Best RFID Blocking Travel Backpack (80% OFF!) – Card/Identity Theft Protection!

– I have the best backpack
deal to protect your tech and your identity plus I’m giving one of
these away for free. It’s all coming right up. (bright music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
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flat-screen, smart-screen, smart TV, flat-screen, all
right, I’m not gonna talk anymore and we’re not editing because
we’ve cut back on that too ’cause I’ve gone broke
on all this fun stuff but what’s in front of me
right now is a giveaway as well and also your key to when you travel, making sure you stay protected. Before I get to the deal which is located right under this video
screen and the giveaway and just expand that video description box if you wanna buy this, I wanna show you what you can fit inside and then why this is so crucial. You get more compartments than you may initially know how to handle but, very important,
radio frequency ID theft so you can put a passport,
wallet, right here. It’s protected which is fantastic. You get this area right here for tablets. This’d be great for an iPad,
Chromebook, smaller area, and you have enough space on the interior to pack for a weekend overnighter. This is a lot of space and this isn’t even where the laptop goes. Of course it’s lined
with additional pockets. If you need to carry
some TSA-safe cosmetics, you’ve more than enough space for that. Now let’s go to the laptop area. This area right here can accommodate at least a 16-inch laptop
and this laptop right here which is over $3,000 is protected. It’s something that I am very
comfortable doing this to, completely protected. Again, you wanna take a
virtually identical version of this in Columbian leather, put another laptop in
here, this goes right in, and not only is it very
comfortable to wear but you are protecting
your tech, all sides, and you’re protecting
yourself from ID theft. These are awesome. Very thoughtfully designed in
ways to protect your sternum, your shoulders when you’re
carrying a lot of weight. You also have additional
hidden pockets right here so this is an anti-theft
part of your backpack. This is pressed against your back so if you’re worried about
someone grabbing something from your backpack while you walk, you could put a wallet in here and have no one able to
reach their hands in. You also have placed
storage for sunglasses and although this is a square backpack it fits your back beautifully. I’ve got a rounded back
because I sit like an idiot and this, again, very very comfortable. (claps) Oh, you can really move well in this. This is a score. A reminder, radio
frequency ID theft occurs when someone who purchases a scanner that you can unfortunately
buy easily online brushes up against you and with that they can grab
your personal information, your credit card numbers, your driver’s license or even a passport. With an MSRP of 240 down to
under 60 with free shipping, this Brooklyn Commuter bag which
is a Kenneth Cole exclusive is radio frequency ID protected. You have a barrier created between you and any of those potential culprits, plus you get a checkpoint-friendly
easy-scan feature with complies with TSA guidelines. What does that mean? Well, in most cases your
laptop will not need to be removed from the
backpack when passing through airport security checkpoints. You get a limited lifetime warranty, two pounds for the whole
backpack in terms of its weight and it can accommodate a lot in addition to laptops up to 16 inches. Personally I love the style of this one and with me traveling as often as I do, that is my grab, but
if you do want leather you can spend a little
bit more and score that, both at their lowest recorded prices, both also located right
under this video screen. Now my favorite point of the video is that I get to give one of these away for free to a very lucky subscriber, and here’s the best part. You get your choice of either. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s
commented in the last six months, congratulations Tom Z, and how awesome is this guy, congratulating our last
winner Kathy on her win? It’s like a frugal family of support. Yes, awesome, great stuff. Thank you for watching and
also I would love to know for those of you that have other items that you might not be
getting for the holidays, what is it that you want to save money on? Let me know, leave me a comment. That’ll at least fuel my frugality and my quest to help you save cash. Now, a reminder, a huge giveaway’s
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