Attention required One more step CAPTCHA

Attention required One more step CAPTCHA

So you open a website and get a warning Attention
required! One more step. Please complete security check to access the website. That’s that?
A virus? Scroll the page down to see it was generated by CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a cloud
hosting, offering a very interesting feature CDN, or content delivery network. This really
helps to protect a website from DDOS attacks, so many webmasters use it. Before switching
to CloudFlare, my websites dns resolved through Freedns service by Namecheap. But they offer
an ordinary DNS, that points the website URL to a specific IP of the hosting server where
the site content is hosted. As DDOS attacks the IP, not the DNS name, hosting providers
just change the IP address of the server. If you use DNS within the hosting provider,
they also switch it, but that is obviously not true for external DNS providers like Freedns.
CloudFlare’s DNS links the website domain name URL not to the IP, but to the technical
domain name the hosting provider assigns to your site. In this case, IP change does not
affect the resolution on your website, and it can be accessed even when the server IP
address changed. Cloudflare also offers some services to speed up server load time, so
no wonder more and more webmasters use their services to speed up and protect the websites
they run. And this page is a piece of that protection. Cloudfalre obviously keeps a black
list of IP addresses, and if you happen to obtain one on connect to your provider, they
display this enter CAPTCHA screen to ensure you are not a bot or a spammer, so just enter
the captcha. After a couple correct entries, this message will stop to appear. However,
recently this page sometimes seem to be broken, and doesn’t allow you get through to website
even when you enter correct CAPTCHA. This is a bug, that should be reported to Cloudflare.

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25 Replies to “Attention required One more step CAPTCHA”

  1. меня заебала эта  капча, постоянно вылезает когда с тора сижу, введу и через пару мин снова вводить, а еще охуенней когда сайт начинает глючить и местами не отображается, а ввести капчу нельзя

  2. I am sick of these re-directions and they keep bugging me and have turned my surfing experience to hell, isn't there a way out of it, where i can normally visit a site

  3. It was happening due to "adblock plus", an extension that i had installed, Its calmer now that i have uninstalled that extension

  4. i have a question i m getting this problem and its not going away.Now i have to do CAPTCHA everytime i visit this website i go to. how can i fix it?

  5. Yes, but sadly most of the damn Captcha I get is super long and unsolvable! I have to refresh each at least 40 times to get something I can guess not to mention this whole page appears even couple times per site.
    Whatever this is, it's the worst thing humanity conceived! The idea to destroy someone's internet experience, nthing more.


  7. Its the worse pop up website server malware in this age. This kills dynamic ranged IP users and VPN users completely, i give it 2 years before the lawsuits of harassment get filed.

  8. now i cant play my favorite game becuase every time i want to play that ####### captcha thing always show and didnt show a picture and it say pick the pcture with a sign or something how i can pick them right if there is no pictures and i try the voice thing i hear nothing i max the sounds of my computer and my speaker still nothing i hate that now i cant play my favorite game ######

  9. "There was an issue communicating with the captcha provider. More information may be available below."

    please how to fix it >.<

    there's an error every time i open other websites, i use firefox

  10. OK……..i'll admit I don't understand anything technical here…….I get this shit all the time……is my computer INFECTED….should I remove the virus…….HOW??

  11. What could i do if this message apears when i enter some websites using safari, from my ipad? How could i solve this problem?

  12. that I am not a robot doesn't appear instead it says
    There was an issue communicating with the captcha provider. More information may be available below.

    what do i do???

  13. What everyone needs to do when they see this bullshit, is click the little "Report Captcha" link at the bottom, and report it as "Low Quality" or "No Valid Solution", regardless of whether you can solve it or not. Keep doing it every time it comes up. If everyone did this, it would stuff up their captcha collection with false reports and render the entire system useless. When a website does this to me, I just keep reporting every captcha it throws at me until I get bored. We should all do this to send the bastards a message.

  14. Alguém fale a minha língua, por favor! O que a gente tem que fazer para excluir esta ferramenta: ONE MORE STEP dos nossos trabalhos nas redes sociais. Tem muita gente quase enfartando por conta disso. A quem a gente pode recorrer, o caso é muito sério. Isso está tirando a nossa liberdade dentro da nossa casa. Vamo, nos ajude, vamos fazer alguma coisa, pelo o amor de Deus. – A gente faz uma busca na intertet e, por con disso, sem sucesso, sem conclusão

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