Best Home Security System DIY – Simplisafe Review & Full Test

Best Home Security System DIY – Simplisafe Review & Full Test

– We have smart home security systems. – At the best prices ever. – I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Casey. – I’m here for you everyday
to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. Casey, whenever we have a
moment to put her in a video, and she’s not away at school, those are just the better videos. – I’m here, I love to be here. – The bargain’s always amazing though. And the deal that I found today, which is a way to get
your whole home wired for home security. Is not just something that occurs to me as a homeowner downtown. I’m gonna take you through the home that I will have now left
because I live with my wife. And the condo I’m in
now is no longer ours. But before we get to
that tour and the hookup, I actually thought of you
with regards to this system. ♫ Single ladies ♫ All the single ladies – Beyonce? – No tour You live alone. – Oh yeah, I do. – And I want you to be safe and protected. – Thank you so much. – And even if you don’t live alone. If you have a significant other, or you are armed and ready
to protect your property, this is a way to arm a
system that you can lock in from anywhere in the world. But we’ve recognized
some incredible savings. A really loud alarm system
with smart phone touch alerts. You can control this. There’s an app. You can add cameras. We are not giving away a
free alarm system today. Do you know why? – Uh they’re pretty expensive. What are we giving away then? – Yeah, I have no money. We’re giving away a free
100 dollar Amazon gift card. – Nice. – I think that’s great. And if your wondering, oh well
Matt got a free alarm system he tested this. No, I’ve been using this for four years. This is my alarm system. So I’m not giving you my alarm system but I love you. – That would be weird. – Okay, let me show you how it works. This is the keypad. Which you can see is almost the
same size as my smart phone. Many keypads actually call the police. So when someone comes on
and they see the keypad, they can take this and
smash it with a hammer. And that will deactivate anything that would call the police. In the case of this system, what actually calls the police
is hidden somewhere else in the condo. I’m gonna show that to you in a moment. You get four double A batteries. It slides right on. I just want to show you
how quickly the system is in terms of responsiveness. So I’m arming this to home load now. It’s now activating with the settings that I would have on. And my smart phone’s gonna get
a text message in a moment. Just notifying me that this
alarm has in fact been armed. Then we’re gonna give
you the full alarm test so you can see how… (phone chimes) There we are, I got the alert. How loud the siren is. This is the apparatus that
actually calls the police. So if this is hidden behind
your couch, like I have mine, while they’re trying to
smash a control panel and break some other piece
of what they think is calling the police in your home. A burglar would not know this exists. This mechanism which calls the police has a built in sim card. It, through the power of
cell phone technology, will call the police on your behalf from anywhere in your home. This requires a power source. But since I have it
unplugged it has it’s own back up battery. And I’ve also just received
an alert on my smart phone letting me know that this is
in fact unplugged right now. This is what the motion sensor looks like. I actually don’t usually have mine mounted beside a thermostat. But I wanted to give
you a size comparison. And also show you that
I’ve increased the level of air conditioning in our condo. There is a test button located right under this motion sensor. But, even with the adhesive
and me having moved this. This is, as you can see, very sturdy. The motion sensor has
a battery in the back. This part is sturdy. We’ll just slide this
right back into place. Casey has just opened the door. (alarm beeping) This is now just that
regular, audible beep. Alerting me that I have 30
seconds to enter my pin code. If I don’t, you’re gonna
hear a really loud siren in a moment. After that, we’re gonna
see how long it takes for the control center to call. (alarm sounding) It’s really loud. Really loud. So the big question for me is, how long after the alarm’s been set off does it actually take
for a dispatch center (phone chimes)
or monitoring center to pick up on it. We’re getting the call right now. This is Matt. – [Man On Phone] Hello, this
is Becker, from Simply Safe, I’m calling on a reported
line with regards to… – It’s all good and dumb. I apologize for setting it off. Unlike traditional alarm
systems with the same coverage, this is 14.99 per month. Not the 45 that many other
competing companies would charge. There’s also no contracts. You can buy a system for
as low as 235 that covers a small home, or a condo, or an apartment. And then some more complex systems where you can add cameras. But all are wireless,
all are very affordable, and all work perfectly
right out of the box. We’ve just been notified by the gentleman shooting the video that the
blanket that Casey and I are using is in all of the shots. And if you’re wondering why, it’s really cold in here. We have it set for about 60 degrees. – Mmhhm. Yeah, well you do. If it was my way, it’d probably
be a little bit warmer. – Let’s give away a 100
dollar Amazon gift card. Using TubeBuddy’s random
pick a winner tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. Congratulations Alex. Just a reminder, you need to email support at
with an email address that matches your subscription account to confirm your freebee. Yes, whoo, whoo. – I don’t want to dance the blanket off because it’s so chilly. – See? It’s actually here for a purpose. – There ya go. – And now, for those of
you looking to make sure you never miss another deal or giveaway, very easy process. Just click somewhere on my
oversized head right here and you’ll be subscribed to this channel. – And if you want to learn how to comment and turn your YouTube notifications on, click right up here. And if you want to see another
video with an awesome deal, click right down here. (claps)

