abode iota Home Security System Review

abode iota Home Security System Review

Gabe Turner: Hey, folks. This is Gabe at Security
Baron. Today, we’re reviewing the Abode Iota all-in-one home security system. [music] Gabe: In today’s review of the Abode Iota,
we’re going to go into what you get in the package, the setup and convenience, the professional
monitoring options, the customer support before finally delving into that mobile application,
the Abode App, to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision. [background music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google, “Security Baron best home security systems.” If you have a
question about today’s review, leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. Let’s kick off today’s review of the Abode
Iota all-in-one home security system by checking out what you get in the packet. The main piece
is the Iota Gateway. This serves as your security hub, motion sensor. It’s got a microphone
and speaker built in, and even a 1080p, high definition security camera. In order to get this to function properly,
of course, you need your power adapter and an Ethernet adapter to start the process of
getting it onto your home’s Internet, but you won’t always need that. Finally, you’ve
got your mini door and window sensor and key fob. Now, one thing with the Abode Iota that’s
pretty great is the fact that the security camera is built in. The best way to evaluate
that is to put it through the Security Baron Necessary Features Test. Here at Security Baron, we think that every
home security camera should come with stellar video quality, two-way audio, night vision,
local and cloud storage, smart platform integration, and artificial intelligence. Stellar video quality is a Security Baron
necessary feature. We like to see at least 1080p, high definition video and at least
120-degree field of view. Now, fortunately, the Abode Iota is bringing that. It has 1080p,
high definition video and a 127-degree field of view. Unfortunately, there are no digital zoom capabilities,
but generally speaking, the Abode Iota cam has a pretty respectable video quality. A Security Baron necessary feature is two-way
audio. Two-way audio means that you can not only hear what’s going on in your space where
your device is located, but also speak and have them hear you back. Fortunately, with
the Abode Iota, it does come with two-way audio. We’re very happy to see that. Night vision is a Security Baron necessary
feature. Typically, with night vision, we like to have an infrared LED illuminate that
darkness. Now, fortunately for us, the Abode Iota cam
does come with an infrared LED that actually gives us a pretty clear and solid perspective,
even in darkness. We’re pretty pleased with the night vision that comes with the Abode
Iota cam. [background music] Gabe: Well, hold on. Quick break. I hope you’re
enjoying today’s review of the Abode Iota home security system. If you want to be kept
up to date on the newest in password managers, VPNs, and smart home security, subscribe to
our channel. We’re dropping content weekly. All right, let’s get back to the video. Local and cloud storage is a Security Baron
necessary feature. You want to be able to store your footage locally or throw it into
the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. Fortunately, the Abode Iota cam does come
with a local storage option. You can just slide an SD card right into a slot in the
back. Or you can just decide on which cloud storage plan you’d like. We’re really pleased to see that it comes
with both local and cloud storage. Smart platform integration is a Security Baron
necessary feature. The Abode Iota does well here. It does integrate with Google Assistant
and Amazon Alexa. It doesn’t stop there. It also integrates with a number of the most
popular smart home devices, including Nest, LIFX, Phillips, Hugh, Yell, and QuickSet,
just to name a few. We’re overall pleased with the ability of
the Abode Iota to integrate with some of our favorite smart devices. Artificial intelligence is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Artificial intelligence typically refers to facial recognition, person
detection, vehicle detection, package detection, things that help you to cut down on the number
of notifications you get throughout the day, or alerts to your phone. Unfortunately, the
Abode Iota does not come with any of those capabilities. [background music] Gabe: Now that we’ve seen everything that’s
included in your Abode Iota Home Security System, let’s talk about the actual setup
process, which is really straightforward and simple. I think I was done within 15 minutes.
