Amazon Working With Law Enforcement To Conduct Warrantless Mass Surveillance

Amazon Working With Law Enforcement To Conduct Warrantless Mass Surveillance

Amazon claims it’s facial recognition software
can now accurately detect even different emotions including fear. The company says the software may help police
with criminal investigations, but critics worry that technology is going to be used
by law enforcement to conduct warrantless, warrantless, totally warrantless mass surveillance. RT’s Brigida Santos joins me now from Los
Angeles with the story. Brigida, what emotions can this software identify? I find this very, very interesting that they
can identify fear and anger and sadness, joy. Tell me about it. Mike, the program known as Rekognition spelled
with a K can reportedly detect all seven emotions; happy, sad, angry, surprised, disgusted, calm,
confused, and now fear. In a statement, Amazon said, face analysis
also generates metadata in the form of gender, age range and attributes. While the company claims identifying emotions
like fear could help police with criminal investigations, especially those involving
human trafficking or children, civil liberties groups worry that the software could be used
by police departments to conduct warrantless mass surveillance or commit other abuses. Especially because these emotions aren’t necessarily
shared across all cultures. Well, so they have to make a giant leap. They see a picture of if somebody looks sad,
they look fearful. I mean, you know, what’s the next leap? They look fearful, therefore, let me pull
them out of line and do a, you know, a body search. I, I, who knows. Right. Look, police departments are already using
this program. Explain that a little bit. There’s, people are going to be surprised
to learn this. Well last year the American Civil Liberties
Union published documents revealing for the first time that police departments in Oregon
and Orlando were using Rekognition. Now in Oregon, I’ll give you an example of
how police were using it. They used it to investigate a $12 theft in
one case at a local hardware store. After scanning the store surveillance footage
through Amazon’s facial recognition program, they were able to find a possible suspect. So they flagged that suspect’s license plate
and they later arrested her. Police departments are also licensing the
program to compare surveillance footage to mug shots. Rekognition has also been pitched to immigration
and customs enforcement, and a new troubling report reveals that Amazon smart home surveillance
company, Ring, has partnered with at least 225 police departments across the United States. While ring doorbell cameras don’t currently
have facial recognition capabilities, the company has filed patents to incorporate Amazon’s
facial recognition into its products. So this is a slippery slope. The partnership between Ring and law enforcement
agencies, it’s, it’s, it’s a little troubling, isn’t it? Under the deal police are contractually, if
I get this right, I think they’re contractually required to market ring products to residents. I mean, what else can you tell me about this
peculiar partnership that’s taking place between the police and this company? Police across the country are encouraging
residents to adopt Amazon’s doorbell surveillance cameras and to participate in the digital
neighborhood watch. In exchange for marketing, participating police
departments receive free Ring products and a portal where they can view a map of all
active ring cameras in town. Now through the portal, a police can also
ask consumers to hand over their personal surveillance footage without a warrant. Now, I do want to stress that consumers must
give police permission to obtain their personal footage for use in criminal investigations,
but police are using fear-based marketing to get consumers to opt in. Some of those consumers may not know that
they also have the option to opt out. The documents also show that for every local
resident who downloads the neighbors app, certain police departments get a credit toward
more free Ring cameras for residents. The program has nearly zero oversight because
there are no federal facial recognition laws and because it shifts government mass surveillance
efforts to the private sector. This is a very bizarre loophole. Police already have access to public street
cameras to help them track down criminals. This gives them even more coverage while allowing
them to skirt legal boundaries. Here you’ve got Ring saying, hey, put it on,
put it on your house. Start a neighborhood, a neighborhood watch
club. Put up the big cameras right on your street
and we’re all gonna watch everybody. We, you know, it doesn’t take a genius to
understand probably where this is going, but so is, it leads me to the next question. How accurate is Amazon’s facial recognition
tech? So is it working? I mean, is this recognition, recognition technology
really working or there’s, is it fraught with mistakes? There are definitely flaws. Amazon even says that it’s determinations
can’t be made with precise accurate, accuracy. And in one test, Rekognition misidentified
28 members of Congress as criminals. Disproportionately they were people of color. This is common. It disproportionately misidentifies women
and people of color in other arenas as well. And we know that gender and ethnic bias and
machine learning is common. We’ve covered it on this show previously. And when you add that to policing, which also
has its own problems, it’s very dangerous. People need to realize that police are selling
fear to get consumers to help the government conduct master valence on their friends, families,
neighbors, and strangers without a judge, without due process and without a warrant. Brigida, thank you for joining me. It is sounds like the wild west of technology
is upon us. Thank you for covering this story. I’m sure it’s only going to get stranger as
time goes on. Thank you. You know it, thanks.

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73 Replies to “Amazon Working With Law Enforcement To Conduct Warrantless Mass Surveillance”

  1. If it can be used for mass surveillance then it probably will if there isn’t a force to keep this from happening

  2. ( Land of the fees, home of the caged/ slaves ) we are watching you and you are Free, in Corporate America. 🗽🇺🇸

  3. You
    photoed me and digitized my face. You
    put me in your secret database. You
    may as well be chasing down a case, in-
    volving "Evil Greens" from outer space! Your
    paranoid surveillance is absurd. We
    know we're being watched and overheard. But
    we are marching forward undeterred, to
    save the threatened rat-faced hummingbird!

  4. anybody who puts a smart anything in their home and the gov't allow the use of this type of surveillance ANYWHERE is just inviting Big Brother.

