Amsec’s Gun Safes BF series 2019 models with new Specifications & Features 4K

Amsec’s Gun Safes BF series 2019 models with new Specifications & Features 4K

Hello! My name is Bo with Dean Safe Company and today, we’re going to do a
video on American Security’s, or as people refer to them sometimes as Amsec, BF series gun safes. I think you’re going to really enjoy this
video because of the features that the BF series comes with. Let’s get right to it. So right off the bat, the BF Series by American Security, the features on the outside are incredible. You’ll notice that they have a metal logo across the top instead of just a cheaper laminated one. They have a high-grade electronic lock – you can also have it in a dial lock, five-spoke handle and you’ll notice this is a pull handle
on the door and you wonder why do you need a pull handle on the door if you have the five-spoke? Well, their door is so heavy that you need it to pull open. Also, this is one of many colors
that they offer in the BF series. This is what we call the “Textured Matte Black.” There are four different textured
colors that you can order this in, Also eight different gloss colors and they also have three different handle covers. This would be a chrome handle
or chrome trim if you will. They have a black chrome trim and a brass trim. You can also get this in what they call the
two-tone version which would be a gloss door with a matte body that looks really good and
you can interchange any of those colors. That’s usually good for somebody
that wants a high-class looking safe but maybe it has to go in the garage and wants the body to be a little bit
more durable with a texture. It’s a little bit easier to touch up. Okay, let’s look inside this
American Security BF Series BF6030. This is where the real features of this safe come into play. [Electronic Lock Beep] What you’ll notice right off the bat
is the thickness of this door and it’s not a fake thickness if you will. It’s a true half-inch plate door. This is the BF6030. There are two safes in this series that
have a little bit thinner gauge plate steel. They would be the BF6024, it has a 3/8th
and the BF7250 – and the only reason for that is the weight of the door would almost tip over the safe. So you can’t put the whole half-inch but everything
else in this series, it comes in six different sizes the half-inch plate door here you notice right off the bat. Then you have an intumescent seal
that’s sandwiched in there, that’s good for smoke and water during the fire. It helps– That swells up and helps keep those out of
the inside of the safe during a fire. Then you’ll notice a one-inch thick concrete fill. It’s a special type of concrete – A dry light concrete fill – a lightweight concrete fill that’s good for fire protection plus security. That’s all wrapped in with an eleven gauge wraparound. So that is the whole thickness of that door
and when we talked about why does this need a pull handle, well there’s your answer right there. We will work right down the safe right here
the different things that we see, “Made in America” 100% made in America right in the
Southern California area for a long time, I think since 1942. Then we go down to the fire rating on the BF series. Two-hour fire rating at 1200 degrees – that’s at the very top of a gun safe fire rating, not many companies can even come close to
that and what makes this one even more special is that it’s independently tested by ETL laboratories. So it’s not the manufacturer that’s
telling us this is a good fire rating, it’s a third party that actually
test this safe for a two-hour fire rating. Then you have the UL burglary label; that’s a label we’ve talked about in previous videos, very important in the gun safe industry because
it holds the manufacturers to a standard that they have to meet. And once again a third-party testing this
safe against a burglary attack gives you peace of mind as a consumer saying, well at least a third party says
this is built to a standard that is set. Then you have Amsecs or American Security’s
lifetime warranty on replacement. So zero cost to replace the safe that’s been
in a fire, attempted break-in or break-in. They’re gonna come out, send somebody out,
an authorized dealer, drill open the safe, get your stuff out, get you
a new safe when you’re ready for it. You’ll notice the massive inch and a half locking bolts. It comes with 12 locking bolts
on this particular safe in this series. They fit behind the door frame there, it really locks it in. So with a half-inch plate door,
one-inch concrete fill, eleven-gauge wraparound, now you’re adding 12 one-and-a-half inch bolts — have fun trying to get into that if you’re a burglar. Another thing that you notice right off the
bat, if we open this up a little bit – A lot of the gun safe manufacturers or
gun safes, in general, come with a door panel now. It’s almost a must in a gun safe industry but what sets American Security’s
gun safe door panel off from everybody else is the ability to put some long guns on there if they take up a lot of room inside the safe. You’ll see here we have a
nice rifle here with a big scope. It would normally take up two, three, four
spots at a normal gun safe interior. Here you could put it on the door
and still have room in there and we’ll talk about that interior in a second. It also has adjustable pistol pockets on the door — really accessible. I always tell our customers
when they come into the showroom, Anything that you’re putting on the top shelf, now you can put it on the door
and still utilize the top shelf for anything else whether it be paperwork, extra guns, ammo — all that. Now we look inside the safe
and you’ll notice it’s very bright in here. Well, at Dean Safe, we have the BF series come standard with the light kit. It has two 36-inch LED light kits that are
motion-sensored, hardwired plugged in; this particular safe has a power outlet in it
and it really lights up the interior very good. But also what helps with that
is you’ll notice a mirrored back. A lot of people say,
“Well why do I need a mirror inside my gun safe? Am I gonna look at my hair or whatever?” No, it bounces light off of there,
so it really lights up that interior. I think you’ll find that as a nice advantage
on this particular sized safe and throughout the series. The other thing that American Security
does very well is their interiors — Universal adjustable interiors. You’ll look at it now, we have it set up as
an all shelf interior that can be customized any way you want – up, down any way you want. But for long guns, super simple;
you simply take off a cover here, you have the gun rack, you adjust these shelves out, you have room for a lot of long guns there. Also, on the opposite side too. So, you can do an all shelf, all gun and move
all this around – really nice universal interior there. Let’s really talk about now, the security of the body; this is what really sets the
BF series by American Security off different than anybody else in the gun safe industry. And the reason being is the ability
to do a concrete fill in their body. Nobody else has the ability to do that. So what American Security does is they put
an eleven gauge outer body, which might be kind of standard in the gun safe industry, but then they add a two-inch concrete fill sandwiched by a 12 gauge inner body. So really strong and then that’s why you’re
looking at a two-hour fire rating on this. They put that dry light material
so it’s a concrete fill dry light proprietary to American Security products and what that really does is, it seals the
whole inside or the whole body of the safe. It doesn’t create any hot spots during the fire; plus it’s added security and adds weight for security purposes on there. It’s really hard to get through the sides on here. You’ll notice that this side safe once again
we’re talking and showing the BF 6030; this weighs over a thousand pounds. You’ll see the like-minded safes in this size;
60 inches tall 30 inches wide, they won’t even come close to a thousand pounds. That speaks to how they manufacture this safe. One of the last things to talk about
would be even the raised floor. All the little touches of this safe, I really like this raised floor and what I mean by that is the floor is even with the doorframe. So, when you are taking a gun out, you don’t have to worry about a metal doorframe and banging your nice stocks or anything. It comes out seamlessly. It really fits in there nice. And then you’ll also notice that there are
four pre-drilled holes in here for bolting down. This safe is pretty heavy as is, you don’t really need to bolt it down, but if you do want to bolt it down, you can. It’s already pre-drilled for it; you can fit
up to a half inch anchor bolt in there — really nice. Well, that does it for the BF series by
American Security products. It’s nice. What we are going to do is add another video
on here, they have what they call the BF2 series which is the next series up
and we’re going to compare those. We’re going to do a couple of videos
on there and those are going to come soon. So please check us out at Thank you.

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