Adding a Cellular Module to a Lyric Security System

Adding a Cellular Module to a Lyric Security System

– Hey DIY’s. This is Bryce from a AlarmGrid. And today we’re going to be
installing a cellular module inside your Honeywell Lyric. To install a cellular module
in your Honeywell Lyric, it is fairly simple. All you have to
do is press tools, enter in your master
code, which is going to be the code that
you use to arm and disarm your panel. So the default code is
one, two, three, four. Then you should be prompted
with the options users, events, advanced, keypad, et cetera. Then you’re going
to click advance. On the left hand side
in the advance menu you should see install
cellular module. It would then prompt
you to see if you would like to install the module. You’ll click yes. Once you click yes,
It actually show you the steps on how to install
the cellular module. So first, you must
remove the tamper cover for the cellular
module, which you do by lifting up, and pulling out. Once you lift that
and pull it out, you’re going to now grab
your cellular module, which is located right
here, and you’re going to install it labels up. So once you install
it with the labels up, you’re going to place it
here, and push directly in. Once you hear that it
locks in, it’s inserted, and you can now put
back your tamper cover. To put back your tamper
cover, all you have to do is grab it, the same way
that you pulled it out, place it in, and then push down. Once that’s in place, you may
now press OK and exit back to the home menu. It will let you know that
it has to be activated. To activate your
cellular module, you may call your
monitoring company, and let them know that you’re
installing a cellular module. And that will allow
them to activate the SIM on the cellular module, so that
you can now communicate out via cellular. The benefits of
adding cellular is that in case of
power outage or wifi you’re still able to communicate
out and send signals. If this video was helpful,
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