Arlo Pro 2 Review – Is It Better Than The Original Arlo Pro?

Arlo Pro 2 Review – Is It Better Than The Original Arlo Pro?

Last year, Netgear released the Arlo Pro cameras,
which has actually been the world’s top selling consumer security camera system. And if you’re unfamiliar with Arlo, it’s a
smart security camera system that features 100% wire free HD weatherproof cameras. These cameras have been really popular with
people who either can’t or don’t want to run wires around their house for a traditional
security camera system. A couple of months ago, Netgear actually released
the Arlo Pro 2, which is an updated version of the Arlo Pro cameras that adds more features
and addresses some of the concerns that people had about the original Arlo Pro. Just like the Pro, the Pro 2 comes with the
same base station, which appears to be unchanged. The cameras are still completely wireless
even though the base station does require a wired connection to your router. The base station still has the 100 decibel
siren and USB ports so you can connect a hard drive for local storage if you want. The overall design of the cameras has remained
pretty much the same as well. Physically they look nearly identical with
the only real difference being a slight change to the face of the camera and metallic lettering
for the logo. They still take the same 2,400 milliamp hour
battery, the same mounts, skins, and they’re fully backward compatible with the Arlo Pro
base station, so if you already have the Pro system, you can keep the base station and
just buy the cameras separately if you want. Here with me today I have the two camera system. In the box you’re gonna get the base station,
power adapter for the base station, Ethernet cable that connects to your router, two cameras,
USB cables and adapters for each camera, the magnetic camera mount, and the mounting screws. These cameras are really easy to set up and
install. You simply open the camera, insert the battery,
press the sync button on the camera, then press the sync button on top of the base station. Then you can just take the included metal
wall mount, screw it wherever you want, and the camera has a really strong magnet that
connects directly to the mount and allows you to position it however you want. You can also purchase the fixed mount that
works really well outdoors if you need something more secure than a magnet. So, what are the differences between the Arlo
Pro 2 and the original Arlo Pro? Aside from a few extra features that I’ll
get to a little bit later, the major different between these cameras is the resolution. If you saw my Arlo Pro review, I was a bit
underwhelmed by the video quality of the cameras. They claim to be 720p, but the heavy video
compression crushed the detail and the video looked pretty blurry in some cases. The Arlo Pro 2 cameras are 1080p, so they’re
noticeably sharper and retain more detail than the Arlo Pro cameras. Considering they still have to stream the
video back to the base station then out to the cloud, the video quality isn’t gonna compare
to something like 1080p POE cameras, but considering the benefits of not having to run cables everywhere
the quality is pretty good. As far as frame rate goes, the cameras record
up to about 24 frames per second when there’s enough light, and they drop down to around
15 frames per second in a dark environment. Even thought Netgear claims that both the
Pro and the Pro 2 cameras have 130 degree field of view, the Pro 2 does seem to have
a slightly wider angle than the pro. As far as recording speed goes, the Pro 2
appears to have the same recording speed as the Pro. Within about a second or two of an object
coming into the frame the recording starts. Now, it could be a little bit faster, but
it does work well in most cases. To address people’s concerns about recording
speed, Netgear added a new feature called lookback. Whenever the camera is plugged into external
power, you can enable the lookback feature. The lookback feature allows the cameras to
record a few seconds prior to when the motion was sensed. This means you don’t have anymore issues with
missing the first second or two before the recording started. This is definitely a nice feature and directly
addresses some of the concerns that consumers had about recording speed. Another feature that’s available when the
camera is plugged into external power is motion activity zones. This allows you to get an instant alert whenever
motion is sensed in a specific area of the video frame. My only gripe with this is that it can only
be enabled when the camera is plugged in. I’m not sure exactly why it would require
external power, but it definitely would have been nice to use on battery power. Another feature that’s enabled when you’re
plugged in is continuous video recording or CVR. This allows your cameras to record video 24×7. Now, it does require you to purchase one of
their paid plans, but it’s nice to have the option. As I said earlier, the Arlo Pro and Pro 2
camera systems come with free seven day cloud storage. This means that you get free access to a full
