10 Weirdest Things Caught On CCTV

10 Weirdest Things Caught On CCTV

10 Weirdest Things Caught On CCTV 10. Clowns In 2016, America was hit by a nightmarish
epidemic, when security cameras across the country began capturing people roaming the
streets dressed as killer clowns. Supposedly originating in South Carolina, by mid-October,
the inexplicable phenomenon had been reported in almost all US States, 9 of 13 Canadian
provinces and 18 other countries. As if that wasn’t already bad enough, certain
clowns took the act too far, and the sightings became linked with stories of robberies, assaults
and violent threats made to schools. This lead to widespread legal cases, including
9 states which banned the clown as a Halloween costume. This aspect of genuine danger makes footage
of the clowns even more scary than they already were. Perhaps the most famous example of this
comes from home security footage in Florida. The chilling video shows a clown with a balloon
approach someone’s porch, stare directly into their camera, before violently destroying
their halloween pumpkin. 9. Woman On The Tracks Unfortunately, it’s not as difficult as
you’d hope to find CCTV footage of someone falling onto the train tracks of a Mumbai.
According to Government Railway Police data, 8 people lose their lives a day on the city’s
railway system. But that wasn’t the case on June 23rd 2017,
when Ghatkopar [Gatt-Koh-Purr] Station CCTV captured a woman jumping onto the tracks in
front of an oncoming train. The vehicle quickly comes to a stop, but when it moves from the
platform, there’s no trace of her. But the story doesn’t end there, as just three minutes
later, CCTV picks up the same woman. Except now, she can be seen leaving on the
other side of the station. Another angle of the incident shows that the woman was flat
when the train reached her, passing over her safely. But how she escaped the train and
crossed the tracks unseen remains a mystery, as does the woman’s identity. 8. Nosy Burglar In July of 2016, Jordan Buranskas and her
boyfriend Jack Mackercher were searching for her lost purse when they decided to check
the house’s security footage. But they got more than they bargained for when they instead
found footage of an intruder in the house a few days earlier. But this didn’t seem to be a normal burglar.
In a video that has since spread across the internet, the hooded man can be seen standing
at the top of a staircase, staring at the couple. He does this for about 10 minutes
in total, but the two were oblivious, having fallen asleep in front of the TV. The thief has been seen on other security
cameras in the area, but has never been identified. He’s also been linked to other burglaries,
but there’s no evidence that he’s performed the same strange behaviour as in this creepy
CCTV footage. 7. Revolving Door Of all the ‘something gets possessed’
storylines in fiction, perhaps the least explored is that of the humble door. For inspiration,
just look to Brussels in Belgium. Here, in 2008, the Dexia bank had CCTV footage leaked
of a revolving door which seems to suffer a sudden case of demonic possession. As
the bank employee makes to leave, two of the contraptions four glass doors suddenly snap
shut, smashing against the trapped man. He walks away, and supposedly only sustained
minor injuries, but the scary footage sent internet sleuths crazy. Theories spanned from someone forcefully pushing
on the other side to a gust of wind, but neither seem capable of conjuring that much force.
The company’s official stance was a malfunction, based on a safety function where the doors
flatten out for a quick emergency exit. However, that fails to explain why only one side closes,
or how anyone could design a ‘safety feature’ so obviously dangerous. 6. Dogs Attack Car Turkish mechanic Cam Acar woke up in 2015
in the province of Sakarya to find his car destroyed. He called the police, suspecting
that someone had either tried to break into it or vandalised it. The only thing he was
sure of was that the perpetrator was human. But when police checked the CCTV footage from
where his car had been parked, they saw a strange occurrence. In the video, nine stray
dogs can be seen approaching the car, seemingly trying to get into it. Their attempts get
more and more violent until one rips the car’s bumper clean off. This is strange behaviour even for strays,
which don’t typically run in packs as wolves do. Acar believes they were all chasing a
cat, although none is ever visible in the video. Whatever the cause, the damage totalled
around $1700, which Acar is sadly unable to claim back from the canine culprits. 5. Runner Pushes Woman Going for a run in London, other pedestrians
can often be a nuisance, but that’s just the price you pay for choosing to run through
a highly populated city. But in 2017, one man went for a morning jog and decided that
the whole of Putney Bridge was his right of way. In a now infamous video captured by CCTV on
a passing bus, the man encounters a woman unfortunate enough to cross his path. Despite
the fact the woman is barely in his way, the man violently pushes her out of his way, where
she falls to the ground in front of another oncoming bus. In the words of police Sergeant Mat Knowles,
the woman only avoided major injuries due to the ‘superb quick reactions of the bus
driver’, who managed to swerve out of her way. To this day, the man has never been identified,
despite the fact he apparently ran right past the woman 15 minutes later and completely
blanked her. 4. SWAT Team Killer Terri ‘Missy’ Bevers arrived at Creekside
Church in her Texas hometown at around 5am in April of 2016, to teach an exercise class.
But as she set up for the class, someone broke into the church and killed her. When police
arrived, they scanned the building’s CCTV, only to find that the police had already been
in the building. Officially released footage from the time
of the murder showed a mysterious figure wandering the halls, dressed head-to-toe in a SWAT uniform.
There’s no documentation of any police presence at the church, so it appears the suit is makeshift,
but to this day, police have no suspects, motives and can’t even ascertain the gender
of the killer. Owing to several broken windows, some believe
the crime was simply a robbery gone wrong. Others however, believe the suspect knew Missy,
and simply staged a robbery. But for now, all we have to go on is the chilling footage. 3. Emma Fillipoff In 2012, Emma Fillipoff left her job in British
Columbia to move back to her Ontario home, but she never got there. She was last sighted
around 8pm on November 28th, but CCTV from a 7 Eleven earlier that day has offered strange
clues as to why she vanished. The footage shows Emma enter the shop to buy
a prepaid cell phone, then return later to purchase a credit card with $200 dollars on
it. But before she leaves the shop each time, Emma peers through the shop doors as if she’s
being followed. This was all police had to go on until 2014,
when another shop’s CCTV captured a man with one of Emma’s missing person posters
crushed in his hand. Reportedly, the man angrily told employees that he was Emma’s boyfriend,
and that she just wanted to be left alone. But to this day, the man has never been identified,
and Emma has never been seen again. 2. Peeping Ron The reality series ‘Jersey Belle’ only
aired for one series in 2014, but it seems like it was long enough to make a big impact
on one fan. Specifically, one fan appeared to develop an unhealthy obsession with one
of its stars Danielle Yancey. In 2016, he even took it as far as to show up at her house. This was documented by Yancey’s security
camera, which she checked after her husband noticed someone outside their window. But
it took a stranger turn than the average celebrity stalker when the CCTV footage showed that
the intruder had been completely naked. All he wore was one strategically placed sock
and what appears to be a rubber mask of President Ronald Reagan’s face. The man ran off quickly
when Yancey and her husband spotted him. But the strange getup captured the internet’s
interest after she posted the video to facebook, although the added attention never lead to
the man’s identification. 1. Traffic Twins In 2008, Swedish twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson
were living happily on different continents, with no history of mental health issues. That
all changed when Ursula travelled from America to visit her sister in Ireland, where Sabina
abandoned her family to secretly take a bus to London with her sister. After the bus stopped on the motorway, the
sisters got off, and the road’s CCTV cameras witnessed them repeatedly attempting, apropos
of nothing, to throw themselves into traffic. Police arrived to detain them, accompanied
by a BBC film crew who happened to be filming them. But the twins each broke free with what
police called ‘superhuman strength’, and threw themselves again into in the busy motorway. Somehow, the twins survived, and while Ursula
was hospitalised, Sabina behaved normally enough in police custody to be released, only
to kill the first man she met. Supposedly, the twins experienced a rare ‘shared psychosis’,
where they effectively infected each other with a random bout of insanity.

