1080p AHD CCTV Camera HD Infrared Surveillance Video Demo

1080p AHD CCTV Camera HD Infrared Surveillance Video Demo

The AHD-D7W high definition CCTV camera captures
video surveillance at 1080p resolution. I have the camera mounted in the corner of our
tech room for this demo. The camera is connected to a iDVR-PRO hybrid DVR that supports CCTV
and AHD CCTV cameras. I turn the lights off in the room so that I can test the infrared
night vision capability of the camera. I also turn this computer monitor off so that there
is zero light in the room. As you can see, when the camera engaged its built-in IR LEDs,
the entire room is visible to the camera even though there is no light. I turn the computer
monitor back on so that I can make my way back over to the light switch. When I turn
the lights back on, the camera disengages the infrared mode and starts to capture color
video once again. This camera uses AHD CCTV video standards
and must be used with a compatible surveillance DVR. In this video, we had ours connected
to a hybrid iDVR-PRO. This dome-style camera is designed for indoor use only. The AHD-D7W
captures video in full 1080p resolution. The built-in infrared LEDs of the camera allow
it to operate in complete darkness. The 3.6 millimeter lens provides a 90 degree field
of view, which makes it a great camera to mount in the corner of small and medium sized
rooms. Although ceiling mount is more typical, it can also be mounted to a wall because of
the tri-axis lens mount. CCTV Camera Pros supplies this camera for home, business and
government video surveillance. For more information and current pricing, please video www.cctvcamerapros.com/D7W.
Thank you for watching.

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