5 Tips for New Tesla Model 3 Owners [highlight]

5 Tips for New Tesla Model 3 Owners [highlight]

– Next I want to talk
about some kind of Model 3 tips and tricks, and again
this is something that I just get a lotta questions about. And so I wanted to go
through this because I know a lot of you are getting your cars. And so I just want to talk
through kind of what I recommend. This whole section here
I’m gonna recommend a bunch of products and stuff. I’m not sponsored in any way. They didn’t pay me to say this. These are my honest recommendations. The first one is Elite Finish,
who did the ceramic coating on my car and the paint correction. They did a tremendous job. They’re in San Diego, but
they also make this stuff called WashMist, which is a waterless wash system, and it’s fantastic. You can wash your car virtually anywhere, while you’re parked,
supercharging, whatever, in about 10 to 15 minutes with
a spray bottle and a towel. I’ve done it multiple
times; it’s what I do now. You don’t waste a ton of water. You don’t have to get all set up. I literally keep it in
my trunk, I pop it out, and in about 10 to 15 minutes,
the car looks immaculate. There is kind of a process. There’s a two-step process to do it. But honestly, 10 to 15 minutes,
your car’s looking amazing. And you can start out
with the set for 20 bucks, or they have this kind of
concentrate thing here. And you can get that
whole thing for 100 bucks, where you get two bottles, some
towels, and the concentrate, enough to last you for the entire year, easily saving you money and time and doing better for your
car and for the environment. So I definitely recommend this stuff. You can go check this out at washmist.com or elitefinish.com/washmist. And I’ll put a link to
that in the description. So that’s step one, is
caring for your vehicle. Something to keep in mind: you definitely do not want to take this to a car wash. I did about $1,000 worth of damage to the paint on my car by
taking it to a hands-only, or just using hand-wash
only, just one time. It’s that crazy. Now, I had the solid black paint, which is maybe a little bit softer. So, depending on which color
you get, maybe you’d be okay. But I just wouldn’t even do it. I would not recommend that at all. I would get something like this. You can start out for
20 bucks, and you’ll be just saving and just in a
better situation all around. So definitely hand-wash it. Definitely use something
like this, if not this one. Next, I would say you need to figure out your charging infrastructure. So, plugshare.com, and
they also have an app, is probably the best resource. Now, there are other options out there. But this one, what it does
is it shows you a map … And let me see if I can zoom in here. And it’ll show you all kind of the different charging options available. So if I go zoom into San Diego, whoa, you can see that there
are different colors and there’s different options. By the way, San Diego, we just got our second Supercharger
opened up, woo hoo! It’s in downtown, so super stoked on that. But wherever you live, this is
a fantastic resource for you. Plugshare.com, and I do
believe they have an app. Now, on the website you
can choose which options and which types of chargers to show. So for example, if you’re
getting your Model 3, I don’t believe there’s a
CHAdeMO adapter or a CCS. I don’t know if we really have CCS in the United States anyways. And then you can kind of choose what other types of chargers that you wanna show. So, the original roadster
had a different plug. I don’t know if you guys knew that or not. But then there’s the NEMA 14-50. So if you have your mobile
connector, that’ll work. J1772, or 1-7-7-2, as people call it, this is the standard one that most public chargers use here in
the US, the level-two chargers. Then you have the Supercharger,
and then the Tesla charger. I don’t know what the difference would be, maybe a house that has one. And then you can choose which network. So, most of em that
I’ve found are not free. Some of em are. And I believe even on this website, there are people that
will list theirs, like, “Hey, if you need it, you
can come charge at my house.” So, plugshare.com is
definitely a great place to go to figure out where you can charge. And the reason I bring it
up is because you’re gonna have to pay for supercharging
if you have a Model 3. And it will generally
be the cheapest option for you, other than charging at home. But if you can’t charge at home, you can use the wall outlet. I just did a test, seven days just using a regular wall outlet. You can go check that video out. And it works actually fairly well, depending on how much you drive. So, outside of that, you’re going to want to supplement that with something. It’d be really difficult,
I think, to survive solely on a regular wall outlet
if you can’t install one. Now if you can install a home charger, then don’t worry about any of this. Install it, and you’ll just be good to go. You go home every night, you plug in. But in addition to that, this
is a great resource for you. So that’s kinda my second tip for you, is to figure out your charging
infrastructure, where are you gonna charge, how are you gonna
do it, what it might cost. And PlugShare is definitely
my recommendation there. Now, another one is, if
you wanna plan a trip, you can go to
tesla.com/trips, and this will help you actually figure it out. So if you’re, let’s say, in San Diego, and you wanna go to, let’s
say, Palm Springs, common, you can do this Get Route thing. It’ll plan it out for
you, and it’ll show you where to charge and all this kinda things. You can also see Destination
Chargers and that. So, tesla.com/trips is
a great way to do that. Now the next tip I have for
you is basically on safety. Now, there’s two things. One, know your limits. So, if you’ve never driven with Autopilot, be very cautious and learn how it works, and in your area, how
it does specifically. Pay attention, hands on the
wheel, all that kinda stuff. If you don’t wanna use
Autopilot, that’s totally fine. I don’t really use it, ’cause I don’t drive long distances much. So there’s that. Next thing, this is like a pro-tip: put your cellphone in the cellphone holder and close the lid. You are much less likely
to reach down and grab it when you have just one
extra step, one actual, physical barrier from looking
and/or touching your phone. Originally, I was like,
“Why is this lid here? “This is stupid.” Now, I am so thankful,
because I do feel like it actually helps me pay
attention more on the road. So definitely close that lid. Put your phone in there. That’s kinda my personal recommendation. Now, the last one is about charging and how much it may cost you. So if you’ve not done
this, on my website … And I’ll put a link to this
here, or you can just go to teslanomics.co, look at
Calculators, and find it down there. You can actually estimate exactly how much it’s gonna cost you to charge. So, I use the average electricity rate from the Energy Information
Administration here in the US. And you can choose your
kinda driving style and how many miles that you
drive per month, and then it’ll kinda just list it out for
you exactly what your cost is. So, I’ll put a link in the description if you wanna just go check that out. If you’ve not done that yet,
you can kinda figure out, just thinking about what
you might wanna pay. And lastly, the last thing about
the Model 3 recommendations is about what types of things, accessories and things,
you might wanna buy. So I have a kit, and
I’ll put a link to that. This is what I consider
my Model 3 essentials kit. So, on the very cheap end, a really cool cellphone holder to put
your cellphone up there when you’re doing navigation
I think works fantastic. It solves the problem of having
to look over at the screen. I don’t use it that often, but if I’m going in LA and there’s a ton of traffic and 15 different freeways I can take, I’ll throw up Waze or Google Maps and I’ll just run it off there. It works really well. Also, I really love these 20-inch turbines from EV Wheel Direct. You can check out the link to that there, as well as the Michelin Pilot
Sport 4 S, the PS4S tires. And then you can see the
Dual Rate Lowering Springs that I got from Unplugged Performance, which I’m really stoked on, and WashMist. So this is kinda the last setup here. If you just wanna check it out. Hey, this is overall just what Ben recommends for Model 3 stuff. I’ll put a link to that there
so you can go check it out.

