Amazon Cloud Cam vs Netgear Arlo Pro 2 | TechHive Review

Amazon Cloud Cam vs Netgear Arlo Pro 2 | TechHive Review

if you’re thinking of getting a home
security camera the Amazon Cloud cam and the net get a low pro two are both
excellent choices but they have their strengths and their weaknesses I’m going
to tell you what they are at the most basic technical level these two cameras
are pretty similar they both shoot high-definition video have night vision
and two-way audio that’s where you can use an app to remotely speak to and
listen to anyone in front of the camera they also shoot a pretty similar scene
the field of view from the cloud cam is 120 degrees it’s 130 degrees on the a lo
pro 2 but that’s where the similarities end the Amazon Cloud cam is designed
only to be used indoors and it has to be powered all of the time there’s a socket
on the back here the our low pro 2 is IP 65 rated that means you can use it
indoors but it will also survive most weather outdoors there’s a socket on the
back for power but if you don’t want to run electricity to where it is then it’s
got a pretty substantial battery inside and if you don’t want to be bothered
with once every one or two months pulling out the battery to recharge it
Netgear also sells a solar panel so you can trickle charge the battery and have
it full at all times both of them work with Amazon Alexa the cloud cam also
works with Amazon key that’s Amazon’s new service that allows you to remotely
open your front door and let’s service personnel into your house as needed the
a low pro 2 won’t do that but it will play much better with other smart home
devices it has support for if this then that stringify and Samsung smartthings
so if you have smart home devices in your house or you’re planning on getting
them in the future then the a low pro 2 is probably going to integrate better
with those both cameras support basic motion detection but more advanced
motion detection zones user definable areas where you get alerts are available
on the cloud come with a subscription and on the a lo pro 2 when it’s plugged
into the power without the subscription or a power cord you’re only getting
basic motion detection so what of the price of the cameras and the running
cost because that’s where things really start to diverge the cloud cam costs a
hundred and nineteen dollars you can buy a pack of two
of them for 199 dollars the ala Pro 2 requires a base station the base station
and two of the cameras cost 480 dollars so it’s already a big difference between
the price of the two systems the ongoing monthly running costs however for the
our low pro 2 are lower as basic if you don’t pay any monthly subscription
amazon gives you a day’s worth of cloud storage that means anything that it’s
seen any motion any alerts for the last day are still for free in the cloud
after that you lose access to them Netgear gives you a whole week’s worth
of storage before you have to start paying and when you do start paying
Amazon will charge you $7 for a week’s worth of storage $10 for two weeks and
$20 for a month Netgear will charge you $10 for a month and $15 for two months
so if you’re just thinking about getting one security camera the Amazon Cloud
camp comes out much cheaper than the Alli pro 2 but one of the things we
found is that once you get one camera you start thinking about places for a
second or a third so that’s definitely something to consider even if you have
two of these the a low pro 2 still comes out much more expensive two of these
cameras is two hundred and eighty dollars more than two of these and if
you pay the week subscription it’s going to take you four years until the price
is even equal but the ally pro 2 has much more flexibility in where you mount
it you can put it indoors or out and you don’t have to run power to it with these
you’re going to have to have a power cord always going into the back so think
about where you’re going to mount them to if you want to do more research you
can find full reviews of the cloud cam and the a low pro 2 on technique on if
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  1. Where can I buy a pack of two for $199 as stated 2 minutes sixteen seconds into your video? I'm in the UK do they sel them here? Please respond to [email protected] as soon as you can, as I wish to buy them. Thx Robert

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