2GIG GC3 – DIY Installation & Setup

2GIG GC3 – DIY Installation & Setup

hey everybody geoarm security here
and as promised we’re gonna show you the DIY Home security system installation of the 2gig gc3 so the first thing you want to do is if you have a box cutter handy go ahead and
slice the external pack it down the middle open up the box like so you want to
remove all of the shipping items and bubble wrap and place those to the side
like so you’ll see inside you got your contacts your key for the motion
detector and the all-new gc3 so you can go ahead and for now you want to
go ahead and remove the gc3 package and everything else that comes in the
box motion your contacts and you have your
key fob so that’s everything that should come with the basic kit that we sell on
our webpage which I will provide in the link below now that you have everything
out of the books were gonna be working with the Gc3 I’m gonna show you the
things that you need to do this in order to get it up and running with us it’s
very simple so for the time being you can go ahead and removed the accessories
out of the way and we’re just gonna be working with this gc3 package
locate the sticker here there’s a little tab which you want to go ahead and
remove and that will allow you to open up the gc3 package box you have your
guides and you have your installer tool box I like to just remove the cardboard
out of the box keep that to the side now you got your gc3 panel here go ahead and
remove that out of his box proud of his little packages protector here but
that’s beside you can remove the screen off of the gc3 with all the other contents as well this
is your transformer box so I like to just go ahead and remove the transformer the packaging box you can go ahead and
seal up placed directly back into the box go ahead and remove the mounting anchors
and screws and then go ahead in place everything else as far as packaging all
together in one place so you don’t lose it and you can see all that up now we’re
left with the panel the transformer and the mounting screws and brackets now I’m
gonna show you how to wire the transformer so that we can get power to
this Dec three panel you will notice that I have some 22 gauge by two wear cut
to the length that i’m gonna need to reach between the panel and the
transformer mounting anchors and screws I’m not
gonna need for the time being replaced those to the side and I want to show you
something here to the left I’ve cut I prepared this 22 gauge by two
wire and a little bit differently than I have on the other end this and I used
less copper or there’s less copper expose which is gonna go directly into
the panel and then this and I’m going to use for the transformer and I like to
have hooks that way it’s days more secure I will begin with wiring and the
transformer so you want to locate the red wire and the positive terminal
that’s what we’ll be working with and make sure you unscrew just a little bit
of the positive terminal and go ahead and hook this red wire around the back
and make sure that it stays in their secure do the same for the black wire they are given a nice little tug make
sure that it’s in their secure now that you have the transformer wired up take
the other end of the 22 gauge by two wire and you’re going to run it behind
the back part of the mounting plate like so that way when you go to seal the
panel up the wires ready to go and you can’t believe that there now when you
open up this little tab this is the most important thing is you want to locate
power minus and power plus those are both located over here so this one right
here will be power minus and then this wannabe power plus so now that you have
the back plate and the wire running through it go ahead and install the
black wire into the power negative and screw that down you want to screw it
into tight you know I cracked the terminal but do the same for the red
wire as well give that a nice hug make sure that there’s no co-operating expose
and you can go ahead and put back on that mounting plate one of the neatest
features on this actual panel is the communicator is a slide in slot so if
you’re looking at the panel like this now would be the chance to install your
cellular communicator well your power down so all you do is locate this little
tab you would go ahead and pop it open and you first get the serial numbers off
of the communicator and then you would slide in either the AT&T or Verizon
version which this is so much easier is very innovative and neat feature and
then it would just seal up after you have verified that you have installed
the transformer correctly for power to the GC3B which has Dc power meaning
you do need to be very careful how you wire you need to make sure that you
follow exactly how we showed you have plugged in the transformer so the panel
has loaded and you can see that the home screen your next objective is to get the
zones and context programmed into the panel with the first way you can do that
is if you’re signing up GEOARM alarms alarm monitoring we will be
able to assist you with that remotely when we schedule your appointment if you
just wanted to do that before your tech appointment or if you’re just trying to
program them I will provide links on each individual item on how to program
them into the all-new 2gig gc3 panel please make sure to subscribe to
our YouTube page for more videos and your blog at DIYsecurityblog.com if
you need to reach us by phone our numbers 1877 443 6276

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  1. Hello can you do what happen if the power goes out mines work but during a power the alarm go off and it says no air in the hallway sorry if you got confused I was using my old security system from 2gig

  2. I like this, I am a alarm salesman but I want to have a basic knowledge of how to install a system this is informative!

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