2019-10-16 (VOD) Azure Subscription Cleaner Auto deployment

2019-10-16 (VOD) Azure Subscription Cleaner Auto deployment

Bonjour hi this is a recorded version of a
live session from twitch it will be a very long video and that’s why I put Tim
stamp in the description so you could skip and go directly to the part that
interests you if you want to know exactly when I’m streaming go visit
twitch.tv/fboucheros but for now let’s watch this session bonjour hi
so let’s start again just because I won’t archive the other short version if
you just join some technicality issue it was not working so we just reboot the
system and now it looks like it’s working so welcome to the stream I’m
Frank Boucher aka fboucheros or Frank let’s go do it for
me and and for the next two hours we’ll be working on a project this project
here the Azure subscription cleaner it’s a free open-source project available in
github and the goal of this project is to keep your Azure subscription clean by
deleting automatically all the resources that you decide that you tagged with a
date that is expired of course when you tag them they probably not yet expired
but then the tool run every you day or week whatever it like the schedule you
decide and delete all the expired resources to know what’s where is that
repo you can do a bang and get up in the chat that’s one of the common available
if you want to know all the commands available in the chat you can do
exclamation point or bang commands with a s and I will show you everything that
you should know about so without further ado we’ll start again let’s start again
but we’ll continue working on this project all my notes all my stuff are
available also on get up oh there’s one thing I didn’t do let’s
do this whoops automatic automatic automatic process okay great so all my notes I I published
them also on on get up to my get crackin okay
so indeed last previously on cloud in five minutes it’s not cloud in five
minutes previously on
if virtual streaming I don’t know why what’s the title
I think it’s called in five minutes above and beyond yeah we were doing
deployment using an arm template arm template this for a sure resource
manager and describe the architecture of your solution and for us our solution is at least there’s two okay let’s let’s
let’s do it correctly so in this project have two solution I have the solution
using Azure function and have a solution using Azure automation why just because
some people are more comfortable with auto as your automation some people
prefer as your functions so that’s why I did both and right today I want to be
working on not alone we will we will be working on that because we’re mostly
done and I want that thing to be easy to deploy so here if you go there now you
have all the solution and I’m working right now on this part here where you
build your own solution the goal here is to simplify as much as possible so the
plan right now is to create the automation from the portal why because
from the portal creating the the security and access the token and
everything is like just a checkbox and it’s already checked by default so it’s
super easy and then you will click this button here so I need to rework that
documentation will be done we’ll be doing that also today and it will fix
everything so that’s what I want to do today and last time when we were working
we work on the arm template the arm template look like a JSON file but it’s
not a JSON file just look look like so this is my arm template and it’s a list
of resources so here I have the azure automation 1/2 bunch of module because
the script know the azure automation what it does is it executes the script
in my case it’s a PowerShell script very short partial script and that script
required some module so we load here some module and our deployment failed if
you look here I see that the part where I’m trying to load the module fails why
very easy there is dependency so the order it’s
important you must start with accounts then with as your resource graph and
then you could do resources so I will add dependencies and those it will slow
down a little bit the deployment because instead of doing
parallel it will be queuing them but it will work so we’ll change that adding
dependencies and then we’ll try again so here I had an issue we could create an issue and be working
on that ma should be good we’re still working on that thing here so if you do
know this is a public portal not portal all public board scan board you can move
those things around very convenient and I need to start so do that cool so in my
notes this is my notes close this want to keep just the one of today music
could be a little bit higher this kind of that’s better sooo so right now we start working on the bug sooo here at properties I’m assuming
that I can have this need a comma first where the intellisense what I’m doing it’s not there so it’s the module so the module here
it’s the account there’s no dependency so depends on I
need to add another one so let’s do this so resource is this model so let’s do
like that right and then the name is this I don’t need the square back bracket
