Best Budget Smart Doorbell For Your Home in 2019 (Wireless Doorbell Camera)

Best Budget Smart Doorbell For Your Home in 2019 (Wireless Doorbell Camera)

– It’s better than the Ring
doorbell given the price, plus a constant set of
surveillance eyes on your property. You won’t believe the deal or the features that I have coming right up. (bell dings)
(bright music) I can see you. Not creepy. Well, I can see my house, my property. Great to be with you. I can’t see you, but
thank you for seeing me, and I would love to mention that, if you’ve never seen me before, I find the biggest deals
you’ll see anywhere. You might know me from
your local NBC, ABC, or CBS TV stations or from
the Amazon show that I host, but I am really excited
because right here on YouTube, I unbox my favorite deals, and the Zmodo Smart Wi-Fi
Doorbell is fantastic. And I know many of you have your heart set on the Ring Doorbell or
maybe even the SkyBell, which I’ve used and
you’ve seen many videos of my property. I
actually own one of these and I use this through the app. But the SkyBell and the Ring have very different limitations compared to what you can score
today for under 60 bucks. Now again, the link to score this deal, just expand the video
description box right under me. There it is. And I want to not only take
you through the unboxing, but also how this doorbell is
distinctly unique from Ring. Let’s start with the price. Now I love Ring Doorbells, but the cheapest price for a Ring Doorbell’s around 100 bucks. This I found for under 60. The doorbell that I found from Zmodo has eight gigabytes of built-in memory to record 30-second video
clips once motion is detected. Ring only has cloud storage for which you’ll have
to pay a monthly fee. On top of that, the
Zmodo gives you 12 hours of free motion-based cloud video storage. Ring doesn’t provide
any free cloud storage. On the Ring Doorbells, you cannot pre-record a voice message. That’s the same for the SkyBell I have. But on the Zmodo, well, you
can pre-record a voice message if you’ve got visitors,
if you’re on vacation. If you’re somewhere else like in the sky and someone rings your doorbell, if you’re expecting a package, he or she will hear that
pre-recorded message so it sounds like you’re
there even when you’re not. Ring does not have this feature. Let’s unbox the Zmodo
Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell. It’s actually a very large doorbell. Look at that. So this is the Zmodo Doorbell and I’m gonna compare this
directly to a Ring Doorbell in a second. They are easy to install. These are hardwired doorbells, so you obviously need
the hardwire circuitry running into a pre-existing doorbell. You take that off and
then you put these on. I’ll show you what the SkyBell looks like and I like the SkyBell, already installed. The Zmodo, which I have right here, so obviously that’s not installed. And then the Ring Video Doorbell. I should mention the
Ring Pro Video Doorbell is a $250 doorbell. So yeah, you’re getting some
nicer packaging, for sure. You’re also getting an installation kit, which again, is not
provided with the Zmodo so that’s something to keep in mind. Different brackets. So for the Zmodo, this brushed nickel type look, which would work with some
houses, but not with all, does not have the plates
that would go on top of the Ring Video Pro doorbell. Now I did identify the
limitations of the Ring in terms of the features. Let’s look at installation tools. Right, so there’s a big difference between a $60 product, or a product that’s
usually about 150 bucks down to 60 and a product
that retails for 250. The size, different as well. Some people like a larger doorbell. This is a little bit more pronounced. This is much smaller. I’m gonna tell you why I
like the size of the Zmodo a little bit better. The Ring is less obtrusive, right? It’s a very, very nice – they’re actually about
the same thin, thinness. Well, maybe the Ring’s
a little bit more thin. But I like people to know that there is a surveillance
camera on my property. The Ring’s a little bit more discreet from further away, it
looks like a doorbell. From a little bit further away there is no mistaking the fact that you have a camera built into this. So, it just depends. The Ring is supposed to blend into a home and it’s not your primary
surveillance equipment piece, awesome, I’d buy the Ring. Money’s no object, I’d buy the Ring. But if you want not to
pay for cloud storage, if you want to be able
to greet your guests, the Zmodo is awesome, in particular, if you do not have any
other surveillance cameras. This just is really in your face. You might like that, you might not but, again, at under 60 bucks this may be your better choice. The Ring, though, no mistaking about it a great product and I actually
happen to love the SkyBell. I know there were some prior
negative reviews tied to this but I really like this. It’s all about price and features. In terms of the clarity
of the HD Live video, I would say actually, believe it or not, the Zmodo, the SkyBell and the Ring are very comparable. I’d say the Ring has a slight advantage in terms of night vision. Maybe just a little bit on one of the more high-end models. The app, really good. Actually I probably think the Ring app is the best of the best. The SkyBell app works really
well through I like their app, a lot of people don’t. But the Zmodo, I mean they
make some really cool items. I actually reviewed the
Zmodo Pivot a while ago. That was the 360 degree system that doubles as a blue tooth speaker and an all-in-one home
monitoring solution. I was blown away by this. And this is part of that same product line that I now can easily advocate for. And I should mention Zmodo, I don’t know if I said that already because I can’t remember
what I say half the time. Zmodo’s not paying me to talk about them. They don’t know who I am. So if you are interested in this, you may be able to grab this at it’s lowest recorded deal price which at the time I’m
recording this video is, let’s see if it’s still here, $59.99 with free delivery. That is awesome. And you’re awesome for watching. The main reason I knew to
profile this price drop was based on the feedback that I get through the comments below. You’re welcome to leave one and you are also welcome to subscribe to my Deal Guy podcast which is on Apple Radio
and also on Spotify. Or just subscribe here because I love the deals
that I’m able to share and I love that if you have
your notifications turned on you’ll now when this deal drops. Because in a couple weeks or a couple days this won’t be around. Okay, you’re awesome. I love you, thanks for watching. If you’re not yet subscribed, click on my head right here, that will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on those notifications, or leaving your comment,
the demo’s up there. And that last big roundup of
deals I did (tongue clicks) over here.