Now, you’re going to want to place your Abode Iota near your home’s router and a power outlet. You’re going to plug it in, you’re going to
take your Ethernet cable, make sure it’s plugged into your router, and plug it into the back
of your Abode Iota, and then you’re going to go the bottom and activate your battery
backup by just shifting this button forward. From there, you’re going to want to download
the Abode App onto your mobile device, and it will walk you through the rest of the setup
process. What does that mean? It means you’re going to go in, download the app, put in your
activation code which is a six-digit alpha-numeric code, and then you’ll be ready to go. From there, you have to note that your key
fob and mini door/window sensor are already paired with your Abode Iota. So you have nothing
left to do regarding your gateway and these devices, other than wait for your phone through
that setup process to tell you when to pull the battery tab for your mini door and window
sensor. Then you take the 3M adhesive that comes included
with the system, and place it directly onto your door, with the larger part going onto
the door frame and the smaller part going onto the door itself so you can know when
it’s opened and closed. The app will walk you through naming each
of the devices and you’re set. Overall, less than 15 minutes. Really easy set up with the
Abode Iota home security system. Let’s jump into the professional monitoring
options for your Abode Iota home security system. At Security Baron, we think that everyone
should have full professional monitoring and cellular backup. Fortunately, with Abode, you can get that
professional monitoring, that cellular backup, and 90 days of cloud storage with their secure
plan, and that’s $20 a month. If you’d still like to self-monitor, but know you need that
cellular backup in case that Internet goes out, you can get the connect plan, which is
eight dollars a month. That’ll also give you 14 days of cloud storage.
Right out of the box, the Abode Iota comes with three days of cloud storage, and the
ability to self-monitor with the basic plan, which is free. Overall, what’s interesting
about Abode Iota is the contracting options. You can go month to month, or you can lock
in your rate with an annual plan. If you want a full breakdown explaining all
the elements and details and factors that make up the distinctions between the connect
secure and basic plans for the Abode Iota, you can check it out at securitybaron.com.
Look at the link below. Let’s check out the customer support for the
Abode Iota. One thing that we love is that they seem to
have really made a marked improvement in the levels of customer support that they’re giving.
They have, of course, an online help center. They even have a blog. All these things have helpful FAQs and guide
for helping you set up and resolve any issues you have with your Abode Iota. Beyond that, you can send them an email. You
can live chat, or even give them a call. When it comes to the actual quality of the
service, there seems to be a bit of a mixed bag. If you look at Amazon, Abode has a 3.6
out of five star rating. If you look at the particular reviews that mention customer support,
you see a mix of responses. You see some people saying, “Hey, they were responding to my emails
pretty timely, pretty quickly.” Then you have other people saying that they
didn’t feel the customer service representatives were particularly knowledgeable. It seems
to be a bit of mixed bag in terms of people’s experiences with the customer support team. We’re really happy to see that they’ve made
some improvements in terms of their customer support, even if it doesn’t seem to be a uniform
experience overall. [background music] Gabe: The final thing I want to delve in today
is the mobile application for Abode, the Abode App. You can use your Abode with your web
interface on your computer, but if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be spending
most of your time right here on your mobile device. This is where you’re going to be live streaming
your footage, setting up, and connecting up to 160 devices, and just generally putting
in the work for your Abode Iota. When it comes to the Apple App Store, it does
pretty well. It has a 3.4 out of five star rating. When it comes to the Android Google
Play store, it does even better, where it has 4.1 out of five stars. Let’s go ahead and check it out on my iPhone
7 Plus. Here I am looking at the Abode App on my iPhone 7 Plus. You’ll note that there’s
a lot happening on this screen. You’ve got in the top left-hand corner, stand by. In
the top right-hand corner, alerts. Below that, you have three tabs for timeline
cameras devices, and at the very bottom, you have actions, status, and settings. If I want to look at the timeline, I can just
scroll, and it tells me when I open and close my doors. It tells me what gateway I’ve disarmed
or armed. It even tells me the last time my alarm was activated. Let’s go ahead and look
at the cameras itself. The one thing I want to note about this particular
camera is that it takes a long time sometimes for it to actually begin loading the video.
