5 Scary Stalkers Caught On Camera

5 Scary Stalkers Caught On Camera

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be your host as we take a look at 5 Scary Stalkers Caught On Camera. Before we begin – make sure to hit that subscribe
button, smack that thumbs up and leave us a comment in the box down below. Now – the home is a sacred place. It’s where we feel at our safest – shut
away from the everyday stress of the modern world. But – with a boom in technology, more and
more people are protecting their homes with security cameras, motion sensors and sophisticated
alarms to keep their homes safe. Why? Because as we’ll find out – you never really
know what type of person is going to come knocking on your door. Kicking off at Number 5 – we have the Creeper
Ghost. In July 2016, a couple from Bucktown, Chicago
got a little bit creeped out when they were reviewing their home security footage. The couple – Jack and Jordan – first noticed
something was amiss when Jordan’s purse went missing. They even argued a little bit about it – with
Jack claiming that she’d left it at a restaurant the night before. The pair then decided they’d retrace their
steps and review their home security footage. What they saw – well, it’s pretty interesting. At 3.30 AM on a Monday, the couples security
camera picked up footage of a man in a white hoodie – watching them in their own home as
they slept on the couch. It turned out that the intruder had crept
in through an unlocked door, and hovered over the couple for nearly 5 minutes. In fact – he was so quiet – that he didn’t
even disturb the couples two dogs – who were also sleeping on the couch. Later – it turned out that the Creeper Ghost
was responsible for a string of robberies in Bucktown – but, mysteriously enough – he’s
never been caught. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – lock
your doors, people. Next up at Number 4 – we have the Creepy Neighbour. In 2017, Jerome Kennedy from Pittsburgh started
to hear strange noises when we was asleep at night. He noticed that they were coming from the
ceiling above his bedroom, and gradually, Jerome started to fear that someone was up
there. So much so, that after too much creepy ceiling
noise, Jerome called the police – convinced that someone was in the attic above his bedroom. You see, Jerome shared an adjoining wall with
his neighbour – Robert Havrilla. And Jerome had started to pick up some creepy
vibes from him. That same night – the police spoke to Robert
– but he denied any involvement with the noises. That’s when Jerome decided to install a
security camera in the attic space above his bedroom. And two days later – when Jerome called the
police again – this time, he had footage. What the camera caught – was his neighbour
crawling through the attic space above his bedroom – carrying a drill and a torch. What was he doing with those tools? Well – thankfully, we’ll never know. Robert Havrilla was charged with stalking,
burglary and criminal trespassing. Alright – next up at Number 3 – we have the
Jesus Stalker. This case is equal parts tragic – and equal
parts bizarre. In April 2017 – an accused stalker was caught
on camera that had been terrorising a girl and her family for months. In Union County, North Carolina, a family
installed security cameras in their home – after their daughter had been repeatedly stalked
by a boy she went to highschool with. Logan Ursini, who was 21 at the time, was
caught on camera pacing up and down on the front porch of the families home. Doesn’t sound that scary – but when you
consider he was walking in the exact same spot for /3 hours/ – between the hours of
1.30 AM and 4.30 AM – then things take a little turn for the worse. At one point, the stalker speaks to the camera
and says “the best moments aren’t captured on camera or pictures.” He also claimed that he was the second-coming
of Jesus, and on Christmas Eve – the family woke up to a Bible on display, with a jar
of water, wine, and Birkenstock sandals. I guess he wanted them to wash his feet? The stalker was arrested three times for stalking
the same girl – and was thankfully tried for several felonies.   Coming up next at Number 2 – we have the mysterious
case of John Lang. In 2016 – a story of a man named John Lang,
from Fresno, California – hit the press after he claimed he’d unearthed a corrupt Police
Department ring in his local town. He said that he’d discovered a case where
local law enforcement had been running a license plate scanning scam in lower income neighborhoods. He posted his supposed findings online – and
that’s when things started getting a little crazy. After some strange home encounters, John Lang
decided to rig his house with security cameras over fears that the police department were
stalking him. He even claimed that the crooked cops had
conditioned his dogs to their scent – to avoid being attacked. Okay – no one 100% knows the truth behind
this case – apart from John Lang – who later tragically turned up dead – with the police
claiming it was suicide. Days before that, though – Lang was posting
regularly on social media pleading for help. He feared for his life. Some of the footage he caught – well, it makes
for some pretty terrifying viewing. One of which, involves footage of the police
pointing a thermal imaging camera at Lang’s home to check if he was in. *What?* Finally – at our Number 1 spot – we have the
tragic story of Lauren Giddings. In 2011, law graduate Lauren Giddings attended
the Mercer University Law School – and was shortly about to move out of her student apartment. Tragically, on June 26 2011 – at 4.30 AM – Stephen
McDaniel – an attendee at the same law school, slipped into Lauren’s apartment while she
slept and murdered her. Astonishingly, McDaniel was interviewed by
local news reporters – just shortly before he was arrested and charged with the murder. As the case unravelled – the FBI scoured the
killers computer – and found deleted surveillance footage of the hours leading up to Lauren
Giddings murder. It makes for chilling viewing – and between
the hours of 9 PM and 12.30 PM – several videos had been recorded. The killer had lashed a video camera to a
6 ft long wooden stick – and peered into Lauren’s second-floor apartment as she slept. While at the University – the killer had developed
a severe obsession for Lauren – and tragically took her life just as it was about to begin. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.   That’s all we’ve got time for today folks
– we hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Make sure to leave a comment in the box down
below. My name’s Jack Finch – you’ve been watching
Top 5 Scary Videos – and until next time, take it easy.

