$40 Video Home Surveillance Cameras With Smartphones – The Deal Guy

$40 Video Home Surveillance Cameras With Smartphones – The Deal Guy

Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Matt Granite. First
of all, thank you so much for being here. If you are a subscriber, you are the reason
I have a job every day. I hunt down huge deals daily, none of these are paid products. You
might know me from your local TV station or USAToday and before we get to home surveillance
savings, and my amazing deal under $45, if you want to get any of my big deals moving
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all of my big deals and here is your huge deal for today.
The izon stem surveillance systems allow you to monitor your home… business or room from
anywhere in the world with live 24/7 streaming delivered to your smartphone or tablet.
The system allows you to monitor up to 10 different monitors and even includes noise
or motion detection. Here’s where things get even better….
While most systems charge you to record your video and store it…..
The system I found a deal allows you to save up to 100 recordings to the cloud for free.
It has an msrp of over a hundred dollars… amazon has it for 80… I found it for 40
with free shipping. This is the box it comes in, this also works for pets, as I showed
you during some of our screen tests. This is the size of the camera, just to give you
a size comparison, this it compared to my hand. Now to something larger than my hand,
this is it compared to my nose. Can you see? This is probably completely ineffective but
the camera is small: that’s the point that I want to make. The plug adapter that comes
with this – which works for both Android and IOS devices, very simple. It plugs right into
the back of the camera, and it is easily mountable with a magnetic base. So you’ll have flexibility
with angles. Earlier versions of the exact same device were not particularly well-reviewed
but this company has updated its free app as well as the software and I can now say
this is one of the best devices. Now again, these aren’t paid products, so I don’t care
what you buy but if you are interested in this item, it’s a very limited time deal,
especially at that $40 price point. The link is located right under this video window.
If you like what you saw feel free to give me, this channel or this deal a thumbs up
– it helps me more than you will ever know. And as I would like to point out again, if
you want any of my big deals moving forward, just click this upcoming subscribe button!

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8 Replies to “$40 Video Home Surveillance Cameras With Smartphones – The Deal Guy”

  1. I really wish you would simplify your opening. If this was my first video watching you I'm sure it would be okay. However now that I'm subbed and watch the majority, if not all of your videos; it would be nice if the first 30+ secs of the video wasn't the same rambling about us giving you a job and what not. Say your appreciations  as much as you want but there is a description box for a reason!

  2. I went online to look at some reviews for this camera and they all say that the playback quality is very poor. Thoughts? BTW, you are awesome, Matt…tks for saving us money!

  3. A friend just shared this deal with me today July 2nd and it is expired.  Any ideas where I can get this deal today?

  4. 10 minutes after installing the camera, I figured out which cat was causing the problem.  lol  Great deal for $40.00!!

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