5 Disturbing 911/999 Calls Made By Killers

5 Disturbing 911/999 Calls Made By Killers

From a teenager who confessed to a double murder, to a serial killer who called 911 many times. Today, Fact Faction looks at five killers disturbing calls to emergency services. First up is the shocking confession made by 17 year-old Jake Evans who called 911 to report the murder of his mother and younger sister. In the call, which was made in 2012, Jake explained in terrifying detail how he killed both his mother and sister, using a gun he had stolen from his grandfather and talked about his thoughts before and after the killings. He explained that he was influenced by the horror film Halloween. He admired the killer in the film because he did not have any empathy. Leading up to the incident, Evans had gotten angry at his 15 year old sister Mallory due to hearing her say something racist. According to Evans, this made him despise his family, and as a result, he saw them as bullies and racists in his full four-page confession jake also explains that he was planning on killing his grandparents who lived Opposite his house as well as his older sister, but had second thoughts after the murders In 2015 Evans was sentenced to 45 years in prison Next up is Brian Sweatt at the age of 27 he committed mass murder in Greenwood County, South Carolina his victims ranged from the ages of 9 to 51 years old among the victims were Chandra Fields the mother of sweats baby daughter both of her parents and two of Chandra’s nephews it is believed that Sweatt had broken in and waited for the victims in their home while they were out and Then took them hostage as soon as they returned he bound them with duct tape and then shot the majority of them he then called 911. And calmly told the operator that he was about to commit suicide And that he was extremely stressed he also told him that he had a weapon in hand Before the tragedy took place Sweatt wrote many Facebook posts stating how angry he was with Chandra as according to him Chandra was stopping him from seeing his daughter Fortunately there were some lives that Sweatt spared on the day of the massacre One of whom was his daughter who he told to get out of the house as well as four other children the children ran to a neighbor’s house and the neighbor also called 911 Sweatt had a long history of violence and had previously been charged with assault. On the day he decided to take many people’s lives, He was actually due in court for a burglary charge and there was a possibility of him going to prison for 30 years after shooting the five family members Sweatt turned the gun on himself Dale Cregan was well known in his hometown of Manchester as a hard man and was a notorious drug dealer Making up to 20,000 pounds a week He enjoyed traveling and would always fly business class even though he officially classed himself as a plasterer While in thailand Cregan lost his left eye after getting into a fight back in England in May 2012, the 29 Year old got into another fight in a pub and ended up shooting and killing 23 year old Mark Short During the incident Cregan also attempted to kill three other men two and a half months later, Dale Cregan travelled to Mark Shorts 46 year old Father’s house and Murdered him in the same fashion before throwing a hand grenade at his body after being on the run for some time on September 18 2012 Cregan murdered two female police officers by shooting them at least eight times each and throwing an m 75 hand grenade at them In order to get the police to his house He had made a hoax call to 999 and made up a story of an attempted Burglary. On the phone Cregan provided the phone operator with in-depth detail about the criminal and told them where the supposed Criminal had fled to and even made a joke What is really disturbing about this phone conversation is how he calmly told the operator that he would be waiting for the police Once the police officers arrived at the house in Greater Manchester Cregan opened the door and immediately began shooting at the officers Who unfortunately did not have a chance to react. After the brutal murders, Cregan traveled to a local police station and handed himself in He told them proudly that he was wanted by the police and then confessed to his awful crimes on June 13th 2013 Cregan was found guilty of four counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. On august 3rd 2010 Omar Thornton was called into his place of work at the hartford distributors in Manchester Connecticut and was confronted with security camera footage which showed him stealing beer The 34 year old was a delivery driver for the distributors and because of the theft was given the options of either resigning from the company or being fired Thornton decided to sign the resignation papers shortly after the signing and without warning Thornton pulled out two semi-automatic Pistols which he had been concealing in his bag and opened fire in a matter of minutes He had murdered eight employees and seriously injured two others after the shooting was over Omar locked himself in an office and called his mother and Informed her of the massacre he also told her that he was about to take his own life he then called 911 And gave his reasons for the shooting here is the call After the call ended Thornton took his own life by shooting himself in the head before police could get to him His family and ex-girlfriend claimed that he had complained many times that he was being racially Discriminated at work his Ex also claims that she saw a picture on his phone which showed racist graffiti Inside the bathroom where he worked the company’s president other Employees and union officials are adamant that the racist claims are not true The last killer on this list is probably the most infamous as he made numerous chilling phone calls over the span of two years His phone calls to the authorities were so strange that he was nicknamed the Weepy Voiced Killer his name was Paul Michael Stefani After each brutal crime he committed he would call the police in an emotional manner and confess But would never give his name It all started on New Year’s Eve in 1980 after he beat a female named Karen Potak so badly that she gained a brain trauma and was close to dying The 21 year old was walking home from a New Year’s party late at night in Minneapolis when she was brutally attacked with a tire iron Stefani then called 9-1-1 and informed the police where the woman was Police found Karen and she was taken to the hospital with severe injuries, but survived the attack Stefani’s next Victim was 18 year old Kimberly Compton Kimberly accepted a ride from Stefani in June 1981 after meeting him in a diner using an ice pick Stefani stabbed the teenager 61 times and then once again called 911 and confessed Two days later Stefani called back and apologized for the murder and claimed that he would turn himself in however He never did eight days after killing Kimberly the weepy voice killer called 911 and yet again apologized in 1982 Stefani murdered another woman Cathleen Greening by drowning her in her bathtub But this time did not call to confess the crime Later that year Barbara Simons was stabbed over 100 times and her body was found in a Minneapolis river two days later police received this call Stefani’s Final Victim was a 21 year old prostitute named Denise Williams Stefani picked her up and took her to his apartment to have sex After leaving the apartment instead of dropping the young woman back at the red-light district as he had promised Stefani drove down a dark and secluded road and brutally attacked her with a screwdriver. He stabbed her multiple times fortunately Denise was able to strike him in the head with a glass bottle and managed to get away As a result Stefani was bleeding pretty badly. So he decided to call for medical help Investigators recognized his voice and were able to link this call to the attack on Denise Williams and Stefani was arrested investigators were then also able to link Stefani to the murder of Barbara Simons and in 1983 he was given a 40-year sentence after many years in prison in 1997 Paul Stefani confessed to all of his crimes and police were able to officially link him to the weepy voice killer calls Paul Stefani died in prison in 1998 after suffering from skin cancer Thanks for watching this video. If you have a suggestion for another video then please leave it in the comments below