because I’m already between a square bracket so I just need the square
bracket does that only mean that the command will be executed so I want to
change this like that right salt and I did no Cardian okay now I’ve got it it’s all
depends on the account automation automation account of course and then
the de module in a previous module cool and then all just copy all that for the
next one and I want this guy I am doing that so wrong today not spitter so now that should work so start time it needs to be in the
future of course once everything works we’ll start moving things in variables
or parameters but for now I just want to make it work so we’ll put 17 for now and
expired at the end of the month that’s good so that’s the dates today we are
the 16 just like that okay so now I have this so I have here a little script and
I want to deploy it so we’ll just do this you should deploy error I don’t think I connect my WSL to Azure
and I don’t wanna do it right now I’ll just switch to another console one
console let’s do the regular PowerShell then and if I do what so deploying cloud five minutes template
deployment deploy I heard summation with Jason yep that’s the one and that is
template easy resource graph I miss with that one unableto if I became very resource ID
okay so the resource ID doesn’t work I could change the name and just say stinking doesn’t like his that part so
maybe I could just do this instead it is that let’s maybe I did something sstrange today okay so now I removed everything right
so let’s validate if this work it should okay well discard all changes so now
it’s exactly like it was oh no I work no there
Oh Aaron oh okay so now it’s working oh oh oh so now this work
so we want this one let’s add this one so here it depends on the automation and
I want to add another one so we’ll just copy like this now on the type of my
resource is this and the name of my resource is this right type and instead
of this power am I I put this it’s not a save I was not watching the last version
anything I didn’t know did you know did you know
guys that the ESCO doesn’t refresh I’m assuming that’s a problem so as your
account that’s the first one that’s the second one so now we just started so
that’s the only thing I change right if I go compare the only line like come off
with the other one so now if I do this execute the common era okay okay nowhere oh boy oh cool so we’re
still in business so weirdest let’s close that so now
let’s go here compete this and now we go in the other module the resources here
is the pet depends on wallah and now I just want to change this name so now
when it will install once I account resource graph and I don’t really care
like for a resource graph I don’t think like I mean for resources I don’t think
we sort of graph need to be installed but I know like that’s why I had I did
upload them manually so I know it will work so now we have it let’s test it again so
again here I am executing the comment cool so now it’s working
so let’s deploy it so it’s clear and boy it blah blah blah okay so I do here ACC
I command easy group I am I will be executing that command easy group
deployment try to make it bigger I don’t know
because I think you’re all watching anyway sir PC so on PC I mean so it
should be big enough let’s make it a little bit bigger so I
see group deployment will create the name of the resource group I could do –
and then 16 so we’ll create a new resource group and I knew the foreman
named the resource group is called five minutes easy the template is that one so
but now like I don’t I don’t see just like this so now it’s funny so
while it’s running what I never had that hey thanks for the following Ronan
engineer what’s that rating whoa
thanks for the rating with 24 that’s awesome let’s wait a little bit and then
I’ll explain what we’re doing here assuming a few of you will be catch in
it in a hat yeah welcome home welcome home hey thanks for the rating see buddy
Bubba I hope that you’re a good stream what where are you doing on your stream
hey thanks for the following why I like I need to change my texts for me it’s so
tiny I barely see the names our flag birds thank you for following so I’m
Frankie Boucher cloud Microsoft advocate and for the next two hours well a little
bit less than that but what I’m streaming today will be working on an
open source project so it’s the project here we’re pretty close to the end right
now we’re working on auto deployment thank you for the following Pat Smith
that’s Pat Smith so the project is a sure subscription cleaner it’s on github
if you want to know if you want to get the URL you can’t do exclamation point
get up in the chat or to have all the comments available in the chat you can
do exclamation point comments and it’s a very very simple
tool that you could in one click ish deploy to your Azure subscription and it
will run air every morning or every week whatever you configure it to delete all
the resources that you tagged expired so you in fact when you tag them they are
not yet expired but eventually they get expired so they delete so instead of
