears to
be a woman with black hair who, as the man gets in the cab, incorporeally disappears
into the side of it. While some claim that there
really is a woman there and it’s simply a bad capture of her on the surveillance camera, others point out how she seems
to guide the man into the cab before vanishing completely. Next time that you
think that you’re alone, such as, say, watching this video, you may want to look around
because you may not be. And number one is the ghost child. Even the most fearless individuals would likely be heading
in the other direction if they ever crossed paths with a ghost, especially if that ghost was a child. Such was the case when a ghostly child was captured in the street by a closed circuit television camera attached to the UK home of Ian Hawke. In the clip, the translucent
figure moves about the street and Hawke believes it’s a
child simply playing outside. Of course, this isn’t the only time a young specter has been
recorded via security footage. Hundreds upon hundreds of people have uploaded surveillance images that they say contain the
ghosts of children playing, walking, or even just
staring at the camera. Some people believe them to be hoaxes, while others who witness the events believe them in their
heart to be very real. So, as you’re going to bed tonight, you may want to take one
final look around your room. You may not be alone. (eerie music) But as always, thank you
all very much for watching. On the right, you’ll find
two of my most recent videos that you can press or click
on your screen right now if you’d like to watch more. And other than that, I will
see you in the next video. Sweet dreams.

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