Arduino Project: Home Security Project with SMS Intruder Alert – Easy DIY project

Arduino Project: Home Security Project with SMS Intruder Alert – Easy DIY project

Dear friends welcome back! Are you
interested in building and do it yourself home security system
with an Arduino that can inform you with an SMS to your cell phone if it detects motion inside your house? If yes, keep watching! The parts needed for this project are these: An Arduino Uno, the TinySine GSM shield a PIR sensor, a DS3231 Real Time Clock module some wires and an LED if you need to debug your project. The cost of the project is very low. You can build this project for less than
35 euros. You need 25 euros for the GSM shield, you need 1.5 euros for the PIR sensor 1.5 euros for the Real Time Clock, and around 5 euros for the Arduino. You can find links for all the parts of this project in the description of the video. Let’s now see how to connect all the parts together. Before starting I encourage you to watch some of the previous videos of the channel. I have prepared detailed tutorials on
the GSM shield the PIR sensor and the DS3231 real time clock. By watching these videos
you would have a better understanding of all the parts and it will be easier to build this project. First we connect the GSM shield to Arduino Uno. Next we connect the real time clock. Vcc goes to breadboard Vcc. Ground goes to breadboard Ground. SDA goes to analog pin 4 on Arduino which is now accessible via the GSM shield. Lastly SCL goes to analog pin 5 of Arduino. Let’s now connect the PIR sensor. Vcc the pin next to the diode goes to breadboard Vcc. Ground goes to breadboard Ground. And lastly the output pin, the middle one, goes to digital pin 7 of Arduino. Next we connect the breadboard Vcc to Arduino 5V and the breadboard ground to Arduino Ground. Next we connect the LED. The long leg goes to digital pin 13 and the other one to Ground. Now we are ready to power on Arduino. At first the project connects to the GSM network. As you can see the LEDs will start flashing here in a moment. OK, here it is. At the same time the PIR sensor initializes and that initialization process takes time as well. Our project will be ready in about 30 seconds from power on. Let’s wait for a bit. The LED is flashing slowly that means that we are connected to the GSM network. Now if I place my hand in front of the PIR sensor, the LED will go on, in order to visually see the detection and it will send an SMS to my cell phone along with the time that the motion happened. Let’s try it. OK. The LED goes on, now we are going to receive an SMS message, let’s wait… OK here it is As you can see motion detected at 11:35. The LED will stay on for around one minute in order not to send SMS messages all the time if it detects the same motion over and over again. Now let’s go to the computer and see the software side of the project. In the code of the project we use two libraries that need to be downloaded. The first one can be downloaded directly
from the Arduino IDE. I’m using the latest version the
Arduino IDE which is 1.6 .5 You have to go to Sketch ->Include Library->Manage libraries and search for the DS3231 library. OK we search here DS3231 and you have to download the Sodaq DS3231 library directly from Arduino IDE. The other library that we have to use is the GSM shield library that you can find the link for this library in the description of the video. The code of the project is very simple. At first we initialize the GSM shield. Then we read the PIR pin all the time. If the PIR pin goes HIGH we read the time from the Real Time Clock and send an SMS to a predefined telephone number. The we wait for a minute, before reading the PIR pin again. In order to set time to the Real Time clock, we can use an example the comes with the library in order to do that. We go to File->Examples to Sodaq_DS3231 and we load the adjust sketch. In this line here we enter the date Year, month, date, hour minute, second, and weekday and we upload it to our Arduino once. Then the time is set and can be kept internally for many years with the embedded battery of the module. As you can see the code of the project is very simple. Overall I think it is a very easy to build project and very useful as well. With it you can protect your
house or a warehouse that you don’t visit very often please write your comments
about this project in the comment section below or share ideas on how to further impove it. If this is your first time here I would love to have you subscribed
because we post Do It Yourself hardware and software projects every Saturday. The main focus of our channel is to make useful projects using low cost parts acquiring useful electronics and
programing skills while having fun so I hope that you liked the video and I will see you next Saturday!

