10 Strangest Things Ever Caught On Security Camera

• How long did it take to catch a man caught
on camera stealing women’s lingerie… while WEARING women’s lingerie? What set a woman off so badly she threatened
to go Super Saiyan? From crazed people to freak accidents, here
are 10 of the most bizarre things ever caught on security camera footage. 10 –Crazed Pedestrian
• It’s hard telling what exactly the story is here. But there’s no doubt as to what we’re
looking at. • There’s a car driving down the street. And on that car, perched on the windshield,
is a human being. • Normally when you see a person on top
of a moving vehicle, it’s a bad time for the person. And that could have still been the case here. • But for the couple seconds we see on video,
it’s definitely the driver having the bad day, as the rider is braced on the hood trying
to kick in the windshield – and seemingly succeeding. 9 –Suicidal Sisters
• Swedish twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson are the subjects of one of the most bizarre
stories ever witnessed by British police. • When their tour bus made a stop off the
M6 motorway outside Liverpool, both girls ran directly into oncoming traffic, being
struck almost immediately. • Police responded, assuming the worst,
but the women seemed to be perfectly fine. As officers were trying to grasp what happened,
Ursula dashed into traffic AGAIN, this time ending up under the wheels of a truck. Sabina followed, launching herself into the
windshield of a speeding sedan. • Police caught up with them to detain the
women, who had serious injuries. And they attempted to fight the police to
get out in front of vehicles AGAIN. • It turned out the women suffered from
a shared psychosis unique to twins, in which one twin’s mental state affects the other. That’s why they both went berserk at the
same time. • The women were detained by police and
later released, where upon Sabina met a man, went back to his home, and stabbed him to
death. 8 –Man stealing lingerie
• At a women’s college hostel in India, CCTV footage found a man breaking in. But for what purpose? To see a girlfriend? To assault the women? • Not exactly. He broke in and proceeded to steal and try
on the women’s lingerie. Apparently that’s just his thing, because
the footage shows that he was already WEARING a bra when he ARRIVED. • Perhaps the oddest thing about the story
is that it wasn’t a one-time thing. The man continued to break into the same hostel,
caught on camera every time, for SIX MONTHS. • Every time, he would parade around in
lingerie, take some with him, and leave. He was finally caught by the authorities after
half a year of this. 7 –Drunk Santa
• Drunken Santas on security cameras are probably more common than anyone wants to
think. But this one is extra embarrassing. • The footage takes place in a parking garage,
which means this guy was intending to drive. But first, he stumbled face-first into the
rear bumper of a car. • Once he recovered from that, he decided
to use pee. On an elevator. As there were people coming out of it. 6 –Self-destroying door
• You’d never except anything strange to happen here. There’s no warning. All you see is some people calmly walking
through a rotating door. • A few people go through, without much
trouble. • Then, suddenly, the door just EXPLODES. Nothing appears to hit it or impact it at
all. The glass pane just shatters all over the
poor guy trying to go through. • Enjoy your next trip through a moving
glass door, knowing THIS can happen. 5 –Toddler Hostage in Walmart
• We’ll never know the full story behind this. A man, who appears to be mentally ill, snatched
a random woman’s two-year-old from her shopping cart, and held the girl hostage at knifepoint. • The video shows the hostage situation
unfolding – until police arrive on the scene and end it with a single gunshot. • The child was unharmed, and the man was
killed instantly. So we’ll never get answers as to what was
actually going on there. 4 –McNugget Rage
• Sometimes… you just want some Chicken McNuggets. Like, a lot. • At 6:30 am on New Years Day, an Ohio woman
pulled up and demanded McNuggets. When told they wouldn’t have them available
for another 4 hours, she got out of her car and began attacking the drive-thru employee. • Among the threats she screeched at the
store’s employee and manager, she threatened to “end you,” as well as “go Super Saiyan”
and “assume my ultimate form.” • When the employee managed to close the
drive-thru window, stopping her assault, she threw a bottle through the window and sped
away. 3 –Peeping Reagan
• Seeing a creepy peeping Tom wandering outside someone’s home is, sadly, a pretty
common thing for a home security system to find. • It doesn’t happen to EVERYONE, but it
happens often enough to not really be newsworthy. • But it’s not very often the creeper
is completely stark naked… and wearing a Ronald Reagan mask. • But hey, first time for everything, right? 2 –Stranger in SWAT Uniform
• The 2016 murder of 45-year-old Missy Bevers in a Texas church is unsolved. • But police have one piece of evidence. Security camera footage from within the church
shows an unidentified person wearing SWAT gear, slowly sneaking through the halls of
the church. • The person enters a room, and exits a
few minutes later. The next morning, Bevers’ body was found. And that’s all the information anyone has
about it. 1 –Walking away from an accident
• One of the most bizarre car accidents you’ll ever see comes courtesy of a Russian
dash-cam. • The vehicle in question is travelling
behind a large 18-wheel truck, with seemingly no problems. • Suddenly, the vehicle begins to swerve
into the oncoming lane… and into an oncoming truck. • The trucks collide, sending the vehicle
in the oncoming truck through the windshield… where he lands perfectly on his feet, outside
the truck, and begins walking around to inspect the damage, as if he meant to do that all
along. • He almost looks casual for a man who avoided
a brutal death by a matter of inches.

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