burning a lot of money on resources that you don’t use you know that old VM
server that was just for a demo then it got deleted and you got the money in
your pocket so that’s the idea of a behind that project and we have two
solutions for this project we have one that is
running with Azure function and the other one is Asha automation automation
it’s very close to other functions it just wakes up execute a script and then
die or vanish and right now we’re trying to have an automatic deployment or we’re
closed but by having some kind of weird foreign finishing now we’ll just pass
through the chat so committee gain good afternoon again good afternoon to you
mr. TBD gamer how are you Cooper birdie hello I didn’t see you
there earlier hey you go the you go said you study bone so I’m assuming you are
both in the same channel previously another one cool well I’m glad you’re
you’re here come you be content today oh that’s cool
and it was completely mixed because twitch was just not working oh why see
for me it was my stream labs that was not working earlier it was not able I
was not able to share my screen it’s hard to do coding without the screen to
share let me tell you a story it’s a loop and it’s a if very not very
convenient that way cool well thanks for everybody and uh so yeah so I was just
about to share some stuff but since it’s not the poem we’ll wait a little bit so
I run the command easy group deployment create and I’m having a 400 client error
band requests from URL and another why oh maybe because I’m not connected to
the good subscription or I’m not using the good user here it’s my community
user I don’t expose too much how can I do
that let’s go our easy and then let’s say group list output table yeah so you can connect so it’s
definitely not that the problem squirrel mister because he’s good to
make others being squirrel or because he’s a good squirrel soul I don’t understand maybe the API version is too old true
that I could upgrade I don’t know what’s that what I never saw that oh yeah he’s good
can code so I go well that’s good and now assuming we’ll have more reason
to to be square l okay so well how can I fix that what is the same why it’s a nice hobby hey thanks for the following giggle doll
okay so I am connectin and I’m in the good subscription so let’s try with this
instead whoops so now what I did that just switch terminal so now I’m in the
in PowerShell core maybe the like the version of the API is
bad on the other one it was working so I’m I really don’t know why now it’s not
working it’s missing a header did they change you’re right firings everyone needs some
kind of hobby okay so I hear CLI 2.0 63 let’s go check what’s the version today it’s possible they released it like
yesterday yep yep you saw it on the channel
they broke some stuff I didn’t know that they change it yesterday so that’s why
it was working two days ago and it’s not working today fantastic I am a sound effect for that it’s fantastic hey Robert a bowl long time no see how
are you someone we’re trying to deploy with a sure CLI a template and they did
an update yesterday yeah it’s my stream you’re very very powerful fire wings
you’re able to screw up my entire streams whether I should take a note of
myself to update the others okay well while it’s running yesterday I receive a
stickers from I don’t know like where is my camera what Oh kiss come let’s go
bigger let’s gold that bigger that just dying
come on and so yesterday I’m assuming you all know this thing it’s a new
sticker mule right and they sorry that close the application and restart peyten
yeah so so that usually when you order some stickers they send you this hmm that thing screw up all my green
screens but yesterday when I received my order yeah some coasters but I really
like what they did they did some all the wing so this one is kind of a mummy is
it the way you said in English mummy and that one is kind of a skeleton pretty
cool apparently I need to shut down jozu code
maybe it will help so and the sticker I did is this one oh that’s right so it’s
my logo with Bonjour hi and that’s how I always start
it’s my greetings when I started YouTube YouTube channel video wait Bonjour I
just mean you know hi in French and I in English and and people were having fun
about that so I decided to do a stickers with it but the funny part is these days
there is a kind of a controversy in Montreal in Canada that’s the city where
I live Montreal walk around Montreal because everybody when you go in a store
they say bonjour hi and people are now not happy because we should greet people
only in French not in French and English so there’s a big debate pass through the
TV and I want to pass a new law and crazy stuff just for our greetings
anyway but I decided to do some stickers talking about that so it’s still and now
did I lost again my my screen come on no please I lost my screen again how can
I fix that no come on this is not fun let’s do a Windows capture trying just to switch between scenes see
if it will come back right now it’s installing stuff so maybe that’s why I
