940nm IR LED CCTV Camera Surveillance Video

940nm IR LED CCTV Camera Surveillance Video

In this video we demonstrate the day and night
video surveillance capability of the DPRO-AD940 dome CCTV camera. This camera uses 940 nanometer
IR LEDs when it switches to infrared night mode. This means that the LEDs do not emit
a red glow as traditional infrared LEDs do. Let’s get started.
In this first segment of video all the lights are on in the office. The camera’s obviously
in daytime mode in color. I approach the camera from about 21 feet away and then I stop at
about 7 or 8 feet away. I’m going to turn off the lights now and it will take just a
second for the infrared cut filter to engage and for the infrareds to come on. There it
goes. I’ll start back at, again, about 20 feet away from the camera and I’ll try to
stop at about the same point. This is 940 nanometer LEDs working right here.
The room is completely dark. There’s no light in the room right now. That’s the type of
performance you can get from the camera with zero light. I’ll turn the lights back on.
The IR cut filter will disengage in a second once you see it turn back to color. We’re
back in daytime color mode now. The feature of the AD940 that makes this camera
unique is use of the 940 nanometer IR LEDs which do not glow. The other main features
are that it has a 700TVL Sony image sensor which makes it compatible with all analog
CCTV DVRs, including the new 960H video format. The 2.8 to 12 millimeter varifocal lens gives
installers a lot of flexibility in adjusting the angle of view and zoom level during installation.
Because this camera is IP67-rated, it could be used for indoor or outdoor video surveillance
applications, and the dome enclosure is also vandal-proof. This camera is dual voltage
so it can use either a 12 volt DC or 24 volt AC power supply. The tri-axis lens mount allows
the camera to be ceiling or wall-mounted. For more information and pricing on the AD940,
please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/AD940. Thank you for watching.

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5 Replies to “940nm IR LED CCTV Camera Surveillance Video”

  1. Indoor / Outdoor 940nm IR LED Camera

    Our new DPRO-AD940 is a 940nm IR CCTV camera. This is the first outdoor 940nm model that we have made available. 

    For those not familiar with what 940nm IR LED do here is the deal. Do you know how typical infrared security cameras emit a red glow when the IR LEDs are on, which gives away the location of your camera? 940nm LEDs solve this problem because they are invisible / do not glow.

    The DPRO-AD940 is enclosed in a weatherproof and vandal-proof dome case so it can be used for indoor and outdoor security applications. The tri-axis swivel lens mount enables this camera to be ceiling or wall mounted.

    The below video contains sample surveillance footage captured with an AD940 in day and night modes. The camera does an excellent job of illuminating the test room at CCTV Camera Pros office.

    For additional information about this camera, please visit this page.


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