1080p HD Dome Security Camera Infrared Video Surveillance

1080p HD Dome Security Camera Infrared Video Surveillance

The HD-Q3 is a high definition dome surveillance
camera with built-in infrared night vision. Initially, the lights are on in the room and
the camera is recording in color day-time mode to an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR. This is a fairly large room that measures
29 feet by 28 feet. You can see that the 3.6mm lens does a great
job of capturing a nice wide view of the entire room. The cardboard characters are positioned 9
feet in front of the camera and the camera is mounted 9 feet high. The door that I entered from is 32 feet away
from the camera. When I turn the lamp off, there is no light
in the room. This security camera is able to capture video
in zero light by using the infrared capability that is built-in. When I turn the lights back on, the infrared
mode is automatically dis-engaged and the camera captures video in color again. The HD-Q3 is a hybrid high definition surveillance
camera that supports 4 video modes. Installers can easily select AHD, HD-TVI,
HDCVI, and analog CCTV video modes using the joystick that is attached to the camera’s
cable. To record the high definition surveillance
footage in this video, the camera was set to 1080p HD-TVI mode. The HD-Q3 is enclosed in a dome weatherproof
housing so that it can be used for indoor and outdoor video surveillance. The tri-axis eyeball mount of the camera supports
ceiling and wall installations and allows the camera to pivot in any direction. The HD-Q3 is simple to install. The mounting plate is removed by unscrewing
this base plate. Then, the installer can mount the camera base
to a ceiling or wall using these 4 screws. The base plate is then reattached. The eye-ball camera piece can be swiveled
in any direction before fully tightening the base again. This eye-ball design allows the camera view
to be adjusted very precisely. To learn more about this HD dome camera, please
visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/Q3. Thank you for watching.

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3 Replies to “1080p HD Dome Security Camera Infrared Video Surveillance”

  1. Hello I'm interesting in buying an lpr camera from u guys

    but NO response from writing your guys website email

    so I YouTube certain models & found some videos but not so sure..

    I'm lookin' for a license plate camera that can capture license plate #s in complete darkness at 65mph TOPS @ least..
    $500-$700 I just don't want no blury camera📹…

    also interested in buying lorex summer package that comes with 8 or 12 for under $650, 1080p @ 130ft but MUST have the smartphone notification ALERTS & lorex was my option unless you guys can meet my requirements?? this is no joke!!!

    again.. no email reply 📨

  2. System was very easy to set up and the picture is very good>>>t.co/wesiPK0ZCa   The cams have decent range and night vision is better than I expected. The user manual could be easier to follow. I will probably call support to learn how to really set up alerts and motion settings.

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