  5. It's not like there are more than 7 emotions, or that we as a species are adept at hiding and faking our emotions.

  6. This is why my home is not a smart home. I also don't use Facebook as I just don't trust them. This all sounds like big brother to me or maybe China?

  7. I'm torn… I value my privacy but if it helps police to catch criminals isn't that a good thing… also wouldn't it prevent crime… it should catch those package thieves

  8. And yet cops still claim in 2019 going into 2020 that they don't like to be recorded by average citizens including still using false claims that it is illegal and that doing so could result in arrest.

  9. Before she said that most of the congresspeople misidentified as criminals were women & people of color I was thinking "Are we sure they're not criminals?"- though I suspect the congresspeople were being misidentified as other criminals.


  11. Hope it can detect the look of someone about to shoot a cop. Cause the more this shit keeps happening, the more they're going to need it. FUCK the police.

  12. Great, so you get a bad diagnosis from your doctor and start worrying about potential cancer or something and next you are getting you constitutional rights to privacy and peaceful travel taken away and being strip searched or worse. Yeah, that is helpful.
    "Land of the free", huh, whoever told you that is your enemy.

  13. Welcome to the other Hidden part of UN Agenda 30 Sustainable development all across the US Now being Factually implemented .
    They Choose to Violate the USA'S Constitution; Breaching their a Oaths of Office .
    This is Forced upon us After the Vote of the 3rd World Congress at the United Nations .
    Heck our Congress itself was hijacked into the Private Corp in Name only Status since March 9, 1933 . Congressional record Nov 11, 1993 and ICJ Findings this way . Deemed Not Legitimate Govt acting under Colour of Law and Owned For Profit which is Wholly USA Unconstitutional.
    We are Deemed a Captured & enslaved Nation .
    Why do you Support or Vote for these Den of Vipers and Snake Oil salesman .
    How can you turn a blind eye ?
    Prometheus AI Google's invention
    Is Actively Growing and Being Used Wrongfully Knowingly against the American People's .
    Thus the US is being turned over to the Communist UN slowly but surely w a total Takeover proportedly in 2050 .
    Will the International Building Code portion alone Bankrupt and make you Homeless .
    Stack & packed into Cities and Here's your bicycle unless you can afford an Electric Vehicle ;
    All others being outlawed .
    Here's an example just look at California's homelessness ; what did you think was the Driver ?
    I suggest CFR / UN Sustainable development
    We are entering the Grand Maunder Solar Cycle and of course that brings w it rapid Climate changes every time .
    It's not due to Human Activity ; Hwvr that being said I would like cleaner air to breathe again ; but not in this manner .
    It's Oppression of the Poorest and the Disabled they Claim to want to make Equal ; What treat them as equally bad ?
    The Poor disabled are Not being Gifted anything of Value ;
    If anything Help has been Cut .
    I can speak on this 1st hand as it directly affects US too .
    I'm disabled as a result of OTJ injuries and Justice was Not and is Not afforded to me ; if anything the System is Rigged against me .
    I'd love to meet w the UN Committee on the Disabled in NY City . I'd Love to Protagonistically discuss their Plans .
    Supposedly Voluntary Hwvr the People are Not given a Choice as Manufactured Consent again was used for Implementation .
    No one Knew of their plans so they could attend and Oppose at County Commission meetings .
    Heck we were out of State ; so we never had a chance to say No .
    Too late they Passed The UN Planning Committee into existence and Practice .
    And they see No Problem w it or Face being sued by the Lawfirm the UN Planning Committee hired to implement their Plans ; if you oppose you will be sued .
    Mass Surveillance is Built into
    Their Agenda by Grand Deceptive Design .
    😂Reminds me of the Cartoon Pinky and the Brain Hwvr in this case their Plan is Working . 😔🤕😓😭
    Beware their International building Codes enforcement arm ; the Courts have already Ruled they are Unconstitutional yet still not stopped nationwide as Code enforcement Violations and Made Legalized theft of property , equities and fines is How they Fund their So called Non Profit .
    Heck it's Big Business w a Non profit status Wth ?
    More Fraud & Supposedly Legalized tax evasion through various and multiple Phony S Corps and Shell games .
    Again Look up What's Publicly known about Google's invention called Prometheus AI .
    Now you know part of what it's tasked with .

  14. I work with computer vision and one project I was working on was using a dashboard camera to detect drowsy or distracted drivers. It's really not all that hard.

  15. EVERYONE!! PLEASE GET RID OF AMAZON RING!! Call it up and tell them you want it entirely uninstalled NOW!! DON'T BUY AMAZON RING!!

  16. The expressions are not secluded to an emotion.
    *I can be very angry and show nothing*.
    Stupid people concentrating on killing and attacking people other than helping them.

  17. I stopped updating their app long ago. Imagine a descriminative business owner working with the corrupt ass police of america. Bet that will be great for people!

  18. Was I wrong to believe this is a progressive channel? You know you can report on this without running an interview in its entirety from the Russian propaganda in America channel. You report on most things without clips this is the 2nd interview from Russians on THIS progressive channel this morning like wthf are you getting LAZY.

  19. The genius part people fail to see is that it is all funded by the consumers. People buy the products and the police departments uses tax monies to pay Amazon for it's services.

  20. The arrogance of white nerds – knowing how this will be used – is deplorable. If they can use it for their own biased or greedy ends, they will. It is OK to say no and not do this.

  21. So … Skynet 1.0? 😰 To be fair, many ple in Congress like Moscow Mitch ARE criminals so Recognition wasn't wrong. 😅

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