August Smart Lock – Setting up top features in the August app

August Smart Lock – Setting up top features in the August app

With August your phone is now your key letting you lock and unlock your front door from anywhere. Now it’s time to do more with your lock. Let’s review some of the best features of the August app like Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock Virtual Temporary Keys and Smart Alerts to make your life even easier. Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock. Imagine having your own personal doorman August Auto-Unlock opens the door for you when you arrive so you never need to use your phone or keys to get
in. Wondering how? Auto-Unlock uses your phone’s GPS and geo fencing technology to unlock your door right when you arrive. You can also set it to Auto-Lock so August automatically locks the door behind you when you leave. You can set Auto-Lock to immediate, 30 seconds or up to 30 minutes after you leave. To enable
go to your Lock Settings and turn on Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock. Virtual Temporary Keys. Keys can be lost or stolen and then easily copied and the more physical keys you have the less secure your house is. Especially if they fall into the wrong hands. Take control of who comes and goes with August secure virtual keys created right on the app. Make temporary keys for friends or people you trust. Grant secure access for a few weeks a few hours or forever, you decide. Give permanent digital keys to family members and lose physical keys for good. Let’s set up a Virtual Key. To add a guest tap the Guest Icon on the lower right. Then select Invite to add a guest. They will be sent an invite via a text message. Once they download the August app their phone will be their key to your home. Once you’ve created a virtual key for someone you can set their access. You can choose Always for unlimited access for kids and family members. Recurring for someone like a service person. For example every Monday at 10 a.m. or set it for Temporary access for a a limited date and time period you choose. Once the set time ends keys are automatically deleted so they can never be reused. All keys can be deleted at any time for any reason. Click OK when you’re done. Smart Alerts. August keeps you connected to your doors events so you can have peace of mind and total control. The DoorSense sensor can detetct when the door is open or closed as well as locked and unlocked. Our Smart Alerts are set by default, but you decide which alerts you want turned on or off. Manage Smart Alerts like, alert me when the door is locked or unlocked manually, alert me when my husband locks the door between 8 and 9 am, alert me when my children have come home. Alert me when the door is left ajar. Smart Alerts can be found in the notification section of your lock settings. Existing notifications can be deleted at any time from the Smart Alerts page in the notification section of lock settings page. To modify these notifications tap on any of the listed notifications. You will then have the option to delete this
notification by tapping the delete button on the bottom of the page. Some Smart Alerts require you to use the August
Connect Wi-Fi Bridge which comes with a Smart Lock Pro or can be purchased at Voice Enabled Assistance. August Smart Lock Pro pairs with the leading home assistance like Google Assistant and Alexa if combined with a Connect Bridge and Siri so you can use your voice to lock or unlock your door as well as check lock status for tips on how to set up these devices and other tutorials. Please visit us at

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  1. Will my lock ever work as stated for more than a few weeks at a time? For the year I've owned one ita been hot garbage my girlfriend and I are suprised when it works.

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