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35 Replies to “5 Scary Stalkers Caught On Camera”

  1. I can't help myself, and wish I was a better person. But the last guy really should have been sentanced to DEATH!!! Not life… in prision.

  2. I dont no why yall dont have more likes! I think your videos are good!! What the hell man!?😲 I just sub last nite and have been watchin the crap outta these videos!

  3. Can u make other concept ??
    Cuz there is sooooo many Channel like this…have you idea ? Or imagination ?? No ??

    Make ur own things bro, now u r just a sheep…

  4. You didn't mention the best thing about the McDaniel case. The reporter was interviewing him about the missing girl and asked, "How do you feel about authorities finding her body?" McDaniel was visibly distressed on camera and had to abruptly end the interview and sit on the sidewalk. He thought he literally got away with murder but the loser got caught. He, and all other murderers, child molesters and rapists should be tortured to the brink of death.

  5. I My brother is currently being stalked by our 11 year old psycho neighbor. He’s been appearing outside our window every night with a hat and mask on. We’ve tried contacting his parents, but they seem to deny everything we say. I’m seriously worried. More for the kid than myself. I’ve recorded it all onmy channel.

  6. There's a video of someone who broke into a couples home (it's all glass so you can see everything from the security camera), went upstairs to their room and watched them sleep for a few hours (1am to 3am) and just left. He was never seen again and not identified.

  7. RIP Laura. I’ll never forget when she went missing. Down here in Macon the town was going crazy because of this. I drive by her house sometimes near downtown and I still think about her. He is currently doing a life sentence in a near by prison for what he did.


  9. 1. Lock your doors.
    2. Have a small yet loud dog.
    3. Shotgun or AR-15 is good for painting the drywall with the robber/creep.

    If youre in a country that doesnt allow firearm to be purchased – get yourself a bow and arrows. Chainsaw or a machete should work wonders too.

  10. Number 2 feels personal in a way. There are certain people who are targeted by police just because. Sure I've never discovered police corruption but im a black guy. We have a tendency to be executed because we sneezed or said something a cop didn't like.

    Of course there are plenty of cases where police have abused different folk. Im not saying because im black im the only victim or anything like that. Nor am i saying EVERY cop doest this. Most cops are good people just doing their job. Its just a shame their hard work is being overshadowed by the scumbags in their departments.

    Thsts all i really have to say. I'm not trying to start anything. Just expressing that number 2 definitely has that icky feeling. Its the one that hits the hardest

  11. the first clip isnt a stalker! The police said it was a lady who planned on robbing the man and his girlfriend that lived there, but when she discovered the attic crawl space she decided to live there.

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