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32 Replies to “5 Tips for New Tesla Model 3 Owners [highlight]”

  1. Hey Ben I have a question for you if I order my model 3 right now and my delivery window is 3 to 5 months do you think it makes sense for Tesla to let you add a feature like the white seats if they become available before your car enters production I contacted Tesla but no answer yet please let me know what you think thank you

  2. CCS is what the Chevy Bolt and many other vehicles use, lots of them in the US. The non supercharger Tesla plug is destination chargers.

  3. There are just as many CCS chargers in San Diego as there are Chadmo. I drive a 2017 Ford Focus Electric and it uses CCS

  4. I noticed that there’s not a ‘hold your reservation’ or place in line for those of us who want to wait for the base model and the white interior. Is it just assumed that if we don’t configure and order now that our place in line remains the same?

  5. Watching from South Africa, you guys are really fortunate. I don't think we'll see Tesla in our country, at least not my generation.

  6. Hey Ben, some clarification, if you will, on your first point. Are you saying not to hand wash with soap and water at all, or not to combine the two?

  7. Is it just me that feels like I saw this video before or is this a reupload? I'm having some strong deja vu.

  8. It is SO Great the Elon is finally on track to produce Model 3, an electric economy vehicle for the masses that regular people can afford. This Model 3 is gonna sell like hot cakes. 👍❣️

  9. Hey Ben, just a question regarding the M3 cost calculator on your site. Will you be updating it to include the newly added options and pricing changes?

  10. Hi Ben,
    I like your shows. But are you saying that the Tesla 3 paint is so sensitive that only the product you mentioned can keep it in good condition? I owned quite a few BMWs, currently a 2004 325iT (wagon) in white with almost 150K miles original paint and run it through car wash. Yet the paint is near perfect.

  11. Anybody here wash their Teslas regularly at car wash with no issues? especially pearl white..I hate washing cars.

  12. Ben! How many months of videos have I seen the definitive statement that free Supercharging is ending. You don't know and each time you had a banner claiming this – it didn't happen. I am suggesting 'may end' or 'might end'. Else this is misleading people.

  13. I would like to try the WashMist, but the shipping costs are insane. The cheapest rate I am getting is $30 on a $60 order. Are there any coupons available?

  14. EV Direct has great customer service, got the model 3 19" wheel, quick responses to question and or issues.

  15. Quick question on window tint. Did you tint the entire rear glass? Local shop told me they don’t because there have been issues with the glass cracking/breaking due to added film b/c window can’t flex as it was designed to. Heard of this? Any problems with yours? Thanks.

  16. What do you recommend for someone (me) that doesn’t have any film or ceramic coating, when it comes to washing my Model 3. Your car is protected already. Thanks in advance.

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