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100 Replies to “10 Weirdest Things Caught On CCTV”

  1. Number 5 IS a malfunction. You can clearly see all 4 doors slide shut. Not a demonic possession of a door lmao stupid

  2. the one naked guy was literally a drunk dude that got dared to stand there naked and apologized after, probably why he took off so quick lol didnt add that part though

  3. A clown appeared in my city, a person i know beat him up and posted a picture of his bloody fist on Facebook

  4. Mmm, I was a part of one of those clown groups online, unbeknownst to me the majority of the time. Apparently, they had created a forum for an extremely old game and I with my toaster laptop (at the time) that couldn't play anything decent got hooked on the game in question and joined the forum, ecstatic that there were still fans of the game even after such a long time.

    Things were normal until I noticed them using coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) and keywords, I thought it strange but I shrugged it off. It wasn't until a few months in that one of the members had been arrested albeit let go later that one of them was too flustered to use the codewords and I saw what they were actually saying before the post was edited.

    Yup, I then realized why one of them asked who invited me to the forums. I thought it was due to it being extremely isolated and quite frankly too old of a game for much fans to exist let alone look for such a forum, so at the time I replied no one, I was just a fan. No wonder they were talking to each other about me for a good week, it turns out they weren't surprised that fans still existed other than them but rather that I wasn't one of 'them'.

