Believe It or Not, This House Light Bulb Will Save Your Car

Believe It or Not, This House Light Bulb Will Save Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show you how to keep your car from being stolen using what’s inside this box and surprise, it’s a light bulb but it’s not just any LED light bulb it has a 360-degree camera inside, LED bulb, a microphone, and a speaker, and a memory card, and it uses this cool 360 360 app you can do a wired mode but of course most people are gonna want to do the wireless mode, so they can use their phone wirelessly, the devices talked to each other to set themselves up wirelessly, it’s ready now dingdong and as you can see now the cameras online so we’ll turn it on and here we are wave at to camera, you can use the device to turn the light on just push the light and you can make a dim or bright and if you put a microSD inside it it will do endless loop video recordings for security and of course you can take single frame pictures if you want perhaps the coolest feature is, it’s got a microphone and a speaker so you can hear what’s going on and you can talk back my push the talk button, are you talking to me, now being a light bulb you just need a light socket to put it in and since it’s got a 360-degree camera built inside, its gonna see all around of course it worked great in the daytime but check out this nighttime use, now here’s the camera at night you can see it just looks like a regular light on your garage but there’s the night vision picture you can see somebody’s messing with your car you can hear them cuz it’s got a microphone on and then you can see them, best of all you can talk to them and they’ll hear this when you’re talking to your phone, hey you what are you doing to my car get away I’m coming after you, look inside, its cool got camera the LEDs receivers, the speaker, and microphone all built into a light bulb, so to unsuspecting thieves this just looks like a light bulb you can stick it on your porch too if you want to save your house, but I’d have to change my configuration we got so many mosquitoes and bugs in Houston I got a bug catcher in mine I’d have to take that off and then screw this bulb and instead, but in my case it’d be a cool backup I already have a security system here but people could see that they might spray-paint it or break it off who’s gonna suspect that the light bulb is actually the thing that’s watching them and talking to them, and since the bulb runs off 110 volts in your house hey you never have to put any batteries in it there’s nothing worse than a device that doesn’t work because the batteries are dead, this doesn’t use batteries and since it’s using your cell phone and your own wireless you don’t have any monthly fees like a lot of other services do I tried out other ones and they work perfectly fine but some of them charged twenty thirty dollars a month for monitoring it this doesn’t cost you anything as long as you have wireless at your house and since this is mechanic Monday, I’m giving away one of these lightbulbs security cameras to have a chance to win just place a clean non offensive comment on the youtube comments below and a winner will be chosen randomly by computer to get light bulbs security for their house and car, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Scotty I been messing with my neighbors for awhile now and I couldn’t figure out where they had a hiden Camera, now I know!

  3. This thing is genius. I have always had security cameras and they all lacked something that ticked me off. This is what I would have invented if I was an electrical engineer genius. Where do I get five?

  4. That is a fantastic idea Scotty! I am going to get one for the front and back of my house! I hope it will work on my phone with multiple units?

  5. The problem with the camera on it is that most light fixture point straight down and not straight out so the bulb wouldn't do me any good unless I change the light fixture to point outward.

  6. That's perfect for my porch. I have no power outlets outside or in the foyer so adding a camera would normally require me to route some new wire. Gonna go with this, instead. =)

  7. Love your videos on how fix cars gave me great tips on doing things by my self and not spend alot MONEY thank you and keep up the good work on the videos

  8. I love your videos u help me so much when i have so many problems with my car and i just love the way u explain this so that anyone could understand u keep making this cool video man

  9. Scotty, I really enjoy your channel! Love your side comments, they keep me chuckling as I think back over my 50 years of hobby auto repairs! I guess I'm going to have to check out that light bulb today. Keep 'em coming!

  10. Hey Scotty when I turn my wheel all the way left and either go forward or back the right tire feels like it's skipping what could it be help please

  11. Just to let you know, I baught the Bluetooth scan tool and I love it. I keep it in my truck and I've used it for a couple different things and learned so much about my truck it's unreal. Thanks Scotty!

  12. That's awesome, I use momentum cameras for in my house but the outside camera was to expensive. This would be perfect 👌

  13. Thanks a lot I've been looking for something like that because it's been a lot of perverts living around where I live matter fact I'm going to go check the flight but that's outside that somebody put out there and I've been very suspicious about and I noticed when I walk the hallway that I hear a clicking noise like something it's taking a picture of me

  14. I really need a camera. BULB Scotty . I live here in Houston . Turned 64 today. How bout a B day present ? Love u r show . U r knowledge is impressive . Dieing of cancer . How about a prayer? Jeff

  15. This is a clean non offencive comment come on Scotty take care of me buddy been watching you for 10 years thank you love you videos

  16. I love it , what a great idea. I could think of a hundred uses for it. Perfect to watch my desk at work and my rooms at home.

  17. You are one of the most helpful commenters on all of you to please keep up the great videos! And maybe considering moving from Houston …

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