Best WIFI Security Camera w/ Night Vision Review (Simple & Cheap!)

Best WIFI Security Camera w/ Night Vision Review (Simple & Cheap!)

– I have the best deal
on DIY home automation home surveillance. It works with the Amazon
Echo and it’s at a price you won’t believe. Plus I’m giving one away for free. Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I’m gonna give one of these
away for free to a subscriber and I’ll show you what’s in
the box to a full in-depth unboxing a demo. Before we get to that, a
lot of people looking for items that are compliant
with the Amazon Echo or an LX enabled device and that’s great. It’ll work, don’t use one of those, this stands on its own. Some of you awesome subscribers
may remember I was the first reporter in the world at the
Consumer Electronics Show. We were in there alone and
Toucan was one of the brands where I had a chance to
survey some of the products. Really nice packaging. There we go! Oh I love this! It’s a parrot’s face. A toucan, get it? All right, in the box you
get the smart fixtures. This is actually an intermediary
between your light fixture and the bulb itself. So the bulb goes here, you
can put an LED bulb in, ready to rock. This is controlled with
the app and with the security system itself. I borrowed one of my
friend’s kids to screw in the light bulb while I held the camera. This is the security system. This is absolutely awesome. So you have the camera itself,
which you can pan and tilt. You have a really, really loud siren and then you have a really
nice flat mount so you can use screws or the adhesive on the back. Peel this right off,
this will be good to go. This would be great over a door, a garage, a small home business. This is very loud, very portable, absolutely love this thing. And I love this system
because you can never need to worry about batteries. Once this is installed in a light fixture, it’s supplying both power to the light and power to camera itself. These are linked via USB cable. Plus a way to mask the wiring and you get the secured by, which again, on its own, is a theft deterrent. Together, set up took both
of us exactly nine minutes. You can control your
lights from your Apple or Android smart phone and
you can stream wirelessly from the camera. Awesome! You can speak
to a potential culprit, someone making a delivery, it’s waterproof, it’s weather resistant, it pairs with the amazon
echo and LX enabled devices and at its lowest recorded
price of 135 bucks down from $200, with free
shipping, this is a score. And this is a very
thoughtfully designed system, you actually have a level
within the backing component just to make sure this
is installed straight. Sometimes when I install
things, they are crooked. This would make sure
that is not a reality. I’m a huge fan of this product and a huge fan of you for watching. So if you do want to take
advantage of this deal, which is located right
under the video screen, just expand this video description box. There you will find a link. And now of course, other
than saving you money, my favorite part of the whole
video is giving one of these away for free, brand new
in the box to a subscriber. Using TubeBuddy’s random
selection tool to find a very lucky subscriber
who’s commented in the last six months, congratulations J Rob! I’m so excited you liked
my sunglasses round up. Anyone looking for those,
that was my last upload. (clapping) Yes! Almost feel off the chair but you couldn’t see
it, that’s why we have a table right here. Thank you YouTube Studios New York City. And if you wanna make sure you don’t miss any future giveaways and get hooked up, it would be my pleasure
to make that happen. Very easy process. Just click right on my
head’s big, but not that big. Click on my head here,
that’ll subscribe you to the channel. If you need help turning
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just click over here. And if you wanna see that
last big deal roundup I did, just click right over here. Thank you so much for watching.

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100 Replies to “Best WIFI Security Camera w/ Night Vision Review (Simple & Cheap!)”

  1. I need this so bad neighbor house got broken in last month while they were home. I got to get cameras

  2. Looks like easy setup. Does the light switch have stay on to keep the camera on? How far can you mount the camera away from the light?

  3. I never pursued these products because I thought the price was much higher…thanks for driving awareness. Good video.

  4. can i use this camera with the iphone? and does it record? I am looking for an easy installing security system and doggy cam

  5. You've mastered the "click here" pointing. Thanks for the deal. I'm in the market for one to have by the pool.

  6. I've been looking for home survelliance/security products for a few weeks now. This seems by far the easiest and quickest.

  7. great deals as usual but can u plz do one on GPU's, a giveaway preferably I'd love you forever I never win anything come youtube selector pick me!! daddy needs tech expensive custody battles got my money all tied up 🙁

  8. Love this! Worried about someone stealing this. Is there a camera I can keep from the inside to view out that you recommend?

  9. I don't understand the product alot of talk but no technical details WTH? HOW DOES THIS WORK? You hook it up to a motion sensor light and the alarm will go off? and take picture or video and you get notified on your cell. How many db is the alrm what the fuck does it sound like. Never mind I will try to google it at least you let me know it is good for the reasons you like and need.

  10. Do you have to leave the light on the entire time and is there any way to acquire a longer cord? Does it matter if you don't have Alexa or anything like that?

  11. Can item hacked easily? I just realized my sloppy crack back neighbor was hacking my Kodak camera because I reset my wifi and seen the camera was "unsecured". What is weird I seen her stalking butt use her cell phone to "freeze" my footage and I went to the makers of the app and they played "dumb" So one day I turned my Wi-Fi off and was still was able to get on my app to my camera footage…i was mad that my privacy was invaded.

  12. I have a particular problem as I have some horrible person who has it in for me destroying my "new" car scratch by scratch and dent by dent. I have few resources but I need a night vision camera with the alarm I can attach to my OLD Vista Computer. is there such a thing out there under $100???

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