5 Unbelievable Mysterious Events Caught On Security Camera

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19 Replies to “5 Unbelievable Mysterious Events Caught On Security Camera”

  1. Israel don't have this .
    Jews pray to the only God in this world.
    Christ' pray to a dead man.
    They think a human create the world & commite suicide for them LMFAO
    That is some real! Scary shit😎

  2. Mostly fake. Lol video manipulation and or simple parlor tricks to make it appear something strange or supernatural is going on. Entertainment when your borded. Lol

  3. All fake:

    #5: staged
    #4: video editing
    #3: video editing
    #2: video editing
    #1: video montage

    Can't believe there are still people that fall for this shit.

  4. The girl hit by unseen force. There could have been a cable attached to her or she may have been shot. I'm just guessing. Also did some one call her? Why did she stop and walk back and turn?

  5. headless man was unreal…notice the sudden glitch on vid when the man opened the door with the headless figure behind the door…its fake, the bicycle is also fake..probably an expermiental biped with a gyro…good fake…nice try.

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