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100 Replies to “Best Home Security System DIY – Simplisafe Review & Full Test”

  1. I ❤️❤️❤️ Casey! Be careful Matt she's cuter than you, this might become The Deal Gal instead!

  2. We got this system last year and love it. It's not very expensive, you can add whatever sensors you need with no problem and it's easy to set up.

  3. Casey and Dominique are both adorable. And they appear to be very genuinely sweet people. my question is do you have to have a security monitoring system or can it be used with my own phone?

  4. Thank you. Clear mind for the boss, purchased yesterday and she wanted to see a review. Nailed it and she is impressed.

  5. I hear this system has problems with connectivity–it piggybacks on your wifi, and if that shuts down, then it tries to get a wireless connection, but some base stations come with a T-mobile or other wireless card that may have crappy service in your area. Also, check out the Google Play reviews on their remote app–not too impressive. I like the $15/month, but these issues, plus equipment reliability issues (esp. motion sensors) has made me shy away from them in favor of other companies.

  6. Love this security system, no wires! The best part it's affordable! Love seeing you and Casey together in a video! Keep those great deals coming!

  7. I love this security system. It would work well for me as an apartment dweller, I can take it with me if I move. And I am sure all your interns will be glad you increased the temp on the AC ;0)

  8. In Canada that blanket is called a Hudson Bay Blanket.
    The colours and pattern make it so.
    So are you guys in Canada?

  9. dont use wireless home security because it is soo simple to bypass it. Just use wireless jammer and rip security system

  10. SimpliSafe blocked me from commenting on their Facebook page and blocked me from their Twitter account for asking about their fire alarm and the poor quality of their keypad.

  11. Our family tried the system and had a kaleidoscope of problems. We switched to Frontpoint and the customer service was unbelievable.

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    👑Safe your private home nowadays and obtain a totally free quote 877-885-3107 (7/24 – All USA)

  13. 🔷Guard your private home with all the best home security, alarm systems, and solutions.
    ⚡️Protected your property right now and obtain a absolutely free quote 877-885-3107 (7/24 – All USA)

  14. Going with Armorax home security was the best decision I made. Their monitoring is very reasonable but they don’t compromise on the quality of service they provide. I love that they’re responsive to all my queries.

  15. love your video… very helpful, I am in the process of ordering something this week. you did not talk about Amazon Alexa, so I am assuming there is no connectivity with Alexa.. also what about self-monitoring?? I am really cheap, have never had an issue in the past but with a camera, I am guessing I could self-monitor? Thx good show

  16. Any idea if the motion sensor can tell the difference between a falling wall decor and a moving intruder inside the room? Or does it trigger the call whenever something is moving?

  17. Well if the bad guys didn't know about the unit that actually called the call center, they do now. Because you just told them about it. Oppps, secret out. Oh, and I do have the system, and am very happy with it so far.

  18. There is another system out there now called Ring Alarm system which hooks up from what I can see through your door bell system if you have a door bell on your house, but their design of equipment is similar to SimpliSafe and it runs $10.00 a month or if you get the basic plan, $3.00 a month. I have nether at the moment, but it appears to me that SimpliSafe is a better system for home security.

  19. looking into this system….are you still using it and still happy with it? Heard complaints about the customer service? Appreciate any feedback please and thank u

  20. Please answer so is it $15 for the whole setup so if I had let's say a large system would it be more monthly payments or would it be the overall price?

  21. I was looking for something simple for my rent apartment. I could not make any changes to the furnish of the apartment. An inexpensive system with easy installation of motion sensors and window / door sensors by HeyKangaroo has become a great solution for me.

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