2GIG DW10: GC2 Programming

2GIG DW10: GC2 Programming

go ahead and get started getting into
2gig gc2 programming first things first item press security and then you want to menu
then you go into toolbox it’s gonna prompt you for your installer access
code which factory is one five six one then we get you right into programming
you want to go down here to the right arrow key press the right arrow key
twice then click on install a box that will take you to where we’re going to
need to go you want to go to system configuration alright
question one the way that they relate the fields and this is my questions
so question one is going to be select RF sensor right so we’re gonna go with
sensor one here I’m gonna press the down arrow it’s going to ask you for the
system type so you’re gonna press the right arrow depending on what you want
for instance entry/exit is going to be a delay so you can get it out of the house
with the system being armed before it trips then you got parameter which is an
instant and that’s how you’re gonna pretty much program my context we’re
gonna leave this one as an entry exit so you’re gonna press the down arrow once
you select which one you want all right the equipment code for this this is just
a standard door window contact for instance it’s a 2gig DW10 so you
find that one which is the very first one all right I’ll have to press the
right arrow so it should be O 862 displayed that I press the down arrow
key now we’re going to enter the RF sensor one serial number you can do that
or you can tamper it by pulling this little battery sticker out then you’re gonna enter the number which
is in this case for this sensor the TX ID not which is 1 0 4 3 6 5 and then
you’re gonna go ahead and press the down arrow to confirm that all right now
you’re going to select the the age they want the age in this one so you don’t
leave it as an inbox zero now the loop number on this is gonna be a loop 1
press the down key the dialer delay would show what basically what about
delay is is it a it’ll give you some time to a disarming even when it’s an
alarm before it’ll send a signal to the Central Station
I want to disable that because we want it to be an in stop the voice descriptor
you can add whatever I want I’m not gonna have anything in there right now
but the report on this you want enabled supervision enabled you can enable this
if you wanted to chime or not we want it to chime so we’re gonna say voice only
and it’ll give you a summary of everything that you programmed after you
program this sensor so we have sensor 1 program fully and then you’re gonna go
click on edit next if you have additional sensors for program or you
can if you made a mistake you can click Edit current or if you don’t have any
more sense as a program at all you just click skip I’m gonna go to edit next
because we not have a motion that we want to program in here

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