August Doorbell Cam Pro 2 | TechHive Review

August Doorbell Cam Pro 2 | TechHive Review

if you’re considering buying an August
doorbell can Pro – this is what you need to know before you make your decision so
the first thing you notice about this doorbell camera is its shape it’s not
the tall thin shape of most doorbell cameras this one is square three inches
by an inch deep seven centimeters by two and a half centimeters and there has
some consequence on where you put it because it’s too wide to fit on most
door frames you’re going to end up mounting this on the front of your house
and if you don’t have wiring there you’re going to have to move the wiring
so consider that doorbell wiring is low-voltage and it’s relatively easy to
move the installation itself is quite easy and straightforward there’s a guide
in the August app you simply choose the type of material you’re mounting it onto
and it takes you step-by-step with pictures through how you should do it so
what’s the video quality like I’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks
and I found the quality to be pretty good it’s sharp and it gives you nice
color images the resolution is a non-standard resolution it’s 960 by 1280
that means it’s taller than it is wide one of the advantages of this means that
it fills up your cell phone screen without you having to turn your phone on
the side the field of view is a hundred and twenty degrees it doesn’t have a big
fisheye effect on it so you don’t get very much Distortion
and that’s good one of the disadvantages of not having the fisheye is that you
don’t see quite as wide this is not meant to replace a front of home
security camera but if you do like to have a wide view of what’s going on in
front of your house this might be a little bit too narrow for you but with
120 degree field of view I found this gave a perfectly adequate view of
everything that was happening on my doorstep and on the path leading up to
my house so I can’t really fault that oh one of the things that I’d like to see
on this is a manual brightness and exposure control at least on my house
there’s quite a large overhang which makes the doorstep quite dark and
sometimes as people got to my doorstep especially if the sky was bright behind
them the camera didn’t do a great job of automatically adjusting and their faces
were quite dark the camera doesn’t have night vision so that means that at
nighttime you don’t get that a scale image of everything that’s going
on in front of your house it uses the regular camera so the disadvantage is
less visibility at night but the advantages that you do get a full-color
image at nighttime it relies on the available light so whether that be a
moon whether that be path lighting whether that be floodlights in front of
your house and augments that with what August calls a floodlight it’s the
little logo in the middle of the button here that lights up it is not a
substitution for a real floodlight no one’s going to be scared away by this
light coming on but it does give enough light to light up someone’s face when
they’re standing at your front door but if you have existing floodlights or a
porch light you might want to keep them switched on to help give a lot of light
for the camera the camera uses infrared to sense what’s going on not video
motion detection so say something like a tree moving isn’t going to set this off
in a couple of weeks I used it the only two things that set it off were people
coming to my front door and large garbage trucks driving down my street a
regular cars driving by didn’t set this off so it did a pretty good job of not
sending me false alarms all the time and when the camera does send you alerts
it goes to August cloud service now you need to know that the cloud service
doesn’t have a free option you have to pay for the cloud storage of your video
and that costs five dollars a month or fifty dollars a year so if you’re going
to have this on the front of your house for say the next four years it’s an
extra two hundred dollars that this doorbell is going to be costing you so
factor that into your buying decisions when you’re considering other cameras
out there August has a feature they call hindsight basically the camera is
constantly buffering a few seconds of video so that when something triggers it
it doesn’t just send you the video from that moment but you get to see a few
seconds before and that’s sometimes useful to try to figure out what was
going on or what triggered the camera compatibility the system will work with
Amazon Alexa if you have an echo show that’s the echo with the screen you can
ask Alexa to put the video from this on the echo show but there’s no
compatibility with Google and there’s no compatibility with apple’s homekit
either it does work with august’s existing smart lock if someone comes to
the door through the same app you can unlock the smart lock and let them in
the house if you want to do that also if you have
a nest camera or nest thermostats then again through the same app you can watch
video from inside your house and switch on or off the thermostat as people come
and go and so that’s the August door belt cam Pro – it looks good it has good
quality video and we didn’t get a lot of false alerts on the downside it doesn’t
have compatibility with a wide number of smart home devices you are gonna have to
pay a subscription for cloud storage of the video and there isn’t infrared night
vision we gave it three and a half out of five

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  1. Great review, I recently picked up a brand new sealed gen 1 for $60 and it works great ! What’s the difference other than a light?

  2. Just wonder does that floodlight turns on automatically when the camera detect visitor? I want to have something to alarm people they are under monitor when they came close to my door.. Thanks in advance!

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