was also doing that earlier today okay so let’s try something else
video capture device let’s create a new one on the fly
no that’s video is our display capture ah its back its back so maybe it was the
the setup oh I missed the chat while working on that oh thanks
rubber table for the sticker I like it I have another one with just my logo and
now I have that one and I have a bunch of stickers I’m going to some events I
will be doing a lot of events but next week I’m going to Toronto for two event
one for the Oktoberfest in the Microsoft reactor I’m not presenting a melting
like it’s kind of a big hackathon right not hackathon but like a big hack date
or we’ll be coding so I will be there as an L per and the day after I’m doing a
talk where I will be doing my naughty dog workshop that’s to play with the
cognitive services and an actor and get up and stuff like that so I’m always
looking for some giveaway and then when I next the week after I think then I
will be traveling because it’s the Ignite thing that start for me I’ll be
presenting I ignite and then I ignite the tour and I will be bringing a bunch
of swag with me also I have some surprises I want to say right now but I
will have a lot of swag with me so pretty cool
thank you you go thank you or is it fragile Oh No Bonjour hi it’s in English
come on come on do people in Montreal understand they
are not in France like in like Canada we have a bilingual right there’s no like
the language of the country is both languages so in Montreal it’s very you
will see a lot of English people if you go outside outside Montreal then it will
be a different way a different story I mean but in Montreal it’s very like
usually just a way to greetings I’m kind of like if I work in a retail store and
say hey bozo hi then you know I speak both language and depending on the way
you will answer then I will continue serve you in English or continue serving
you in French and that’s why the bones rule hi was created but now it’s just
like people or you know and I was having fun and even on YouTube I don’t watch it
but if you go on my youtube channel I wanna watch it because I’m scared of
copyright things but in my youtube channel I have come in the committee tab
I share here a video that someone made it’s in English so you will understand
the full song and it’s a song about Bonnaroo hi and I’m pretty sure it was
recorded all those scenes well maybe not because I still have
leaves and my in my trees though that’s the the month inside mojo I know it so
just funny let me share that so you can watch it on your own if you want let’s
try to catch up in the air Michael’s early you think we are the
5150 51st state like because you have 50
state than Vietnam like word or a very different and you know when some prison
where name was about to say recently but it’s not that person anymore a few of us
people want to cross the border you know come see the area neighbor so no no no
we are very different I would say that so we go say almost but the u.s. don’t
have this yeah despite the fight well and there’s also
different accident in Canada of different kind of English different kind
of French oh yeah but the major difference from like it’s the French is
from France of course this is my point yeah Kappa Verde I will wait until they
announce it and then we’ll share about it
they told me that once you know they should share it socially but yeah so
copper Bertie and I win something so that’s cool so but I don’t want to tease
too much but check the Twitter I’m assuming like usually they go on Twitter
and Facebook I think also sure a capability will reshare when that comes
so what if I say hola well then like I will say a Michael Julie how are you depends you know like if you speak is it
Spanish of one yeah right switch to that language yeah it’s because in the Canada is to
language but Montreal is in Quebec well or we don’t have States we have
provinces so the Quebec is a French province so that’s the thing we had the
law before the law 101 101 and that was that was mentioning you must put French
first so if you have a sign for your your shop you must say whatever it is
and let’s say Boucher like you know butcher it must be say
bushi and then butchered like French must be bigger and first English second
so that’s why so it start that way like don’t you hide and you know people work
and I understand like people fight a lot people win in prison for wanna be served
in French when you go in a store so I understand the importance of keeping
that the line like keeping the the French present that I understand
perfectly but don’t rely I think it’s it should be fine but and then like maybe
it’s just a TV things right fake news I don’t know I know some people were I
know at Microsoft like we we have like now we only use French in their email
and things like that it’s funny when you see two people in like you know some
people are more Anglophone and francophone and both are trying to speak
French to each other because they are in the open space so they like they need to
do that for a little while please it’s always funny leave it on up to people in Quebec care
