AHD-AD12 HD CCTV Camera Video Surveillance Demo

This demo video surveillance footage was recorded
using the AHD-AD12 high-definition CCTV camera connected to a iDVR-PRO Recorder. This security
camera is capable of capturing 720p HD video resolution and it captures video and color
in normal lighting conditions. I’m going to turn this lamp on so I can turn the main lights
off in the room and make my way back to this area. You’ll see the cameras are going to
turn to infrared mode and turn to black and white. Then, when I switch this lamp off,
they’ll be zero light in this room. As you can see the camera does a great job
of illuminating the entire area. This is a fairly large room. It’s 29 feet wide by 28
feet deep. You can see the entire room is illuminated from the built-in infrared LEDs
on the camera. I’m going to just turn the lamp back on, so I can see again and make
my way back over to the light switch. You’ll see when I turn the lights back on, it will
take a few seconds but the camera will disengage night model and turn back into color daytime
mode. The AHD-AD12 is an AHD format CCTV camera. This camera works with AHD compatible surveillance
DVRs such as the iDVR-PRO. This camera can capture 720p high-definition video. The built-in
infrared LEDs allow this camera to work in normal, low light, and zero light conditions.
The 2.8 to 12 millimeter Vari-focal Lens allows installers to adjust the angle of view from
very wide to more narrow and zoomed in. The tri-axis design of the mount allows the camera
to be ceiling or wall mounted and adjusts to just about any angle. The dome housing
of this camera is weatherproof and vandal proof. The high quality construction and HD
video quality of the AHD-AD12 make it a great choice for home, business, and government
security camera systems. To learn more, please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/AD12. Thank you
for watching.

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