week of all of the recordings from up to five cameras, so as long as the video you want
to watch was within the past seven days, you can go back and view or download it without
paying any additional fees. This is definitely a great deal and something
that’s hard to find from any other smart cameras out there. The base station can actually handle up to
15 cameras, do if you want more than 5, you’ll need to choose one of the corresponding service
plans that can handle more cameras. Now, on to one of the most controversial topics
when it comes to wire free cameras, which is battery life. If you’re unfamiliar with how these cameras
work, they sit in standby mode waiting to be triggered by motion or an event. Once it’s triggered it streams the video to
the base station via WiFi, then the bast station pushes the video to the cloud. This means that the more motion you have the
more battery power you’re gonna use, and considering the small size of the camera and the battery,
the battery life is going to be limited. Netgear does claim that you can get several
months out of a single charge, but with the camera mounted over my driveway, it did seem
to lose about two to three percent per day. I would expect maybe a little over a month
out of the battery before it needs to be recharged. To address customers’ concerns about battery
life, Arlo did release a solar panel. It is a bit pricey at $80, but if you want
to put your camera outdoors and you don’t want to be forced to go outside to recharge
the batteries on a regular basis, then the solar panel is definitely the way to go. It actually looks like pretty good quality,
and it does come with a sturdy fixed mount and a USB cable that’s made specifically for
the Arlo Pro and Pro 2 that looks to be weather resistant. The solar panel pretty much makes the camera
worry free since in theory you’d never have to take it down to charge it. Now, on to the app, which is one of my favorite
things about the Arlo system. The cameras are driven by modes, and the modes
can be changed manually or they can arm automatically whenever you leave the house using geofencing,
they can be set by a schedule, or by a smart home device like Smart Things of the IFTTT
app. I personally think the app is what sets the
Arlo system apart from other security cameras. It’s really simple to navigate, and even though
there are a lot of options, it doesn’t seem to overwhelming. You can use the app to view a live feed of
up to five cameras simultaneously, and you can change a ton of camera settings including
motion sensitivity, notifications, audio/video settings, and you’re triggering methods. Now, by default the cameras will record as
long as it senses motion for a maximum of five minutes, and you can change the video
quality settings as well. My cameras were set to the highest quality
by default, which I do recommend, but you can lower the video quality if you need to
squeeze a bit more battery life out of them. One of the things that sets the Arlo cameras
apart from other security cameras is the ability to link with several smart home devices and
apps like Smart things, IFTTT, and Amazon devices. This allows you to do really cool things like
automate the cameras using smart home sensors with Smart Things, or you can do cool stuff
like this. Alexa, show the driveway camera on Fire TV. Okay. The Amazon voice feature works on most Amazon
Fire TV devices as well as the Echo Show. If you saw my Arlo Pro review, you might remember
that one of my biggest concerns was the price. Now, it seems that the pricing structure has
pretty much remained the same with these cameras. At $480 for a two camera kit or $800 for a
four camera kit, these cameras are definitely not cheap. Again, you’re paying for convenience, and
where you save money on professional installation you end up putting it out on the system itself. That being said, with the added features and
the better video resolution, I do think it’s a better deal now, especially if you can’t
run wires. But it will certainly benefit from a lower
price. Of course, they did address the video quality
issues since the Arlo Pro 2 cameras are now 1080p. Now, some people have reported issues with
the Arlo Pro 2 cameras randomly going offline, but I personally haven’t had this issue, so
it may have been addressed in a recent firmware update. Overall, I have to say that I’m impressed
with the Arlo Pro 2 cameras. I personally love the app, and I think they
did a great job making the setup and the functionality as simple as possible while still retaining
a bunch of options within the app. And I expect that with even more future over
the air updates, the system is only gonna get better and remain one of the top selling
security camera systems. All right guys. That’s gonna do it for this video. I would like to hear your thoughts about these
cameras. Tell me what you think. Go ahead and post your comments and questions
in the comments section. If you’re not subscribed to the channel, be
sure to subscribe. Hit that like button if you liked the video,
and I’ll see you guys sin the next video.

