bike music system, bike alarm system, anti theft alarm system, Bike alert system.

bike music system, bike alarm system, anti theft alarm system, Bike alert system.

Hello friends, I am Shailesh Singh And you are watching YouTube channel SS Auto Care. You are very welcome in this channel. Today we will tell you how to install a security alarm with a music player in the bike. You can see that I have a box with a music player. You can easily put this alarm in any bike or in any two wheeler. This alarm has two speakers A device and a remote are available together. And get some leaves together to get this screw tight We have purchased this device from Amazon. It will cost you ₹ 800 If you want this music player, then I will put a link in depression, you can take it from there. This device has Bluetooth, music player, SD card, FM radio and USB You can connect mobile with bluetooth And along with the security alarm. With this device’s USB, we can charge our mobile. Its speaker is woofer speaker and two speakers of 10 wards. You can make your journey fun by putting this device in your bike. Now let’s go near the bike and install this device. Music We opened this box. The first is a music player device in the box. And a remote is also provided. There is a socket for wiring. And the other side There are three buttons for changing the mood of plus minus volume and in the center. An sd card socket And usb is You can read all the features on the device yourself. Let’s see what’s together? Or is that what we will connect to the bike. Along with some leaves and screws. These leaves can be installed anywhere in the bike by connecting them with the speaker. Together the speaker is given. Tighten these leaves in the speaker. Have we typed the leaves of both the speakers? Tighten the speaker over the saucer. The speaker is dead. The speaker wire will be brought into the toolbox. It is necessary to protect the device from water.

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