Amazing $20 Security Camera!! (Wyze Cam 2)

Amazing $20 Security Camera!! (Wyze Cam 2)

this is a $20 security camera it’s the
wise cam I just bought it on Amazon it’s 1080p Wireless free cloud storage motion
detection alerts two-way talk night-vision the features are packed in
for this tiny little $20 camera is it worth it I’m Ben from Authentech, let’s
check it out all right this is the camera super tiny a lot smaller than I
originally thought when I saw it in the pictures nice rubber grips on the bottom
I like that stand system raised up pan tilt rotate super tiny discreet and cute
for only 20 ish dollars I’m thinking this could be a great nanny baby monitor
camera security camera while on the go in a pinch nice flat ribbon micro USB
cable sweet good length little benefit when these cameras are powered by micro
USB you could power run by a portable battery bank for a while Micro USB
wallet after your setup button and the micro SD card slot micro SD card slot
that means you have on-camera storage basically unlimited right so here’s
what’s included in the box let’s get it set up and see how she works all right
let’s do a little setup here first we download the wise app create an account
connect the camera to the power outlet and wait 20 seconds until a yellow says
like flashes press the setup button three seconds until you hear the voice
prompt and then you follow the wise app to finish setup alright we just got the
wise cam all set up it was a cinch you plug it in download the app create an
account basically connect the camera to your Wi-Fi as normal and we’re set up
first impressions camera quality when we switch it to HD looks really nice motion
tagging by this Green Square that’s pretty cool you can easily toggle sound
on and off let’s live authentic you can manually record and take photos let’s
try the two-way speaker let’s live authentic we rotate the phone
sideways pretty low latency this will depend on your Wi-Fi of course but I
mean that’s like less than a second maybe very good pinch-to-zoom under more
you can turn on and off that motion tagging you can view your albums man you
taking photos and videos time lapse I’m pumped to see that when I’m guessing it
will time lapse through all your previous recorded footage on the micro
SD I just popped one of those in under settings we have a fair amount of camera
settings there’s plenty of lurtz motion and sound detection one thing I didn’t
know it has smoke and CO alarm under advanced settings there’s local storage
I really like when security cameras allow for local micro SD or NVR
recording this way you don’t have to pay for a cloud service or it’s a nice
backup you can have it recording 24/7 on a 32 or 64 gig card one little issue I
might have noticed in the beginning this swivel is really loose so if there’s a
tuck on the cable it needs to be a little bit more friction on that
rotation you can do record events only or continuous recording night vision is
off auto or on let’s switch it to auto rotate image 180 that’s a few mounted up
on the ceiling on that note it comes with the suite 3m
tape and a strong magnet to mount it just about anywhere also very cool I saw
on Amazon there’s plenty of cheap accessories for this thing there’s an
outdoor weatherproof housing for like 10 bucks that’s very cool
even that’s very clever plug in the AC outlet stand I timestamp watermark
record sound you can sync the time you playback pinch to scale timeline this is
just like my Yi cam jump back to live stream alright time lapse isn’t what I
thought I was hoping it would be able to time lapse quickly scrub through your
previous record footage to find those hot spots looks like a normal time lapse
just point at the cloud sort of thing alright so that’s our first look at the
wise cam so far for 20 ish bucks I’m pretty impressed
I like that 1080p quality two-way talk I’m gonna keep testing it a little bit
more and then let’s come back for closing thoughts
is it worth 20 ish bucks so real quick I keep saying 20 ish dollars because you
can pick one up on wise cams website for 20 bucks however I believe they’re
charging for shipping if you go through Amazon which I did it costs a few bucks
more about 25 dollars but you and said get fast 2-day prime shipping and that
Amazon guarantee which I like now either way I’ve been testing this Weis cam out
for the past four days expiry with different locations and settings
and for 20 or $25 this security camera is a steal first and foremost it’s a
super wide angle lens a hundred and ten degrees to be exact which is fantastic
to see the footage both photos and video look really good for 1080p HD nice
dynamic range and great night vision – they say can see up to 30 feet in the
dark I really like the motion tagging and outlines this helps when you’re
scrubbing through footage looking for those motion spots I really like this
magnetic base and easy swivel mount allowing me to snap it onto almost
anywhere the refrigerator oven TV and that small footprint helps to one of my
favorite features wise camp integrates with if this then that as I always say
this opens a world of creative possibilities for example use it as a
virtual motion sensor for smart things turn on the lights when you enter the
room or if it senses any smoke or carbon monoxide call and text you right away or
when you leave or arrive home enable or disable motion detection and alerts like
a geofence for a lot of people you’re gonna like to hear it also works with
Alexa so by voice command you can pull up your cameras on certain Amazon
devices and two very awesome bonus features you might not even have thought
of the wise cam draws very little power consumption so you could power these
things with a portable battery bank or maybe a car battery with a voltage
converter or even a solar panel which I started to experiment with think about
these possibilities you can mount a few of these cameras outside wherever under
the awning or up in a tree find a solar pack that has an internal battery
recharge through the day and then supply enough juice for the night no need for
pulling power lines way out there I had a 10,000 milliamp hour solar pack
that seemed to last all night long but I’m not positive I need to keep
experimenting there’s an active and helpful subreddit fully devoted to the
wise camp I’ll link you to that down below the second awesome feature to the
wise cam 2 it offers USB it passed
through power with a USB outlet right there in the back so you can daisy-chain
up to three of these cameras all from one power source this is genius and now
unto my wishlist items first there’s no desktop or web app this is a
big one for me as I like to view my security cameras from the computer even
he has this and second the app needs faster scrubbing and timeline playback
speeds like 2x or 10x speed and connecting to this I really want that
daily recap feature like lighthouse offers I just reviewed that security
camera check it out later whether I’m recording 24/7 or just on
motion detection there needs to be a way to easily and automatically time-lapse
and scrub through that immense amount of footage finding just the video sections
that are important now either wait for 20 or 25 bucks this wise cam 2 is a
steal and I’m very impressed with all the features and quality packed inside
something so small and affordable now you could blanket the inside or outside
of your home for what just one two hundred bucks or if you just want one of
these it won’t break the bank and it’s perfect for keeping the eye on your
little ones or maybe the elderly keeping tabs on your garage backyard see what
your pets are up to you while you’re gone I can’t believe the price and if
you want to check it out all the links are down below let me know if you guys
have any questions or if you pick any of these up and thanks for tuning in if
you’re new around here consider sticking around for more tech videos posted every
week and until next time let’s live authentic