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100 Replies to “Arlo Pro 2 Review – Is It Better Than The Original Arlo Pro?”

  1. Damn good review…Well done. I have had my Arlo pro 2 5 camera system for about 1 month now, love it….BONUS!!! I had caught a sale at Costco for a 3 camera Arlo pro at Thanksgiving with a $200 gift card so it costed me $100 out of pocket with the $300 sale….When I went to pick it up at my local Costco and got home I noticed they accidentally sent me an Arlo pro2 5 camera system(Est $900 retail)…Ah, the struggle for the next 3 days with my conscience!!!…lol…..I did the right thing and called Costco to let them know the error after prayer and the internal struggle……Costco said thank you so much for your honesty and they couldn't remember the last time someone called notifying them with this big of a cost error…..Costco said thanks and enjoy your free upgrade! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now I sleep better at night with upgraded monitoring and a clear conscience…It does indeed pay to do the right thing…..THANKS COSTCO!…..Again, great review.

  2. Tell me why it records for only ten seconds at a time.and cuts off. Every video is 10 sec. long. that sucks big time

  3. I usually don't have much patience to videos but listening to you compare the two types of cameras was amazingly painless and effortless!! Thank you so much

  4. You guys probably using iOS devices as your daily drivers, but for the Android users Arlo started doing really shady things with the permissions. It started to lie to the users to trick them into giving the app "Phone" permission. This permission allows the app to make calls, receive calls and access call history without user's permission. App shows an popup sayin that in order to receive notifications you NEED to give app the permission. With the latest App version they stopped sending notifications until user gives them the permission. See demonstration here: @dDqE

  5. Great Review! Thank you, but how do we charge the battery? Does it come with an adapter for charging? Because I am confused on amazon, it says without rechargeable battery or something. I do not get it!

  6. The cameras are expensive, the paid plans are expensive too, and the battery life sucks; not to mention the cost of the batteries and the battery charger. This is a waste a money.

  7. These aren't good if you live in cold areas like Canada. Around -25c they shut down. "Your camera needs to warm up before you can use it" They do work great when it's not cold.

  8. Thanks for the video. I was able to get my TV to show all my camera’s. Have a little hiccup with one camera going in and out. Thanks for the video!

  9. Very informative/good review. Questions:
    #1: You can apparently plug in the indoor cameras to avoid having to recharge them but the outdoor ones should not be plugged in?
    #2: You can connect an external hard drive or USB drive to the back of the base unit to automatically save videos inhouse, in addition to Cloud-based?
    #3: On one of the sites where they sell these (Amazon?), it said that the temp range for outdoor use was 32-122. At 122, we'll have more problems than being able to use the camera…HOWEVER at 32, since I live in Colorado, THAT is a problem from October through April each year. Is this range correct?
    #4: If you already own a Arlo Pro, Pro 2 cameras can be purchased & used with the existing base?

    I'll definitely check out your other videos. Thanks so much for your info & (hopefully) answers to these questions.

  10. Great video. I am in the legal business. Three or four cameras installed in a courtroom would stream three to four angles of live action of a jury trial or used in a deposition.

  11. Just purchased the pro2 "plus audio doorbell ( wont be using doorbell) I'm 65 yrs old and tho I know enuff to install he system and have a smart phone, I know nothing about computers, apps etc. so as I watch several videos on the pro 2 I get really lost/confused when you guys start "rattling off" all the adjustments and settings that are done using the phone. I know how to make calls and send texts, that's it. I can't believe the kit does not come with a more comprehensive user manual (pro 2 for Dummies) that explains all that stuff. I was just wanting an easy wireless (outdoor) security camera system to keep an eye on the front of my property. I'll probably have to call Best Buys "geek squad" to come and teach me how to use this system after I install it or just return it. Thanks for th video.

  12. You always have really helpful – ie informative reviews. It’s nice to get actual information rather then a review that reads a company’s summary.

    My sister in law is moving into assisted living and I have concerns about a networked camera relying on the WiFi for the community. Eg if they decide to update the network, will I have to fly down to help my in-laws reinstall the camera to the network. The arlo seems to be the best bet since the cameras are tethered to the base station and not reliant upon the network. Is this the best option for me?

