abode vs  Scout Security System Review

abode vs Scout Security System Review

Gabe Turner: Hey, folks. This is Gabe at Security Baron, and today
we’re comparing two newcomers to the home security game — abode and Scout Alarm. Let’s dive in. [music] Gabe: In today’s comparison of abode and Scout
Alarm, I’m going to go over the key similarities, key differences, installation process, professional
monitoring, customer support and mobile application, so you have what you need to get it going. Let’s get ready to rumble. If you like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google Security Baron best home security systems. If you have a question about today’s comparison,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s begin today’s comparison of abode and
Scout Alarm going over some of the key similarities. Now, they both have flexible contracting line
for both annual and monthly contracts. They both allow you to self-monitor or spend
money on professional monitoring. They do do-it-yourself installation that allows
you to also do tons of your own smart home automation. Lots of integrations with both abode and Scout
Alarm. Now that we’ve gone over some of the key similarities
between abode and Scout Alarm, let’s go over some of those key differences. With abode, you cannot call customer support
unless you have a paid option. Whereas with Scout, anyone can call for customer
support, so that definitely is a significant difference between the two. The other one is that a Scout allows you to
send in your system within 60 days and they’ll even pay the shipping cost. If you decide you’re not really feeling Scout,
you can just send it back. Whereas with abode, you’re going to have to
pay the shipping cost plus a 20 percent restocking fee. The first element we’re going to check out
in our comparison of abode and Scout Alarm is the installation process. I just want to point out that each of these
systems is really, really incredibly customizable and there are a host of components you can
get for each one, but we’re going to focus today on those core components and setting
those up. With abode, here’s going to want to follow
the instructions and it’s pretty straightforward. You take out your hub, you make sure you have
that mobile app downloaded and your username and account created and you’re ready to go. You’ll take each component separately and
attach it to the hub and your mobile application. You take your door sensor, your motion detector,
your key fob and your indoor security camera, and make sure they’re all functioning properly. With Scout Alarms, I want to be especially
specific about making sure you follow the proper outline for how to set it up. If you actually takeout some batteries beforehand,
it can really delay your progress which is something that we’ve seen with the Scout Alarm
system. You’re going to want to make sure you go sequentially
with each element as you are basically walk-through in the mobile application. That’s what’s great about abode and Scout. They basically walk you through setting up
those systems. Because of the similarities between setting
up its system, and I do not think I can really distinguish between the time it took me to
do on abode and a Scout set up, we’re going to actually call this a draw when it comes
to the installation process for abode and Scout Alarm. Hold on, quick break. I was wondering how much to return policies
factor into your purchasing decisions for a home security system. If you note, abode and Scout have very different
return policies and I was wondering if that affects your decision-making process. Leave us a comment below. I’d appreciate to hear your thoughts. All right, let’s get back to the video. Now that we discussed the installation process,
the next element of comparison for abode and Scout Alarm will be the professional monitoring
services. Both of these systems allow you to self-monitor
or do professional monitoring. We are big fans of professional monitoring,
and even bigger fans possibly of cellular backup. With any paid professional monitoring plan
for Scout and abode, you actually get that cellular backup which is really important. Let’s start with the abode system and what
it offers. Abode gives you that self-monitoring option
that we discussed, but it also gives you on-demand professional monitoring which is actually
pretty cool. For example, if you just want to go away for
three days, you pay eight dollars and you get three days of professional monitoring. If it’s a week, you pay $15. There are other plans available. You can do a $10 a month Connect plan or a
$30 a month Secure plan. That Secure plan gives you premium customer
support and also gives you 90 days of timeline storage along with of course that cellular
backup and things like that. The abode plan does bode well for abode. Scout Alarm goes about his professional monitoring
package in different way than abode is actually pretty interesting. They have something that’s in between professional
monitoring and just purely self-monitoring. They have something called, “Always On” packages
$9.99 and then they will actually get in touch with a friend or neighbor without actually
calling out to the police or fire dispatch regarding your particular system and that’s
interesting. Separately, if you just want to do the cellular
add-on, that’s $15.99 a month and this is something you can do without actually going
the full way to the “Always On+” package. The Always On+ is professional monitoring
with cellular backup included. Those are the options with the Scout Alarm
home security system. The next thing we’re going to discuss when
going over the professional monitoring services of abode and Scout Alarm are the contracts. You can sign yearly contracts with both companies
and get some savings from that. What’s great is that if you decide during
that period to cancel, you’ll be refunded your money on the right basis of whatever
it should have been if you were on a monthly contract. That’s the next thing. If you do a monthly contract with abode or
Scout Alarm, you’re easy to just up and cancel. Know that if you decide to cancel, Scout Alarm
will even prorate you your refund for that month which is something which is pretty great. The final thing to compare between the two
are moving policies and there’s not much to compare here because they’re both really easy,
the do-it-yourself systems, so you just pick up your system move into your new home, make
sure you change your settings and you’re ready to go. When it comes to who we give the nod to between
