BEST IP WIFI SECURITY CAMERA under $40! – Monitor Your House from ANYWHERE

BEST IP WIFI SECURITY CAMERA under $40! – Monitor Your House from ANYWHERE

– Today, surveillance
savings under 40 bucks. (dramatic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one stop shop for savings. I find huge deals everyday. No companies pay me to–(blows raspberry) I’m gonna just keep going. No companies pay me to talk about them. The Foscam Surveillance
deal that I have today, they are not paying me to feature. The link for this deal, which is located right under this video screen, just click that show more tab, is a huge steal on one of my favorite ways to bring the essential of
a usually not-so-affordable home surveillance
technology to the masses. Before we get to a full demo and a few features that I wanna show you, a reminder if you’re not yet subscribed, click the subscribe button
you see on your screen. Turn your notifications on. We just gave away a free iPad Air. We’ve got more weekly giveaways to those who are subscribed with their
notifications turned on. Now this Foscam HD camera is wireless. It sends alerts through its free mobile app to your smartphone. Two way audio, it’s extremely well-rated. I am not surprised, and
if you are interested in grabbing this deal,
which is under 40 bucks and located right under the video screen, you’re good to go. Let’s put it to the test. I wanna apologize first for
this smashed iPhone screen. This is one of the units
I use in drop tests, but I think you can
still see on this screen that the video quality was super, the picture quality was great. I like how lightweight the unit was, but I also love the two
way voice communication, and my second apology, our television mic was creating interference with this audio, but it was audible and
let me give you a listen. Check, check, one, two, three. I love my subscribers, check,
check, one, two, three. Now, again, I’m sorry
about that interference with our television microphone systems, but I will tell you I love that you can hear the person
and speak to the person and the system was even more impressive when we tried it in almost
pitch black conditions. When I aim this at a
set that you can barely see through this really
fancy Canon camera, this is picking up a much
better video resolution than our camera is capable of right now. Look at this, our camera, and this camera. Now, the unboxing is
really not that exciting. I’ll tell you that we did it,
it was very straightforward. You use those QR codes which
you scan with your smartphone to get the app and then
to pair the camera. There is a QR code on the back, and the second you aim your
Apple or Android smartphone at that QR code, your camera
is synced with your smartphone and you can add more cameras, as we did. And if you are interested again, this is a very limited time deal drop located right under the video screen. Huge features, huge
savings, and a reminder, huge giveaways are
right around the corner, so if you’re not yet
subscribed, come join me. I’m looking to expand my frugal family, and it’s been an honor to have you here. For free stuff, click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you’re gonna see a wheel beside the subscribe button. On a mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box, turn on
your channel alerts. That will ensure you’re emailed every time I upload a huge deal. And remember, you wanna
buy any item I feature, there’s a link right
under this video window. Click the show more tab
and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go, you are awesome. Thank you so much for watching.

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100 Replies to “BEST IP WIFI SECURITY CAMERA under $40! – Monitor Your House from ANYWHERE”

  1. We breed dogs and have one for a puppy cam for the owners to be to watch the puppies grow up. I might have to pick up another one

  2. OMG what? I picked 3 of them like 2 weeks ago, BEST WiFi surveillance camera / IP camera ever, I love that you can be away from your home and check on your pups and I also love that night vision. Only bad part is they aren't also for outdoor use too… Also If you don't want to pay for the cloud storage get a few cheap micro SD cards and you are good to go…See this is why you are so awesome, I should have waited for them because price is now cheaper, I have been telling all my friends and family about these. Hope you are having a great Friday, Have a great weekend.

  3. Nice idea, but I don't have a smart phone, wish it worked with my tablet through my router or wireless to my TV.

  4. this is an awesome deal.  I for sure need this.  and with having a puppy also, it's a fun way to spy on his daily activities also 🙂  Thanks so much Matt.

  5. I have to get this for my son !! Picture quality looks great. thanks Matt!! Keep those deals coming !!

  6. omg this is just what i'm looking for. I dont have a peep hole so i've been looking for something like this to put outside

  7. Maestro, I LOVE that they made it easy to use via wifi, an app, qr codes AND it's iphone/android compatible. All for under $40! AMAZING!

  8. Wow! I am really feeling this deal. I can put this in my rear window to see why my neighbor keeps coming in my yard.

  9. nice, portable can be used for any purpose and with high quality video security is assured!!!! awesome!!!!! 🙂

  10. So many awesome deals this week!! Wish I had an infinite amount of money then I could get them all!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. Darn it Matt, how can you keep coming up with products I want (and most of the time need😜). Have been waiting for a quality camera and monitoring system and …wham, you find it. Thanks for saving me $$$$. 🤑

  12. I have ordered a few things from this and have been extremely happy with them all love all the enthusiasm

  13. love you guys I found out about you guys when I was looking for a speaker for my husband I got the Amazon tap. He loves it takes it with him everywhere on bike rides at the pool. looking forward to hearing more new items. lots of fun keep up the good work. Liz

  14. I am not a parent (hope for possibility) aww t.m.i. But been babysitting since 2011 while I was in school at the time. Security cameras are an essential tool for any parent! So important to be able to check in and know everyone is safe. .And at this price it is a huge deal!

  15. Great item once again Matt. Love the clarity on the device especially in the dark. You are awesome man. Have a great weekend my friend.

  16. This is just what we need at our house!  Less expensive than adding the option from our security system service!

  17. We use Foscam, a different model, but we use 4 cameras- 1 at front door, that scans the entire front of our city yard and front of driveway, another for the side door and entrance, one to cover part of kitchen, living, and dining rooms, and the last, to watch out beautiful elderly cat while he sleeps on our bed! These are great cameras, and clear as ever, visual, and voice. We'd be lost without them!

  18. I have a dog that I would like to see what he is doing while I'm gone. This is an inexpensive way for me to be able to do this. Thanks Matt.

  19. You should show one WITH night vision. If the robbers / thieves come in to your house, 50% chance it'll be at night and to identify them you need light… !!!! and this one doesn't see in the dark…quite a dis-advantage….

  20. Matt received my cam yesterday and set it up which was really easy! Today I can see how things are going from work at home and its working great! Thanks again for sharing the information.

  21. I was going to purchase this product, but after reading the reviews on Amazon, I decided otherwise. The reviews are terrible!

  22. Really like this camera. I put a bid on eBay. Thanks for sharing these awesome deals. It's feel like having a friend who knows a friend who can hook you up. Pssst!😉 Over hear.

  23. The Amazon link states the Foscam C1 Lite does not have night vision (IR). Are you sure you have the right link?

  24. I purchased this camera and could not download the app. The camera will not load to my PC. I received an email from the company telling me to download the Foscam app which I did and it would not load. It went to 50% and stopped. This camera is NO GOOD

  25. Once you take the picture of the QR code can another person take a picture of it and had that link on their phone so they could watch you? That you don't want obviously

  26. I have a few questions.
    1. Will I have to pay a monthly fee?
    2. Are each cameras $40?
    3. Do they constantly record? Or are they able to only record when they sense motion?
    4. How do I rewatch what was recorded while I was gone?
    5. How many hours does this record?
    6. I saw this works on Android's…I have a S8.

    Thank you in advance. I'm a single Mom and want a security system because I live out in the woods.

  27. Can I use the app from another state to see what’s going on in the camera or do I have to be connected to the same WiFi on my phone as the camera is connected to?

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