10 Ways Cops Bring Dangerous Cars To A Grinding Halt

10 Ways Cops Bring Dangerous Cars To A Grinding Halt

Police and culprits have always been involved
in a cat-and-mouse game. Each party uses every tactic in the book to
gain an upper hand over the other. But hey, we want our cops to win, right? However, the whole thing gets dangerous when
there are cars and other automobiles involved. So how do the law enforcement agencies ensure
they come out on top? It’s easy! They implement the most advanced technology
to put the criminals on hold. Here are 10 ways the police stop dangerous
cars from creating unwanted ruckus. Number 1. Vehicle Slowdown System
Many of us love a hot pursuit car chase. It is what sets the tone to any cop action
movie. But there’s news for ya! In real life, the car chase just got cut short. Wonder how? With the vehicle slow down system, of course! Bigger automobile brands like GM have developed
a GPS-based gadget which restricts the fuel supply. The result? A cut-down in velocity by 5 mph. Now, isn’t that pure genius? Number 2. Tire Stopper
Stopping cars and trucks is not like eating a piece of cake. Immobilizing them suddenly has some inertial
impact. There have been instances when these vehicles
contain explosives. How do the law enforcement officers ensure
that nobody is hurt in such a situation? With the tire stopper in the kitty, there’s
nothing to worry. A spike bed is embedded at a designated location. When the car or truck approaches it, they
stick out of nowhere! The tires get damaged beyond repair and as
a result, the automobile is brought to a standstill! That’s badass! Number 3. Stinger Spike System
Tires are just like the vulnerable underbelly of a monster. Once you have the tires in control, you can
stall an automobile’s progress. The Stinger Spike System is a veteran that
has proved its reliability time and again in the law enforcement industry. These spikes consist of hollow ducts. When they get embedded in the tire, the air
gets released, hence resulting in a flat. They are portable and can be easily carried
around. They come in all sorts of sizes. Be it a car or a truck, nothing is safe from
the stinger! Number 4. Shallow Mount Blockers
If you want to see something sick, then have a look at the shallow mount blockers. Nothing, and we mean nothing, can get past
them. This remarkable apparatus can stop the heaviest
of trucks moving at speeds of 50+ mph. Oh my God! That’s gross! And if you are thinking, that these blockers
won’t survive such an intense crash, then prepare yourself to be surprised. After the vehicle has been ripped apart, they
are unscathed, bar a few scratches and scars. Number 5. Starchase
Every law enforcement agency wants to stop a dangerous criminal behind the wheel by incurring
the least amount of risk. A gadget that helps them to do so is the Starchase. It is the most hi-tech tracking system in
the world. By simply shooting an adhesive slathered GPS
device, it allows law enforcement agencies to track the location of the target vehicle. This allows the cops to have an upper hand
in the pursuit. It also comes in handy if one needs to find
a stolen car. Number 6. RF Safe Stop
Remember the Bat-Ray from the 1960s Batman TV show? With one shot from the devastating weapon,
the villains and their henchmen were immobilized in their own transportation. However, RF Safe-Stop won’t fry the electronics
in a car. But it could seriously disrupt them long enough
to bring the target conveyance to a stop. But don’t be worried. The energy from RF Safe-Stop is directed and
focused so that other nearby electronics, including those in the police car or truck
won’t be affected by it. Talk about smart, that’s a genuinely smart
device. Number 7. Spiderman Speed Bump
It might look like an innocent speed bump, but do not be fooled by its looks. The Spiderman Speed Bump is the police department’s
hero in disguise. Whenever the vehicle-in-target comes in contact
with the speed bump, spikes jut out of the ground. The Spiderman web follows the puncture and
entangles around the wheels bringing the vehicle to a grinding halt! With the automobile out of action, there’s
no way the driver can escape. Number 8. Grappler Police Bumper
If the cops are serious about stopping reckless individuals behind the wheels, then they make
sure that they clasp them in a tight hold. The best device that aids them in this is
the Grappler Police Bumper. It makes sure the fugitive stops dead in their
tracks. There are instances when the cops and the
criminals are involved in a high speed car chase. A collision at such a high velocity could
prove disastrous. But the law enforcement forces are always
one step ahead. The grappler-cum-bumper wraps a net around
the tire of the vehicle. The tire is destroyed, with the grappler tightly
bound around the wheel and the axle. Needless to say, that’s some serious innovation! Number 9. Anti-Ram Wedge Barriers
If the cops want maximum security for vital entry points, anti-ram wedge barriers are
a formidable choice. They can offer maximum resistance against
unauthorized vehicles of all sizes and weights. The biggest advantage of using a wedge barrier
is its shallow foundation. It can be raised for impact in one second
approximately. Moreover, it can destroy anything that hits
it head on! For those who are desperate to hit it, beware,
‘cuz there will be rubble flying everywhere! Number 10. Net And Cable Barriers
Meet one of the most powerful police security system against dangerous vehicles- net and
cable barriers. Net and Cable Barriers are manufactured in
a North Carolina based company. A net might seem to be highly insubstantial
in stopping vehicles, but these two dudes here know how to do their work. If a maniac was behind the wheels and trying
to breach your property, these barriers are your best bet to stop them in their tracks. It remains concealed in a flat steel cover
and catches the culprit totally unaware. The company that manufactures it, claims that
it can obstruct a 15,000-pound vehicle at a speed of 50-mph with ease. Whoa, that’s some serious damage! Make sure you have insurance in advance, if
you plan to pull of some GTA-style stunts. So, are there any other gadgets used by the
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