Bike Safety Andy

Bike Safety Andy

do riding a bike is such a great way to enjoy the
outdoors and get a little exercise same and you may never forget how to ride a
bike but sometimes we forget that we need to be careful and the crib when I would for spark for
some bike safety reminders Andy you ride your bike rack
complete everyday you love biking I’m sure you’ve
seen it all what the freak people out there doing
the wrong thing a lot of the right thing especially at the park because you have
such a mic so bikers runners people with strollers
golf carts will start with writing on the road for
I don’t know why people write on the road to me that’s why come to the park
is because I try to avoid the road and writer on the bike path at like a
six-mile loop which from his plan and if it’s not you write
it twice but you see people riding the wrong way down
the road you’ll see people kinda swerving in and out and really
good you’re supposed to ride with the direction of traffic correct if
you’re on the road absolutely pretend you observe the same the road as
an automobile does well you should with a lot of bikers don’t home moving
back to the past so what you see is SABIC people riding wheelies people
swerving in and out two people talking you know next to each
other taking up the whole way I tried to as you’re passing people say hey passing on your lap
unfortunately which brings me to the next but a lot of people wearing
headphones and way too loud so they don’t hear you so their allotted a dangers even though
you’re on a path most love but as friends but still you’re the head on
collision with another by good with somebody pushing a stroller
full speed a lot of people for well picking up that you definitely
know to keep your helmet on ahead and you even have a light on your
helmet yes safety person I midnight time you want to make sure
you have a white on your person facing backwards red
light flashing probably something really right cars can see and you really blend
into the surrounding is very easy to get hits you wanna make
she and that gonna make sure you have a helmet with the kurds fitted properly sits on your head straight not you know
sitting back like that i mean you can look cool where the hell did I
get everything back but if you fall you in real trouble and you want to make sure that helmet
people always assume a doubt it you know sexually plastic and foam and begin the heat you really degrades
very quickly so over several years your place it because from what I’ve seen and heard you know
you take for these helmets them has gone past its prime put her on the ground you know kinda
step on it and shattered glass no longer protected saying you’re always
telling think you wouldn’t think I’m you know thank you so much and happy writing
thank you in yeah and they have to be attorneys
didn’t so if you have a legal question for brown liquor but you can email us a
great day at cable be dot com don’t forget you can find legal advice
from the guys at Brown krugman on our website great day Saint Louis

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