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60 Replies to “Arduino Project: Home Security Project with SMS Intruder Alert – Easy DIY project”

  1. Nice job! I like that. Although, I wonder if that would work with Bluetooth also? Instead of using the GSM shield, one could use the Bluetooth module to transmit automatically to the tablet or wherever? the reason, would be for purposes if you don't have access to a service for the GSM? Still good job! 🙂

  2. When using this setup, Do you have to have a seperate cell phone number just for the unit for it to call you?  I have seen several units doing different things that notify you on your phone.  Do all of these need a cell phone number and chip just for the units? Is there a cheap service that is just for modules like this?
    Thanks for any responses that help me to understand how these work.
    Thanks again and have a nice day.

  3. Do you take requests?  lol  The ESP8266 wifi modules are dirt cheap (< $3) and can do much more than the GSM module (as well as send texts!).  How about a series of videos on the ESP8266 with Arduino?  🙂

  4. Hi, can you do a proyect with camera and arduino?, take a photo and then sending via mail, or with raspberry pi plataform. Thanks you for your videos.

  5. hi,i saw your project, very interesting.i wanted to follow your instructions, but the sketch gives me because this error.iNTRUDER.CPP.O: iN FUNCTION `SETUP':c:pROGRAM fILES X86Arduino/iNTRUDER.INO:27: UNDEFINED REFERENCE TO `GSM'c:pROGRAM fILES X86Arduino/iNTRUDER.INO:27: UNDEFINED REFERENCE TO `GSM'c:pROGRAM fILES X86Arduino/iNTRUDER.INO:27: UNDEFINED REFERENCE TO `gsm::BEGINLONG'iNTRUDER.CPP.O: iN FUNCTION `LOOP':c:pROGRAM fILES X86Arduino/iNTRUDER.INO:48: UNDEFINED REFERENCE TO `smsgsm::sENDsmsCHAR*, CHAR*'iNTRUDER.CPP.O: iN FUNCTION `__STATIC_INITIALIZATION_AND_DESTRUCTION_0':c:pROGRAM fILES X86ArduinoLIBRARIESgsm_gprs_gps_sHIELD_gsmshieldgsm_gprs_gps_sHIELD_gsmshield/streaming.H:27: UNDEFINED REFERENCE TO `log::logINT'COLLECT2.EXE: ERROR: LD RETURNED 1 EXIT STATUSerrore DURANTE LA COMPILAZIONEi have used the following libraries:gsm_gprs_gps_sHIELD_gsmshield.RARwhat may be, you have any idea?thank youalessandro

  6. Hi, Sorry i'm italian but don't speak english very well..

    I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the alarm via SMS?

  7. Hello. It's an amazing project. Can you please give me the link or tell me how to get the code? In the video you said you downloaded the coded from ….. which I couldn't catch properly. Thank You.


  9. Hi, your vdo is great but why don't you using external 9V power supply. The usb power is not enough and not so stable.

  10. Hi, I have some problems with this project, everything is working as described, but I do not receive any sms messages… 🙁
    Can you help?

  11. Haiii sir I am using Sim 900A in this module I got a error that is messages or calls are not sending and in module the status light blinking every 3 sec and NWK light also pls help me

  12. Hi, can you also receive phone call from arduino, beside just SMS. Can you help me with this I want also to receive SMS and after that a call from arduino?
    Thank you.

  13. Hi sir, if I use an HC-SR04 instead of a PIR sensor, will it work all the same? Also what does the wire.h function in the code sketch mean Another and what's the zip file of the gsm shield for?

  14. can I request for the fritzing diagram? because I need for our project. and Thank you sir this is a big help. this will be our final project for the last sem this june 8.

  15. I want to make a burglar alarm with sms and call alarm and buzzer also used for sound and led for light if u can help me please send it`s code and how to connect the equipment

  16. hi … can u help me for my project "Theft detection using arduino with sms alert"
    the project should capture the intruder and it stored the image with sms alert.

  17. That's a nice project. But messaging app shows the time of every sent and received message , so we can reduce the cost of this project by removing rtc module.

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