BEXCO crowded with people attending summit events

BEXCO crowded with people attending summit events

it’s a busy day at Mexico the venue for
the grand gathering many special events are held to keep participants and
visitors occupied or whom you takes us around the convention center to provide
a glimpse of the summit atmosphere with so many different summits inside
meetings happening at Mexico this week the International Media Center is where
both local and foreign media from Southeast Asia and further afield have
set up camp here at the International Media Center around 2,000 reporters are
on standby to cover the key events of the summit which more than 14 thousand
people are expected to attend today I covered the culture Innovation Summit
where President moon emphasized cooperation between South Korea and
ASEAN nations to take their joint culture to the global level
it’s a busy schedule to secure the safety of delegations taking part in
events security is tight fences have been installed on the
sidewalks around Mexico and the guards are allowing only those that have
registered passes to enter an unmanned patrol vehicle called HR Sherpa can be
seen along with police on electronic transporters patrolling the area with a
wide range of special exhibitions such as the Korea ground sourcing Fair also
taking place in the convention center many guests from ASEAN countries were
here to introduce their companies to new customers and from Vietnam and I work
for one of the biggest IT company in Viet Nam’s
we’re here to show our digital solution and our capability in IT services
participants from all over the world have come here with high expectations
over what can be accomplished at this event
who knew Arirang news Busan

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