Bicycle Repair & Ownership : How to Buy Bike Locks

Bicycle Repair & Ownership : How to Buy Bike Locks

Hi, I’m Travis at Mad Dog Cycles in Provo,
Utah and we’re talking about locks. Locks, you know basically keep an honest person honest.
And we have like a simple cable lock here which has the integrated lock with the cable,
six foot long, self coiling, with little attachment. It’s six feet long so it’s long enough to
go around a tree or pole, through both wheels. The security on this is not the greatest.
Like I said, it keeps an honest person honest. You can get it in a key version, a combination
version. If you want, so it’s a lot more secure, definitely a U-lock would be the choice. Very
difficult to break, the lock shackle can go through the frame and through the wheel of
the rear, and then to the bike rack and I actually recommend this one here, which is
that same U-lock shackle with a cable that way you can lock up the front wheel, if you
have a quick release, and or, if you have, if there’s no bike rack at, at wherever you’re
parking, you can actually use this cable to wrap around a tree and then use this as a
padlock. Definitely not the most secure, but it’s better than nothing.

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  1. ah I think I may start using that d-lock plus cable combo, with d-lock acting as padlock for cable too. Looks like a nice solution.

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