for more for the friends and yep instead of bulge oh hi and say hey hey
exactly hey hey my sob oh man mixing mixing everything gooding dag yeah exactly now we just
drove me all the the greetings you know Michael’s really well I like it I like
the model I think it’s it’s nice but like I said I understand okay so now
let’s check if I’m in PowerShell PowerShell the normal one so let’s see
if our update worked I’m sure CLI okay so I have the last
version so now let’s go clear my screen now let’s run the command so what is
your deploy and let’s run it Wow so template resource
Ezra graph a boring one is not valid unable to evaluate the template language function resource ID so I think I should change the name of
those resources I think they they really don’t like it oh sorry I didn’t see that
see you later either do you go it’s probably already done right so yeah so
here what I’m doing is I’m the point my Azure account so that’s the kind of my
you know like a cron job but in Azure so I have here my automation account and
because my script required it’s a PowerShell script required tree module
you know three node package will get package whatever true module in
PowerShell so I call them here last time I stream I forgot to put dependencies
and that’s what I did today so along the account to be deployed first and then I
want the resource graph and then I want the resource to be deployed so what I
think I will do I will just I don’t understand why it’s not working this
validate tell me something better thanks let’s let’s try that same error okay Automation it’s possible that you can eat another one I have the feeling that I just need to
renew this or it’s that one 20 this and the exponent one let’s have a look
so I when I I got all those from the so that was the template that was
exported you can reverse-engineer from the portal go click export and that’s
what was generated but it’s always only there you know front of the tool
there’s no dependency between from one module to the other one ok so let’s say just wanna check yeah okay not let’s try different things and
we’ll validate every time to see what’s working so here so account pass and this one is having
trouble with probably this one so let’s try to add another like this here I really don’t think it will work but when you need to sit yourself in a
messin a testing man not yourself did I did is it what I did now capability
that’s an arm template so it’s deploying different resources and it could do them
parla or cue them by defining a dependency IQ the module because to be
able to deploy that module the AZ resource graph I really need the AZ
account to be done last time line stream I didn’t put any dependencies that
depends on so he tried to deploy the tree module in parallel and the only one
that was successfully deploy was account because there is no dependencies that
one fail and the other one failed too so right now what that’s why I’m trying to
say say you know what deploy those things but by adding that fling that
lines are you here and say wait until the other guy is done there’s many different way to do that
right now I’m just playing with the arm template okay error line number one they screw up
the same so the resource graph okay the same so it still doesn’t what unable to evaluate template language one
turn resource ID all right because if I remove this let’s
try that all because of the coma what what’s wrong with line 41 fail to parse that woman or exception
expecting why are you expecting I removed it looking in like there is no empty line
there is nothing there now I should complain about the other one right easy
resources yeah okay it’s really that line that doesn’t work because if I move
it then like you fail at the other one but that doesn’t make sense shall I put scared to do that let’s do
this here then we’ll go and do module or maybe should I do he needs that so like it knows like okay
I’m just one level deeper oh please I should try to not do any
typos No let’s try with the documentation current function argument is
blah-blah-blah-blah-blah I know it’s just the number of pieces
I’m pretty sure it that’s the problem but how to multi-segment argument a resource type
include resource provider namespace current version has module that’s
correct that’s the namespace and now it’s queening AZ account will be
something cleaned can I do this if I do this part here oops like that easy account and and the
next one I just say you know what blah-blah-blah-blah-blah easy account that guy work tri-state okay so now I don’t have enough sickman
oh I forgot the just like that but then where is the module part okay what if let’s rewrite that so I wanna contact this part width I think I should put this so it’s
Microsoft automation automation account then like the name of the automation
account then the name of the thing this is crazy how I know I know like it’s
it’s super simple but I always struggle with that boy I forgot the module I am so I need
this comma quote slash mojo let’s try again that was I was the
thing I was intending to do right so Microsoft donation account cleaning