Oh, that was actually pretty quick. You’ll see here, we’ve got the actual live footage
of me. My head, it’s cut off a little bit so I’ll say, hi, there. Below that, you have a history and a timeline
of all the things that have been captured today. You have night vision. You have any
picture that I wanted to take on purpose, or anything that I set up with our actions. Let’s go ahead and jump out of here. Before
I do that, I actually point out at the very bottom, you’ve got your microphone icon, your
camera icon, and your record icon. What those allow you to do is to speak to
whoever’s on the other side, using the two-way audio, capture an image or record video. I
hit capture like this, it says, “Taking a photo.” If I hit recording video, now it’s
recording some video. Now you see that those will populate in the timeline or the history
tab right below the video itself. Let’s go ahead and jump right back into the
rest of the app. When we jump out of cameras, you’ll note that we can go to the far left
tab, which is timeline. The timeline is what you saw below the live feed in terms of history,
but for everything. If we want to look at a timeline, we go to
all the times that open my door, I clicked on the images we captured, when my perimeter
alarm was activated. Let’s go and look at a video I captured earlier
of just me sitting on the couch. That was the video. You see the ability there to just
check that out right in the timeline. Hit that play button, and boom, we’re in it. If you go to the far right, you can actually
look at all the devices in their present capacity. Now my door is open. It’s called “puertas”
opened. The motion sensor is online. You see that, and that’s in the all-in-one, and the
streaming camera is up and running. Finally, the very bottom says, “Access Control.” That
is my key fob. One thing that I think it’s really cool about
the Abode Iota is its ability to really integrate with the host of different systems and setup
various actions. If I go to the bottom left tab, hit actions, you’ll see here that I created
one called Open door video record. The way that basically works, is it allows you to
setup small time IFTTT trigger. I put when the puerta has been open for longer
than five minutes, puerta being the name of my window and door sensor, then turn the iota
cam on. That’s just a useful thing. You can even go further telling it to record a clip,
or anything of that nature. Setting up automation with your abode can
be a really useful element of the system. The final thing I want to show you, is actually
arming and disarming the Abode Iota. In the top left hand corner, you see where it says,
“Standby.” I like the status. I hit standby, you’ll see that I have the away home and standby
option. If I hit, “away,” it’s going to tell me, “Oh, your door is open.” I can still continue
to arm it. I hit “Continue to arm.” [alarm] Gabe: Now, it is giving me a countdown to
how long I had to get out of the home. I don’t want that to go off so I’m going to go back
to standby. Hit standby. If you hit home, it will just turn off elements
of it. If you hit standby, it turns off the entire system altogether. If you tap on the right hand corner, you can
look at alerts. I have no pending alarms, because I’m in the standby setting. But if
I go to history, I can look at some of the alarms that have gone off. Tells me here’s
what happened and they took a picture for me. Overall, you get a lot of flexibility and
options with your Abode Iota Home Security System. The Abode App is a pretty convenient
and intuitive way of looking at all those options. [background music] Gabe: Here I am checking out this stellar
video quality on the Abode Iota. Let’s see here, it looks pretty good. You can capture
what’s going on in this room pretty well. I’m about six feet away from the Abode Iota,
which is on a bookshelf. One thing we’ll do is our classic globe test. You’ll note here
that typically this is where I would zoom in. That’s just not an option with the Abode Iota.
Of course, the 127-degree field of view is nice and the 1080p HD is nice, but it’d also
be nice if we could zoom in. That’s how I looked at the stellar video quality on the
Abode Iota. Here I am checking out the night vision on
the Abode Iota cam. The iota cam is pretty solid night vision, about six feet away, while
it’s not the clearest or crispest that we’ve seen, considering we only think there’s about
one infrared LED on the cam, it’s doing a pretty good job. I go and do a little bit of a globe test here.
You can see pretty well and distinguish the different continents that you’ve got. It has
some ocean so that’s hard to see. Move it over a bit. You’ll see that you can capture
what’s going on. Once again, there’s no zoom. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the night
vision on the Iota cam. [background music] Gabe: We’ve gone over a lot today with the
Abode Iota but you’re saying, “OK, Gabe, just tell me. Is it the right one for me?” I’m
going to say this, “If you want to have a super easy DIY installation with the minimalist
design aesthetic and that affordable, flexible contracting, take a look at the Abode Iota. However, if you are someone who really wants
the most advanced features in your Home Security Camera, or wants a company with a huge reputation
for great customer support, you might want to look somewhere else. Overall, if you’re
really looking to jump into the DIY Home Security and Home Automation Game, I do think the Abode
Iota is a solid start. [background music] Gabe: That concludes our view of the Abode
Iota all in one Home Security System. If you appreciate it today’s video, give us a like,
hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  2. I just received my system on Thursday. I still need another wide angle motion camera and some more door/window sensors. I can't wait to add more components and set up the IFTTT. I was sold on the professional monitoring on demand whenever I go out of town.

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