    Later I cracked the code after filtering through enough conversations they had and realized they were some kind of killer/scary clown posse that liked to scare people.

    It didn't help that they liked to post photos of their costumes, which they spent time on making and stuff of Halloween plans all year round. Obvious when you think about it, however, at the time I just thought they were weird or had some kind of fetish for Halloween.

    They would sometimes even say vague things like 'It's extremely mainstream' and 'hot again after so many years' I thought they meant the game but clearly as the ONLY person to join them for an entire year which was how long I was there needless to say I didn't think that one through. I again thought they were weird, I mean who'd still be a fan of a very old game, be in that forum and not be eccentric?

  5. I got one sentence

    Me and the bios at 3am after transforming into clowns

  6. That woman probably just crawled under the stationary train and snuck her way through the camera's blind spots to the other side.

  7. A kid from my school made a twitter account pretending to being a clown and said he was gonna shoot up our schook

  8. It's happened in Kansas I was home alone when I lived on a farm looked outside saw someone in a clown costume and hid I was 14

  9. I don't miss that clown shit. It was extremely strange for months because of that and I live in a small town. Yet I still saw some strange and kind of funny and some not so funny stuff. Due to the whole epidemic of 'killer clowns'.

  10. The thumbnail looks like if Robbie rotten got out of the shower and slipped down the stairs and is trying to get over to a telephone To call the ambulance

  11. For number five you can see the guy getting crushed by two doors on one side but one door on the other side but the clip ends befor you see the third thi is spoopy

  12. 9/13 Canadian provinces? The fact that you cant even research that the top 3 "provinces" are actually called territories is sad.

  13. Last year at Halloween our school go a warning for clowns so there was a clown who was trying to get into our school and managed to get in and we had a lockdown

  14. They can't ban someone dress as Clown cuz a juggalo is like religion I was told I couldn't where mi face paint to work for a religion day witch means we dress up as icp and gather together to remember the lost bro and hoes

  15. I can't understand you. Could people who sound like you die off please? Nvm everyone except Aussies, aussies and New Zealanders, they're cool.

  16. OMG that clown hysteria started in my town. I remember when my friend posted on FB that “she knew this sounded crazy, but she was positive she just saw an “evil looking clown” while driving down I-85 from Furman University.” She’s always been laid back and a good sport so we joked with her asking how much she had to drink that night. Sooo…we were definitely put in our place two weeks later when reports of clowns started popping up on the news. I still feel a little guilty for totally not believing my friend.

  17. It would seem far more appropriate for the stalker in number two to be wearing a Bill Clinton mask? Police be all like, "oh yeah it must be Tuesday. Bill's just doing his thing."

  18. i went to a shop and a drunk dude came and started to rub my pants i was baffled about the the weird situation.

  19. I live in a rough estate in England, Some kid dressed a clown scaring people and got stabbed to death. It was so sad. He was only 14. R.I.P

  20. 2:20
    Actually it looked like he was watching tv and not staring at the couple the whole time lol if you wanna believe that just to scare yourself go ahead but the TV was on and people like watching tv so I’m more convinced that he was watching tv

  21. 4:20
    The dogs were on to something
    So I’m guessing the owner of the car had something in his car he’s not telling about…why hide it

  22. 3:40 Check out the Original vid.! It goes on a few min's afther the "exploding" glas doors… You will see the large mat's moving, together with some debris in a state that don't seem to ad up… Just check it out.!! " Brussels revolving door incident"… your welcome.!

  23. lmao no state ever banned clown costumes, and you can't call the destruction of a clown "violent". Keep your content on your side of the pond

  24. That's white privalidge! Shove someone into traffick nearly killing them and run pass them 15 mins later and still no one stopped him. Lol

  25. You really like hearing and seeing yourself on TV don't you ..!? I barele got to look at those videos because i had to look and hear you for the 95% of this video

  26. Hell ya!!! Ass clown beat down. Why be scared when u can fight fire with fire. No fear!!!!!! Bring it clown!!!!!

  27. So he's "Emma"'s boyfriend but never been identified? So how do you know he IS "Emma's BF", that is a sort of identification no matter what, that story seems like bullshit to me… and why the fuck people are afraid of clowns cause a dude or two dressed up as such to kill people… like…50 years ago, I guess with that logic people should also be afraid of a suit and a tie…

  28. guy in the swat uniform and gear was there specifically to kill the woman teaching the exercise class ! only a moron would think it was a robbery !

  29. Number 6 shows why one should never piss off werewolves. Yea, they say dogs, but we know how to disgu.. I mean, they know how to disguise them selves.

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