module making sense which must be resource type including
resource provider name states function I’ll resort ID function require
exactly one most semen oh there is one thing that we can check
is the what same again resources dirt shirt or come how you can you hear the my keyboard I
change I have a new keyboard maybe it’s just resources resource I mean your
source Explorer it’s a it’s still like so I had this
keyboard so this one is a tofu I love it but it’s super heavy so the case is
aluminium lighting and then I had the brass plate and it’s like it’s heavy so
you put in on it on a desk it won’t move but I was looking for something to
travel with when I’m in my laptop I have a stand where my laptop raised the
screen so the laptop is a kind of an angle and the keyboard hat was very cool
looking but noisy so now I have the same kind of thing so it’s the same thing so
I put a plastic case an aluminium plate and I put the silent switch so it’s very
very silent and light so now I’m happy because it’s also very light sauce
Explorer what’s an alien resources resource we’re
supposed to explore that’s the thing I want why not working before come on come on I can get that one partly it’s not long back on to any substitute subscription okay so resourceful let’s go and be here
and let’s go provider and let’s go Microsoft automation now let’s go to
should have module somewhere a module now I have the AZ account okay so see it’s cleaning tool module or maybe I just need the capital m could
it be that I hope it’s not only the capital M I will be sad let’s double-check or is it here Microsoft that automation / that
automation accounts let’s put in accounts and then the module so let’s try just with the capital
letters see if fix the thing so we’re still
failing in our graph okay so it was not this so now let’s try to put the long
version my song so he’s on did I try that that god I
trying other automation and then I need to put in the name of that thing there I
thought I did try that so what I need to do is here is do a
concat that thing and now pretty shrine oh no I kept a long name after that was
my mistake it’s always it’s always the picture
mistake right so now I need that thing to move here instead all right so at the end we’ll be
Microsoft automation automation account then the name and module and AZ accounts Microsoft automation automation account
the name slash module and then the name of our resources but then it will
complain I’m pretty sure well if I’m gonna do not try it
won’t know that’s arm template it’s a relationship love 8 isn’t what you see the template source graph unable to evaluate the template language
functional raga so Microsoft automation automation
account cleaning tool slash module frequent three names argument now I’m just trying anything that’s so stupid
I know exactly what I need to do like I just need to refer the other freakin
module it’s probably rain in my face why I don’t see it oh yeah that’s music I don’t like it I am here hey thanks for the following time it can
kill it so here is using a loom let’s see the
variable variable name PS module so that’s what we had before right hello
from Turkey lol Oh a bozo hi how are you man and it can kill you
what what are you doing what’s up in Turkey it must be pretty late over there
right I think I don’t need this well I’m pretty sure I also tried that
earlier I just put any just run so I went to the other one okay well
let’s try to see if it worked like I was over come that that that’s
too simple why do simple when you can do
complicated right then I just spend an hour trying to do no f-bomb and it looks like it’s working so while
it’s working let’s run I want to try that so let’s run let a little ads
30-second hats and we’ll get back after cool see you after 30 seconds let’s try
that so hello followers not sure we have a
lot of followers on the stream but if you are you shouldn’t be seeing any ads
should be working just as well and for the others assuming you all being
watching right now and ads welcome back what was the ads about that
it would really work did you have a hat or you stay with me all the time we’re
still waiting for deployment but it’s working so we see that AC account was
deployed the subscription cleaner was there so now the resource graph was
deploy so we see that apparently it was working the module was so simple thus some of you will be going to the
Microsoft ignite for Microsoft ignite the tour maybe we can meet and have a
drink and chitchat okay some hey thanks for the following dang drink dragon 8 okay so something failed we’re source of
lemons player the resources operation complete there now provided State Phil
ok let’s go check here that’s the one who are looking for so I
saw grass fail conflict I’ll make it was not there my packages zip-file want people to be
able to change the version so type is just module so that’s using the IPS to come cat
Microsoft information that’s without ID when that thing was written in 2017 let’s see what module we have so those
who don’t didn’t work I should have because account was
