5 Tips to get the most out of your Ring Video Doorbell

5 Tips to get the most out of your Ring Video Doorbell

– Hey, what’s going on guys? It is good to see
you here today. If you saw in my last video, I just picked up
the Ring Doorbell. Now that I have it installed and been playing around with it, I wanted to find out what
else I can do with this thing. How can I use it other than
what Ring has designed it for? So, in this video we’re
gonna be talking about 5 ways to get more out
of your Ring Doorbell. So stay tuned. (relaxed electronic music) Alright, so we’re
gonna start at number 5 and work our way up to my
favorite of the 5 here. So for number 5, we’re gonna
be using the website IFTTT, which stands for
If This Then That. This is a free website
that allows you to tie all of your
Smart accounts together and be able to let
them communicate and automate with their applet. So, if we take a look
at the website here, we see there are a
bunch of different apps that you can go through,
and what we wanna do is we wanna find ones that
are applicable to Ring. So, we’re gonna do a search. I’m gonna do a search for Ring, and here are all of the
applets that can do Ring. So we’re gonna take
a look at these. In the bottom right
corner of each one it shows what device
that works with. So, some of these work with
Hue, some work with LIFX, Sonos, just a bunch
of different things. So we’re gonna
scroll through here. For myself, I wanna use LIFX. So here’s a LIFX one right here: flash lights when
your doorbell rings. So I have a couple
of ’em queued up So, when somebody
pushes the doorbell, you could have, well,
essentially anything happen, but what I have here
is that the porch light is going to turn
on for 5 minutes when somebody comes and
pushes that doorbell. So, if you take a look here, we’re gonna select Front Door. I just selected my office lights since I don’t have LIFX at
the front door right now. What we’re gonna
do is just have it instantly turn on to a warm,
neutral, 100% brightness, and then for the turn
off we’re gonna say also turn off that same light
after a 5 minute duration. Now, another thing
that you can do when the button is pushed, is that you can have
your lights flash. An example of this one would
be if you’re in the garage, if you’re in a back shed where
you can’t hear the doorbell, and maybe there’s gonna
be a lot of noise, something that you
need a visual cue, you may want a flashing light. So, here’s one that
is somebody comes and pushes your doorbell, you
can have the lights flash. And for example, this
one is when somebody pushes the front door,
color is going to flash red at 100% brightness, and
it is gonna flash 3 times. So, that is just
a quick, easy way to get automation with
the Ring Doorbell. Number 4 I have the list, which is gonna still be
in the IFTTT website here is that the Ring Doorbell
also has a motion sensor. So now you can trigger items
to happen off just motion. So, if you have front
porch or front yard lights that you want now triggered
with a motion sensor, and not necessarily somebody
comes up and pushes the button, you can have that triggered
through the motion sensor here. You can also incorporate
the same applet features as step 5 with flashing lights and turning on and off lights, but now have it triggered
it through motion. Alright, number 3 on the
list, we have Smart hubs. Now, for me specifically, I
am using the SmartThings Hub, but what I can do
is I can connect my Ring Doorbell
to SmartThings Hub, and I can set up
a full automation with everything that
I have in my house. So, say for example,
I want at sunset, if somebody comes and pushes
the button on the device, I want the porch
lights to turn on, I want the lights in the garage and, say, the back
shed to flash, and I want my Arlo camera
to start recording. I can set all of that up
through the SmartThings Hub, and that will be
automated each time, and I can create
different automation with different tweaks each time. Another automation
that I can set up is that, at sunrise, remove
the light portions of it. At sunrise, if somebody
comes and pushes the button, not only do I wanna get
a recording from here, but I also want my Arlo
to start recording too. But is the visual
cues are helpful, I can also have the
lights turn on and off, or blink in certain areas if that’s ideal
for your situation. Alright, for number
2 on the list we are going to
be taking a walk. So, let’s head out to the TV. Alright, so this is
a really cool set up if you have an Amazon Fire TV. For myself, I’ve got
the Fire Cube here. So, one thing that you can
do is that you can say, “Echo, show the
Ring front door.” What it’s gonna do
is it’s gonna turn on the TV connected to
the Ring Doorbell and display it on the TV here. So, as you can see, I’ve
got the Ring Doorbell in the office right now,
but it’s going to display what it sees up there,
which is a awesome feature, and you can do that from the
Echo Show or the Fire TV. But cool feature there. You can be able
to see from any TV that you have a Fire
stick connected to. Alright, so last
thing on the list, my favorite way to get more
out of my Ring Doorbell is connecting it to my
Amazon Echo environment. Let me show you guys
what I mean by that. I got the Echo Dot right here. When I can do is I can connect my Ring Doorbell to my Echo Dot, and anytime the door
button is pushed it will ring to every
Echo in the house. Let me show you
guys what I mean. Okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna load
up the app here. Up in the top left corner, we’re gonna hit on the
Menu, go down to Skills. I’m gonna show you
guys my Skills here, I’ve got Ring as my top Skills. So, what you’ll do is
you’ll search for Ring, go to Ring right there, you’re gonna connect it to
your Amazon environment. Once you do that, in the very
bottom corner of the app here, you’re gonna see Devices. You’re gonna click on Devices. At the very top, we’re gonna
scroll over to All Devices, and scroll all the way down to what I titled mine,
which was Ring Front Door. I click on Ring Front Door. I’ve got my options here,
so I am going to turn on to set an announcement
when doorbell is pressed, and I’m also gonna turn on
one, just for demo’s sake, to send announcement every
time there is motion detected. So, we got both of those on. gonna go back, exit out,
and we are all set up. So, let me demo for you guys
what this is gonna sound like. Alright, here we go. (doorbell chimes) – [Echo] somebody’s
at the front door. – Alright, so that is
what you’re gonna hear when somebody pushes the button, and it’s gonna go to
every device in the house. Next up, we also have the
motion detection for this. So, this can also alert
you if there is motion at the front door,
which sounds like this. (soft chime) – [Echo] motion detected
at the front door. – Alright, if you
have a lot of motion, if you have any kinds of plants or anything blowing
around in the wind, that can get old pretty quickly, but that is one of the
options, which is nice to have. So guys, those are the 5 ways to get more out of
your Ring Doorbell. I hope that some of those
helped you guys out. If so, leave a comment below. Let me know which
ones you’re using. If there’s something that I
didn’t mention, let me know. I’d love to know what you
guys are using it for. I mean, there’s hundreds
of different ways, different scenarios, so
leave a comment below. If this video was
helpful for you, give it a thumbs up, let
me know that you liked it, I do appreciate it. As always, don’t
forget to subscribe for more content like this, and I will see you
guys in the next one.