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47 Replies to “Amazing $20 Security Camera!! (Wyze Cam 2)”

  1. Gave one to my daughter for her to keep tabs of her dog while she's working. She loves it this is version 1 and has used since Christmas with no problem.

  2. man, your second camera was making your skin look really red. It was really weird while you were switching between the cameras. Try to fix that next time. But love your content. Keep'em coming πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  3. This looks like an amazing security cam for that kind of money! I thought at first you were just trolling us πŸ˜› I may just have to pick one of these up at that kind of price-point!

  4. Nice video review, but we need to stop saying its $20. There is no way to buy this for less than $26 either on wyzes website or Amazon. Also these are Yi made cameras, wyze licences the hardware from Yi. I believe they're called Xiaomi XiaoFang in China. I would like to see wyze improve the notification section on the app. I keep mine in the garage were it gets close to a 1000 degrees and I havent had a problem with it.

  5. Great! I've been looking at various camera systems lately. This one may be what I need. Ideally I would like to connect with my OwnCloud server – and nobody else's – in which case, it sounds like it should tick all the boxes. Either way, nice job on the review / intro. Thanks!

  6. I don't get it, why would anyone give a thumbs down ??? Knuckleheads… Thanks for the video, seems like a good product.

  7. I’ve bought it and returned already. They had no support for people with no access to their routers like in college dorms etc. other than that. It’s a really good product

  8. Hmm a solar rechargeable battery would be cool, but fortunately, I was able to mount this and the pan version under my roof eaves with an extra long cheap usb cable from amazon. Agreed about the wish list for better timeline scrubbing and webpage streaming. I use an old smartphone as a monitor, but the app crashes fairly often.

  9. Does this have full-duplex talk???

    Also do you have a video about how to use IFTT to automate devices using the camera?

  10. You deserve more views, you make great reviews explaining basically all features of the item, it’s too bad

  11. For a single camera it's $25.98 total from Wyze and Amazon. Factor the Prime membership cost for 2 day shipping and you are actually paying more via Amazon. And if you buy numerous cameras from Wyze, the shipping cost is less per camera the more you buy.

    Also, the camera doesn't sense smoke or carbon monoxide. What it does is listen for the beeps from a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, 3 for smoke and 4 for carbon monoxide.

    And it's not $20 or $25 bucks, it's $20 or $26 bucks.

  12. We bought these and will be returning. Looking out my windows the night vision has a tiny light on that reflects off the window so you can’t see a thing. Huge fail if you want to look outdoors. Probably fine for indoor use. But every review I have seen did not mention this. Getting hard to trust the YouTube channels……..

  13. Now they just need to solve the issue of trying to get connected to these cameras outside of your own WiFi. This issue seems to be popping up all over the forums. Overall it's a great product…but not being able to connect remotely is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately.

  14. Great review. I bought one of these from Amazon last week. It works great. I want to eventually have it on our back porch which has limited AC access. So, I purchased an (Anker Power Core 20,000 mAh from Best Buy. $50.00).
    I just did a test on it from fully charged to completely drained. It ran this lil Wyze V2 camera in my home for 34 hours day and night non stop.
    I sent a link of your video to my friend and he by one as well.
    Thanks for your time and effort in making a this review. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. This is the exact same camera Xiaomi sells for like 14$. It's called Hualai Xiaofang Smart Camera 1S (华ζ₯ε°ζ–Ήζ™Ίθƒ½ζ‘„εƒζœΊ 1S). Even the software looks identical. There are many better cameras by Xiaomi now. Price varies from 14 to 50$. I have three different Xiaomi cameras and they are all amazing.

  16. I have a enclosed cargo trailer and i want to install this camera inside the trailer while i am driving to keep an eye on fragile items that i transport. Can anyone tell me if i can run this camera off a power bank supply instead of a wall outlet and can it connect too my phone from my truck?

  17. Hi Ben, thanks for your video, great recommendation, bought one of these about a month ago and has been working great to keep on eye on my home, keep up your excellent work
    Thanks again

  18. Great camera, but uses the heck out of your internet… I bought 5 for around the house and I ended up maxing out my Cox internet limit of 100 GB for the first time ever…..

  19. For iPhone owners, you need at minimum an iPhone 5S and iOS9. iPhone 4S with iOS9 will not work. There are a lot of uses that are not available, buggy or very difficult to setup with this camera because of the WiFi requirements. Wyze owns all recorded data. No contact number for any type of assistance. Warranty only applicable if you use their SD media card.

  20. I just got miners in my today. I'm wish there was a an easy way to use geofencing with multiple phones, but I couldn't figure out how.

    With that being said, we were able to create shortcuts to use on the app. Would have been nice if geofencing doing automatically for us, butter pushing a little button is the bad.

  21. It is a piece of garbage. I bought last two months, but every week has some issues. It is very cheapest, but not a good product.

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