already there so let’s put that in our notes we fix that there
now we have anymore castrator share facing mutual import
failure processing mode wrong running run book while gaining and module
content and of central directory collab be fun let’s google it Oh Daniel could it be just some giving truck so in
some either storage try again when you get another exception keep going I think I will let it go I don’t have a
script though I could have script just create this and pour that and pour that this is sad this is so sad why it’s not
working like was it because it already exists let’s
let’s try one lasting let’s do this we’ll do this I will delete the team one will be deleted I will try to create
again maybe it was some kind of wrong bad thing because I usually just trying
to convince myself that I won’t work ok resources deleted so now let’s create a
new one so the way I did it so we created like this because with a
checkbox here we can set the security because your as real Commission the
script need to have access to your subscription so this here is super
important so we need to create a new resource group we’ll call it cloud
5-minute easy just because my script is using that name and then the name of
that thing was by default it was where is it cleaning tools so
we’ll call it same thing let sky cleanings
– no habla and / so nothing Japan please something like east-west cool so let’s
create this being fun and coming see you later copper Bertie yeah no
don’t don’t fall asleep on a unarmed template deployment you will you will be
doing nightmare I’m mostly done I just wanna try one more time and if it’s not
working I think I will just update the get up with step-by-step instruction or
move on like the tool is working it’s just like I was trying to have a simple
deployment but at the same time you don’t want to some you don’t a one-click
deploy something that can delete all the resources in your subscription so maybe
a step by step is is good enough we’re just looking for something easy so about five minutes so right now I’m just deploying in Mt
automation the goal is really to create that empty automation as a shell and
then having the security set up with that checkbox yes nope
and then with the arm template we deploy the resources to fill up loading the
module and everything yeah well like seriously I’m just trying to see like
before dropping the dropping it just trying if I can work but cool so by default it preloads some run
books that our tutorial we don’t need those other might leave them there so
now we have an empty automation so I have I have those run books but those
are our nothin module see if I do a Z dot I don’t have any of those three
module I need there’s no schedule so that’s what the arm template will be
creating so now if I go here and I clean clear and I wanna deployed acting easier than
that let’s do let’s do this and now it’s just it’s running it will
be creating the filling the blank hopefully pretty sure that’s wrong Alki test the resource ID I could have
done it with the an output maybe so now in the rhythm now I mean D let’s
go resource group level and now if I go in deployments I should have a 16-5 now
here I should see sewer or already having issues so a schedule oh I didn’t put okay so easy account is trying to get the
ploy I wonder if because I upload my package
in and get up maybe get up is troubling me it’s possible though the file are
super little the files are tiny if I go back in in deployment and then measure
automation module I don’t see them there I still have it
here we dated eat them so account is like 4,000 kilobytes
reso’s graph is 73 kilobytes like that super tiny like I don’t see why I should
be troubled by that well so I will ask my my friends that
that use more automation but die loss again mine it is so I think I will ask
just to see like what’s missing if it’s obvious I will fix it
maybe offline and share it with you on the next stream otherwise I will just
detail the step-by-step and that will be it
I don’t want to do too much a fight of that the tool is working like I said
like I’m comfortable having a tool is multiple step because the tool is is
very powerful let’s please stop the music a little bit that’s better
the tool is very powerful so having a one-click deploy something that could
delete a lot of resources in your subscription yeah there’s a danger here
so having a multiple steps I think it could be better this way so now what it
could do is let’s go see who’s who’s online any suggestion we should raid oh
I don’t see a lot of developer right now whoops please no some any suggestions any suggestions what what what what it is I think I tried last time and I couldn’t
can I type it in the chat can I do that raid like this
Oh apparently we can so well go see him yeah otherwise I will see you on the
next stream Friday we all will be working on my game text-based game and
we’ll be working on the inventory system and soon we’ll hopefully be able to add
some AI in it so we’ll go raid give him some love send some emote and I will see
you on Friday Oh Maya you

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