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100 Replies to “5 Disturbing 911/999 Calls Made By Killers”

  1. Killer – please help me I killed someone on GTA 5

    police – Sir sir listen where are you we are sending 2 swat units to your location

  2. Jake: I just killed my mom and my sister.
    Operator: How did you do that?
    Jake: I shot them with a .22 revolver.
    Operator: Are you sure they're dead?
    Jake: Just a sec… BANG, BANG …yeah, they're dead. What now?
    Operator: Uhhh… shiiiiit.

  3. My god! this is crazy scary, like the last one omg , i watched a bella fiorii 's video about it , it had much better detail and depth i recommend it!! this gives me chills omg!

  4. I'm just 26 y/o and studying to be a psyciatric nurse, the thing you need to have is empathy and understanding, like the operator had in the first case, doesn't really need to be real but we need to have it, so the offender doesn't kill themself.. So sad that some does that, and i guess thats why i wanna be a psychiatric nurse, cause of empathy, understanding to something so horrible, AND bealive that they might regret what they did and can change.

  5. That weepy killer sounds like he had a vendetta against women because he was too afraid to become one .. sounds like my ex #tomsaltonstall/Samuelsson/soderberg

  6. Iโ€™m watching this right before bed and the second guy kind of looked like my dad…. Iโ€™m gonna have great dreams

  7. Thatโ€™s two shootings and murders from fools thinking that being โ€œracistโ€ is a mortal sin. People are dumb as fuck.

  8. Weepy voice dude: kills like 10 or more people
    Weepy voice dude: 40 years in prison
    Teenager: kills 2 people
    Teenager 45 years in prison

    nO lOgIc WiTh ThAt!

  9. I donโ€™t know how the dispatchers stay calm if I heard I just killed my family I would scream and have a go at them

  10. A lot of non believers of God think these people are just mentally sick. Not known there is wicked evil spirits and devils that are doing these things. If they only started following Jesus and inviting him in there heart the devil will flee from them.

  11. Wanna know something crazy? Someone threw a pumpkin at our living room window and it sounded like a gunshot.
    It's true that's not fake

  12. Is funny how 2 of this murders, their main reason to kill was because of racism, maybe if people was not so racist there would be less murders

  13. Is funny how 2 of this murders, their main reason to kill was because of racism, maybe if people was not so racist there would be less murders

  14. Mallory: says something racist
    Jake: kills Mallory for being racist
    Me: are u sure he is not a hero

  15. Evans: I just killed my mom and my sister
    Operater: r u sure there ded
    Evans pulls a gun and shoots them*
    Evans: alright does that answer your question

  16. 9:04 the moral lesson is be careful who you bully ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ‘Œ i guess bullies deserve to learn their lessons but its not right to kill though.

  17. The German title is 5 stรถrend 911 999 Anruf von killers

    This would translate to 5 disturb 911 999 call from killer



  19. The lady on the phone with Jake Evans is so chill:
    โ€œYou killed them, how did you do that?โ€
    โ€œAre you sure theyโ€™re dead?โ€

  20. Hi youโ€™re safe here donโ€™t worry we have blankets, food, and things to make you happy and safe!
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    Now we have people who will keep all of you safe !

    Now things that will comfort you!

    Donโ€™t worry youโ€™re safe here !!

  21. One of the wvk calls for some reason made me think of laura lees apology video sorry not sorry ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚



  23. I'm never going to date anyone…..I'm never gonna meet guys or women at bars….so yeah I think it's bad that people should be afraid of each other ….it upsets me that serial killers etc exist ….that shouldn't be a thing….

  24. 1:12
    Jake is a HERO and BASED for killing his racist family. Give him a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Thornton is also based. Shame he died.



    If u like u get one bear for free

  26. โ€œIโ€™ll try not to kill anybody elseโ€

    I honesty canโ€™t tell if heโ€™s genuine or just sick and trolling the cops

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