abode Home Security System Unboxing

Gabe: Hey, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re checking out one of the new kids
on the block, the abode starter kit. [music] If you would like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google security baron, best home security systems. If you have a question about today’s unboxing,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. I’m just going to tear right into it. We’re supposed to get an Abode gateway, an
ethernet cable, a power adapter, an mini door sensor, a remote feed key fob and a motion
sensor. Please keep this card. Start with this piece, motion sensor. Oh, cool, checking all these pieces out. Key fob, got our door sensor, our motion detector. You can screw these in. Some directions, of course, my favorite. Got a little window decal action here, a power
adapter and an ethernet cable. Let’s see how this looks all together. Whoa, wait, hold on one second. Here at Security Baron, we like to give away
a $200 Amazon gift card each month. The rules to enter are simple — just subscribe
to our page, leave us a comment, and you’ll be entered to win. Let’s get back to the video. Let’s check out what we got in our Abode starter
kit. Now it’s a pretty nifty system. A few things I want to note right off the
bat. It was really efficiently packaged. That’s something I appreciate and something
I like to see. I wish more companies would do that, then,
for the most part, they do. Now in terms of color scheme, it’s pretty
interesting. Generally, you get this pretty minimalist
aesthetic in this, either white or black for our cameras, but Abode went with white and
black and I’m not mad at it. I like it. It’s like those black and white cookies that
we all love here in New York, popularized by series such as “Seinfeld.” Now the black and white, we got our key fob. Love the design and I can’t wait to try this
out. Like you put it in like a Mercedes or a BMW
key fob even though you don’t have a car that’s the thing I want to do with this abode key
fob. Then we got our mini door sensors. We’ll put this on our door and it’ll let us
know when it’s been opened or closed, so I’m anxious to see how that works. Now they gave us a lot of different pieces
to install on the door and in various places. I do want to note that even with our, for
example, motion detector here, it’s separate. That’s interesting because generally when
you install a system, it comes with these pieces already pre-adhered to the objects. Here, it looks like there’s a two-step process
of adhering this to the actual device and then adhering that device to a wall. I don’t think that’s positive or negative
just something to note. It’s a little bit of an extra step and something
that we’ve not actually seen too much of. Speaking of adhering, they also gave us some
screws and some anchors. I’m sure we could install these different
pieces in a variety of ways. Now for the system itself your gateway, your
hub to the Abode, it does come with this power adapter and this ethernet cable. In the back here I see a few different pieces
that have a place for a usb. I’ve got my ethernet cable. I’ve got an on switch, which is a little bit
interesting, and my port for the power adapter. This is a little bit different than things
that I’m used to seeing with the home security system market, and I’m really anxious to check
it out. It does seem very important to keep this card
so you can keep your system activated and set it up. Make sure you look at that, but otherwise
there’s not too much in terms of literature. We’ve got, of course, our favorite window
decals so people know that you’re protected. Then there are a little bit of literature
discussing the pairing process, pairing the pieces together, or the devices together,
something about the warranty. Then how to use your key fob. This is something you may not see unless I
go like this. There are actually four buttons on the key
fob. You got away, home, disarm and future use
alarm. I’m anxious to see how well this works because
that’s definitely something we’ve not seen. Typically, you see one or two buttons — arm,
disarm, panic button — and here we’ve got four buttons none of which, at least from
the outset, seems to be a panic button. That’s our unboxing of the Abode starter kit. If you appreciated today’s unboxing, give
us a like, hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron,
be secure. [music]

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