Best Alarms for Expensive Audio System | Car Audio

Best Alarms for Expensive Audio System | Car Audio

Hi my name is Movin On, and I’ve been working
in the field of car audio and mobile electronics for 8 over years. I’ve installed everything from navigation
systems to full car stereo systems, remote starters, alarms, and beyond. To learn more, visit our web site at Today I am going to be sharing with you my
knowledge on car audio and mobile electronics. When you are getting a car stereo for the
first time you want to ask yourself what you are looking to get out of that stereo. Are you looking to play a form of media that
you could not play before, like an iPod? Are you looking for better sound? Are you looking for more bass? A lot of times it is easy to just replace
your head unit, which is the main part that you put the CD in and plug iPods into. But often times it is not really possible. You are going to want to go to a local car
stereo shop and consult with a professional. You need somebody who has experience to look
at your car, determine what can be changed, how it can be changed, and how it is going
to be done properly. If you plan on doing it yourself you are going
to want to do proper research and maybe even go to a car stereo shop to ask what type of
parts you are going to need. For instance if you are going to want to play
your iPod, there are interfaces that we can add to make it play. If you want more bass, we can add a subwoofer
and amplifier. And if you want better sound, we may be able
to replace your speakers or add an amplifier or a sound processor without replacing the
head unit at all. When you are looking to change a stereo, you
may want to ask yourself what are you looking to gain by that. Is it better sound? Is it more features? Do you want to be able to play your iPod? These are all things that can potentially
cut your cost in half. You may not need to change every single component
in your car stereo just to give it a little more bass. Changing your speakers isn’t always the answer. Sometimes changing the head unit is a better
idea. Sometimes adding an amplifier with a little
bit of bass will give you that extra impact that you need. A lot of people will jump straight to the
big box store because they know the big box store has a big selection and that they have
lots of sales people and help that is readily available, but I tend to recommend the local
car stereo shop because typically you can have more dedicated professionals with a lot
more experience. You are going to get better work done to your
car, you are going to get better advice, and a lot of time you are going to have higher
end brands to choose from.

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8 Replies to “Best Alarms for Expensive Audio System | Car Audio”

  1. how can the remote start feature work on a manual transmission car? My mustang requires the clutch to be pressed in order to start it, even if it's in neutral?

  2. there is a wire on every remote car started that outputs negative. This can be hooked to the clutch pedal switch so the car thinks the clutch is down. Directed Electronics makes a safer way to do it too.

  3. If anyone is watching this for motorcycles, get the Ride Core S. They're under a new company now but I think it's still the same name. I have a video on my account of an overview. I've caught soooooooo many people fucking with my motorcycle it's not even funny. I get an alert ANYWHERE and I mean several miles away on my cellphone via text and email and the app for it. That's 3 forms of communication to you. It has shock sensor, tilt sensor, ignition sensor and one more I think. I absolutely love it. It was $350? I can't remember and another $50 for a two year or three year plan I believe. But if you want an alarm for your bike, I highly highly recommend that one. And you can technically install it on anything that has a battery. Just watch my video and I'll explain it all.

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