  13. The only question i have which i searced on Arlo website and everywhere and i didn't get any answer. Your video was help full u might know the answer. The question is " can we monitor our cameras from out side the home like if I'm at work i can see and check on house via App or No i have to be contacted to aame wifi where the camera is concatenated. " please anyone can help me with this cause i am about to purchase the Arlo pro 2 .

  14. Loved your review, very clearly explained. My son just purchased me a Arlo home security camera for my apartment as a bday gift, seems I had some unexpected guest stopping in and helping themselves to some of my things. Thanks to the Arlo pro I am feeling secure again, the video takes are very clear and I love the idea that I cab download a app to my phone that alerts me in someone enters and I can save it to my 📱. No more stressful sleepless nights!! Thanks to Arlo home security and my son's for purchasing and helping me get it set up..

  15. UPDATE: Ok I found the answer (see, told ya it was a dumb question) I didnt realize these types of batteries come two ways – rechargeable and non-rechargeable. The ones that come from Arlo are non-rechargeable; one-time use. The ones on their website they recommend are rechargeable. So either get Arlo's or if you are going to get Arlo's certified from another vendor (Amazon, etc) and read whether they are rechargeable or not. And ONLY ones that say "Works with Arlo" if you arent getting them from Arlo.

    Now allegedly, the rechargeable ones dont last as long as the one time deal ones, so really its a personal call.

    OLD Post –> Um, so dumb question. On Arlo's website "NEVER try to recharge the C123A batteries that came with your Arlo camera as they are non-rechargeable." What do they mean dont recharge them, I thought you had to?

  16. Just returned my Arlo pro i bought from Costco. Yes great system but video does suck salty balls. I bought the Arlo pro 2 from Best Buy (Costco only had 5 camera option. I only need 2) getting it shipped n will receive in 2 days. Can't wait

  17. Great video! Your assessment convinced me that this is the system I'm going with. My daughter has Arlo on her house and swears by it. The 5 cam system is available in-store at Costco with tech support. Thanks!

  18. Very nicely put-together review, thanks. I just bought some Pro2s, and I'm looking forward to getting them put up.

  19. subscribed. definitely can get on board with your diligence and honesty. didn’t feel like you were being paid for the review or anything.

  20. Worst cameras ever! I literally had to charge them every week. So I bought the solar panel and it killed the batteries!! Definitely don't recommend them to anyone!

  21. Good review and a big step above the Blink cameras but a huge jump in cost. IMO these are not a good value for what these can do.
    Also too many add on expenses for any type of upgrade. Bait and switch? 👌
    Those with deep pockets may like these but working people will be disappointed.

  22. Great work . Just grabbed the 2 cam set for 377 at best buy. Was going to go for just the pro but they ran out. For the price the upgrade seems fair

  23. I agree that this review is very well made and the information was all I needed to make the purchase. keep it up

  24. Great review, you definitely had forethought in producing the video. Will continue to watch your other videos.

  25. I have seven Arlo cameras and I am not satisfied with them.  They are easy to hack.  The cable company and Arlo monitors hacks my cameras.  The night vision is very bad.

  26. Can this cameras video recording be activated by sound only if I choose this from the app. or am I stuck with only IR activated video recording?

  27. @ 8:06 I can tell you use tire shine on your car by the dry crescents on the driveway. I've got the same marks on mine. lol
    Great video. Very helpful. Thanks.

  28. What happens to the recording or the ability to record if your WiFi or internet service (or electricity) goes down. As mine occasionally does. Will it still work?

  29. Please be aware that this system will not notify you if it falls offline (and it does so frequently), so it is basically completely useless as a security system. This should absolutely not be the case with a cloud based system.

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  33. Nice video. I just bought the Arlo Pro 2 weeks ago. I wish I had the 1080p, but not that big of a deal. The issue I do have is the 2 way audio. I wished you had talked about that. While the camera does pick up sound…the volume that comes out of the camera when talking, is whisper above mute…'s 99% inaudible! Both Arlo tech support and Arlo community have no fix for this and no solution appears to be in the picture (no pun intended) any time soon. The Arlo Community board has been asking for help since 8/17 and no one has figured out how to fix this issue of low volume.

  34. Arlo Pro 2 does NOT have the same base station as the Arlo Pro. The Pro 2 does not feature USB ports for external hard drive or USB thumb drive storage.

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