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63 Replies to “5 Tips to get the most out of your Ring Video Doorbell”

  1. Hi, excellent video.
    Could be nice if have a video showing how did you do for set up the Samsung Smart thinks for turn on and off the lights when someone push the bottom at the entrance.

  2. Seems limited as most of the time thrives won’t be ringing your doorbell…. or maybe I’m not understanding this so well.

  3. I have a ring doorbell and a Smart Things system. I can control my porch light switch by using Smart Things. I have, as suggested in your video, set up an IFTTT to turn on the porch light by ringing the doorbell. I am unable to find a way to set it up to turn off the switch after a few minutes, and also not to go on in daylight hours. How did you do that?

  4. I said problem 1 and 2 with a £3 PIR lamp! ….. just because you can use automation to achieve something doesn't mean there isn't a simpler and better solution

  5. I have a Ring Video Doorbell, but what sucks is I can't use it with my google home hub. Nest only works with Google home hub. I really hope they add the ability to have Ring Video Doorbell to work with Home Hub!

  6. IFTTT is a good concept, but not in use. The delay for applets makes it basically useless for any thing useful. I tried making a light flash when anyone was at my door, so I have a visual notification. I found the light would flash until about 2 – 5min after the person has been there.
    The only thing I use IFTTT for is making my lights flash when my amazon echo timer runs out, apart from that I don't have any reason to want to use it… I ended up getting the Samsung smart things hub to create automations that I know will happen strait away.

  7. Is there a way to link my Alexa show and ring Camaras? For example if someone presses my doorbell the live feed is displayed on the show automatically instead of having to ask Alexa to display the doorbell camara

  8. IMHO it's too bad you can't record the video directly to your computer.
    For my application I don't need the wifi and I don't like to have to go to
    their cloud in order to view the video.

  9. How do I put the volume up on the ring when I am speaking with someone outside. They cant really hear me the volume is really low is there any way to increase the speaker outside.

  10. The best way to get most out of your ring video doorbell is to take it back to the shop and exchange it for a nest hello.

  11. #1 is it possible to select which alexa devices the ring notification goes to? I don't want them all to ring as some are in kids bedrooms.

  12. Hey Steve, wonderful video as always! I’ve got a question. If I were to pair Ring doorbell 2 with HomePod and a smart TV say Samsung QLED, can I execute something similar to your Tip 4. Reason being, I don’t think we have Amazon services here in Malaysia

  13. hi good day. i have a problem in enabling the skill. its asking for a 4 digit code. where do i get those 4 digit code? i have no idea 💡

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