abode and Scout Alarm for professional monitoring services, we’re actually going to go with
Scout Alarm here. They give you that prorate refund of whatever
you don’t use if you decide to cancel and on top of that, they’re just significantly
cheaper in the long run than the abode. You’re going to save about a $120 for full
professional monitoring, and sell the backup over the course of one year with Scout Alarm. The next element of comparison between abode
and Scout Alarm is that customer support, and let’s begin here talking about abode. Abode actually does not give everyone the
ability to just call into the support line. You will have to call in or rather email in
and ask for a call back if you do the basic free program. If we decide to go one of the paid programs,
you’ll be tiered in terms of how quickly you can get to an associate. If you pay for the Connect plan, you’ll get
through to someone. That’s what we were able to do is get through
to someone when we were still on the Connect plan. If you go with the Secure plan, you’ll be
placed at the top tier and you should be able to get through to a customer service representative
faster. We just really weren’t huge fans of that. We didn’t think that’s the way that things
should go. Anyone should be able to call in and get support
when they need it. With Scout Alarm, anyone can call in at any
point and you’ll be sure to get someone on the phone and potentially with Scout Alarm. Those are the first two things that we wanted
to note between abode and Scout Alarm. As I’m probably made clear in each of their
respective reviews, I wasn’t a huge fan of neither abode or Scout Alarm’s customer support
personally. What do I do? I turned to Amazon and see what people are
saying and those reviews. Abode has a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and
people seem to generally enjoy the experiences they have with the abode system. The abode system, of course, require you to
pay for that top tier customer support but people that got it seemed to like it. With the Scout Alarm system, it only has a
3.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon, which isn’t bad, but it’s also not great and the reviews
that mention customer support we’re very mixed. We saw some people had fantastic, wonderful,
great customer support experiences, and other people are like, “No, not good, bad terrible.” We really had a mixed bag in terms of reviews
for the Scout Alarm home security system. When it comes to choosing a winner for customer
support, I’m going to go ahead and go with abode because of their superior Amazon rating
and the fact that those people talk about it and the Amazon reviews seem to enjoy it
more so than those in the Scout Alarm home security system. The last element we’re going to take a look
at today between abode and Scout Alarm is the mobile application. Mobile application is where you live stream
your footage, checkout what you put in the cloud and just generally arm and disarm your
system. You want this to function well. Let’s start with the abode app. It is here that you will set up your home
automation, so you do these cool smart home integration and where you’ll disarm and arm
your system along with just live stream re-footage. People seem to enjoy the experience in the
abode mobile app. You get a 4.2 in the Google Play Store and
the 3.1 in the Apple App Store. The Scout app on the other hand has a 3.6
in the Google Play Store and a 3.3 in the Apple App Store. The issue that we see is a lot of people said
a recent update caused the app to crash every time that they opened it and that’s something
you don’t want when using a home security system. You want to know which one did I choose because
ultimately the average app to a very similar number but we’re actually going to give the
edge to the abode home security app because of the people’s actual reviews of the app
itself were much more positive. Let’s do a recap of what we covered in today’s
comparison of the abode and Scout Alarm home security systems. Installation, we actually call it a draw between
abode and Scout Alarm. Just make sure you follow these instructions
correctly. Professional monitoring, here we keep doing
the Scout Alarm security system because over the course of the year they’re going to be
about a $120 cheaper than abode and that comes with that full professional monitoring and
cellular backup. Customer support, this was a tough one. We actually give the nod to abode but just
barely. They have a premium support line that does
like to get in touch with them directly and seems to be more useful for consumers than
that one of Scout Alarm. Mobile application, we give this slight nod
here to abode. Abode and Scout have similar numbers when
you average them out but people’s experiences with abode seem to be more positive recently. If you’ve been paying attention, you know
that abode slightly edges Scout Alarm in our head-to-head today. With abode, you’ll note that you get a better
customer support team as long as you pay for it and you get a better mobile application. While with Scout, you’re going to get a significantly
cheaper professional monitoring system over the course of a year. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with
either system if you’re looking for an affordable home security system. That concludes today’s comparison of the abode
and Scout Alarm home security systems. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a
like and hit that subscribe button. As always, I’m Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. This is a really good video. One mistake, Scout says that their $15 cellular add on is just an add-on. The Always On and Always On Plus do not support a primary cellular connection. if you have no Internet, you will pay $25 per month for self monitoring and $35 for professional monitoring if you use cellular only. I think that Abode and Scout should have been a TIE on professional/'Self monitoring. You seem to like them both although professional is better, Abode is cheaper if you self monitor without cellular backup. Thus Scout is $120 more than Abode in that scenario. Abode can have professional monitoring for a few days or a few weeks and be cheaper than Scout's plans. So I think it is fair to give them a tie. You showed a BIAS towards the cheaper price of professional monitoring when you like both options. I don't think that is fair. Some people like me have burglar bars and don't feel a real need for professional monitoring. The system is there for a backup.

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