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100 Replies to “Best Budget Smart Doorbell For Your Home in 2019 (Wireless Doorbell Camera)”

  1. Awesome tech as always I just started a budget tech review and unboxing YouTube page!! Hope to feature some awesome tech!

  2. The title says wireless doorbell but you said in the video that its "hard wired" and needs existing doorbell wired. Does it have to be hard wired only?

  3. I checked on both of Amazon and Zmodo’s website and found no such a deal or product (by this exact name), but I did found a lot of Zmodo's doorbell variations which I would've really appreciated it if it was mentioned in this video, now I don’t know what to buy thanks! 🤨

  4. Unfortunately, I need a battery operated doorbell because I did not have any pre-wired doorbell’s in my house. I actually got the original ring doorbell for 70 bucks used on Amazon and it works like a charm. I’m sure this one is fine if you have the pre-existing wired connection on your house.

  5. I had one of these and unless they finally got their software to work with their hardware, or you get lucky, it sucks.

  6. I actually don't like ring app. Had another doorbell that used 2See app I think and it was great. Let me say how long to record up 30sec, 45sec, 1min. Ring it stops even if still movement. Yes dont like to pay for cloud. That doorbell broke so I had heard so much about ring and the cloud price went down I got it. When someone rings doorbell it is hard to answer. The other one I had was just like my phone screen came up and you answered or declined. Ring you have to catch the notification to open app or open manually then go in to answer the ring. Takes too long. Wish I would have returned and tried another since the first one no longer available.

  7. Thank you. I have been checking Ring against Nest and have been hesitant to select one for weeks. You just helped me made my decision … neither, 🙂 Thank you. I am going to get a Zmodo

  8. I got the Ring Doorbell Pro which I bought when it was on sale. After the trial I was mad that in order to view any video you have to sign up for their cloud storage. But it turns out it isn't that expensive. So I am not that bummed.

  9. I have been using Zomodo products for the last 2 years and I agree that for the money the devices are nice,. But their networks need a lot if work. The latency is so bad that once my daughter rang the doorbell, it didn't pop up on my phone for 20 mins, and this is consistent, I have a very fast internet connection, so to summarize this, if you want good quality caneras at a very good price go with this brand, but skip on the doorbells until they can improve their networks.

  10. I bought both and kept the ring only because ring had an attachment to stop the buzzing sound on the bell. Also ring has a community alert notification which is fun to watch.

  11. I am interested, but I bought the Ring Chime Pro 2 for 2 reasons:
    1 – with a Costco membership, the unit cost $120.00 / with 3 free months of cloud storage:
    2 – you can both hardwire or use the battery, which I use, and each charge is good for on average 2 months +;
    People do know a Ring doorbell – the app is fantastic, from joining your surrounding community to sho potential thieves and intruders, to checking device health. Plus you get all the tools and different plates to customize your installation.
    $3.00 per month for cloud storage is not a big deal either.

  12. i dont get this type of cellphone doorbell, i have many people in my house, it can`t be only one who could hear the bell. ( assuming that it can connect to maybe 5 phone users) all those users phone will ring if someone press the bell? there was no ring sound from the doorbell it self ? judging by it was placed outside there is no sound inside the house.

  13. Is there any ring doorbells curious systems that you don't have to ring the doorbell to view somebody at the door

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