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92 Replies to “BIDEN UKRAINE CONTROVERSY: Details On Hunter and Joe Biden in Ukraine – Impeachment Hearing”

  1. Joe bite me Biden.  This walking gaff machine has no chance of winning…  His sniffing hair and touching of women and little girls is beyond creepy. Skinny dipping in front of SS women agents is just perverted and devient behavior.  With his sniffing ability Joe can tell what shampoo and conditioner was used…  With adult women he could tell what day and hour she is into her cycle… 
    Hunter has the same Biden genetic gift of extaordinary olfactory ability… Hunter sniffs the butts of women and from that he can tell by the lingering farts scent what she had for dinner…. For a gas company this is a valuable talent when looking for new gas fields…  This is why the gas companies pay the big bucks for this talent… 
    No need to assign a nickname cause he be gone soon.

  2. Mr. Kent this country is also a place where people commit these crimes especially on the far left and are not held accountable for them

  3. I wonder if the Biden's will testify? Doubt. The Left doesn't consider what happened regarding Hunter as a corruption because it was Ukrainian money not AMERICAN tax dollars paid out and because Hunter is a Demonocrat. If it we're an American business receiving the money, THEN it is corruption in their view.

  4. Obama used Facebook information to help win the presidency . He then spied on Romney . He barely won a very close election . He spied on Trump for Hillary Clinton . Obama loves to spy . This is the real story. We are getting closer every day .

  5. Perhaps they should play Bidens video addmiting to blackmailing the Ukraine! Lmfaoooo what a ridiculous joke these people are.

  6. If the house votes to impeach Trump how many rhinos in the senate will also vote to impeach? If ANY Republicans vote to impeach then KICK THEM OUT IN 2020

  7. Democrat that took part in this should be fired this is wasted more of our tax money it's in the millions could be close to a billion 3 years of bull s*** we pay them that paycheck

  8. APPLES and PEARS ………too stupid to be happening. Whatever these GOP's are thinking, there was for sure NO NATIONAL THREAT on a job with declared taxes of an American who went to work in Ukraine. The jobs without tax declarations are the ones to look into.

  9. The Hunter Biden thing happened in 2012. WTF were the Republicans doing about it when they controlled the house? It must have been a nothing burger up until now. How convenient. Womp womp.


  11. its time for the GOP to stop defending the most corrupt criminal ever allowed to steal the Whitehouse. IMPEACH TRUMP! REMOVE TRUMP! and GOP stop your boot locking of trump, this totally incompetent imbecile who, for whatever inexplicable reason, has you in the grip of fear!

  12. No amount of name calling, malice, spite, anger and hate here will change the facts and evidence here. Sycophancy is blinding.

  13. Treason ,hang all these swamp creatures
    2020 Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. If, If, If we had presently a President Biden, Sanders, or Warren and they initiated a quid, pro, quo with the President of the Ukraine as to an investigation of their political opponent Candidate Trump the Republicans would initiate and demand impeachment inquiry and proceedings.  They would demand an end to a Bidens, Sanders, or Warrens, Authoritarian, Oligarch, and Demagoguery behavior.  They would scream at the hilltops the undermining of Democratic Institutions. What do you think?  Would Biden be accused of sabotaging Trump his political opponent? Would the Democrats join together and support President Biden as the Republicans

  15. Nice cover up Fox 10. Cut the video before it gets to the part where Kent says burisma was corrupt and Biden should have been investigated.

  16. This guys testimonies are horrible and terrifying…how can ambassador go so low….to lie like an ordinary citizens

  17. Remember folks Hunter Buden is not the POTYS!!! He is a civilian of the united states!! Not the same!!! He is not being charged with Bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors, nor treason. He is Not the one that will impeached!!! Two different issues! If you all want to have shearing on what you all think he did wrong go for it!!! Trump is the president and under no circumstances should a president do what he did!! Also if this was Obama then all hell would have broken loose!! And you cannot argue with me over that!!! If you let this president get away with this then what comes next??
    And further more whether standards should not be lowered because its " Trump " and he says things that are not presidential, nor acts like one to begin with… The standard have definitely been lowered because everyone says " oh its Trump " he just talks that that, it he is just kidding, or dont take him seriously, or he says things to purposely get under peoples skin!!! NOT FUCKEN ACCEPTABLE… maybe for the his cult followers who appear to be other narcissists, uneducated people, and just because people are done with Washington and politicians does not give this guy a fucken accuse to act this way!!!!

  18. Schiff is unreal here instructing the witness of answering info of "facts not in evidence"-which he blew all over the place with their opening statements-books for each in process of printing-Ha!

  19. Oh what a tangled web we weave… looks like dems fell in their own trap. Pathetic.
    TRUMP 2020🥂

  20. There is a school shooting in California, I don’t think they want people to watch the proceedings. God Bless America

  21. All of this going on under obumer and the ambassador that was trash talking trump so they think trump was wrong screw these fools

  22. Hahahaha. Let's get the little Jewish princess Ivanka and her gay husband on the stand to see if their father or father-in-law influenced their appointments to their current positions. Hahahahahaha. Then we'll see about raw political corruption.

  23. Pelosi at this time is disarming The United States Of America with her mouth. False charges against President Trump are disrupting his duty to both party's but to all of the American people. She needs to retire and go enjoy her wealth. Trump 2020.

  24. Anybody else laughing at the term whistleblower.this is going to live forever in history books.i hope.history will be the judge

  25. The Dems are worried that if Trump gets reelected he’ll also bring to the attention Nancy Pelosi son and John Carrie’s son and their crooked deals over in the Ukraine

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