2019 Mac Pro Teardown – An Almost Perfect Machine 9 out of 10

If you had to picture an Apple computer that
was modular, had user replaceable parts, and was easy to disassemble what would it look
like? OR maybe the question should be how much would
it cost? Well, it turns out it cost around 6000 dollars
to start and it looks like, well a really beautiful computer, This is the 2019 Mac Pro. What’s the point of tearing down a machine
that is made to be disassembled? Well, let’s find out! Opening the device couldn’t be easier and
only requires the turning of a latch. With a very satisfying turn the heavy outer
case slides up and off. With the beautifully stylish interior exposed
we spot modules that when popped up reveal Standard and removable RAM, and not only that,
Apple even gave us a handy diagram on the insides of the RAM covers, showing which DIMM
slots to populate with different amounts of memory. All of the internal IO boards are held in
place by Phillips head thumb screws and can be loosened (and tightened) by hand and The
PCIe slots are all unlocked with a single switch. The SSD is found underneath the fan housing
and comes out without struggle. The bad news here is that it is bound to the
T2 security chip and cannot be user replaced. The massive fan array comes out in one piece,
leaving us with a giant logic board that has a socketed CPU which could theoretically be
upgraded or replaced later on. All in all, this machine is pretty much like
any tower computer which means it’s the most repairable Mac we’ve seen since 2006! With all this in mind, we are happy to report
one of the highest scores an Apple device has ever received a 9 out of 10 on our repairability
scale, and here’s why. On the upside The opening procedure couldn’t be easier. Basic repairs and upgrades can be performed
with standard tools or even no tools at all. Major components are highly modular and use
industry-standard sockets and interfaces, making replacements and upgrades a snap. Apple provides some step numbers and diagrams
right on the device, and publishes free repair manuals for some repairs to help you get it
right. The SSDs cards are modular, but custom-made
by Apple, complicating replacement. But on the downside
If you need a replacement part that’s not on Apple’s limited list of approved repairs,
you’ll likely pay a dizzying price—if you can find them at all.

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