Black Friday 2016 Wifi ip Camera ◄ Wireless Night Vision deals

Black Friday 2016 Wifi ip Camera ◄ Wireless Night Vision deals

– Today! – Insane WiFi camera deals. – Black Friday prices. – Woo! (bright music) – Yeah, that’s right. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granat. – I’m intern Casey. – Camera face. (laughs) Camera for protecting your home. And I’m very excited
because we tested a deal not too long ago which was,
I believe, a $50 camera that had many of you excited. But a lot of you wanted
more functionality. You wanted something that had
a higher level of night vision and something where you could
control it and make it pivot. Quick, Casey, show them how you pivot. You had your head low
like you were ashamed of what you were doing. You should hold your head
proud because you are an amazing intern and there we go. (laughing) For those of you wondering,
yes we have more in-depth demonstrations coming right up. The deal I found, which
is not a paid product, is located right under this video screen. – I think this camera is really great. Especially for someone like
my mom who maybe doesn’t want to drop so much money on a super, intensely overpriced camera system. I think this is a really
great price point. – I agree, and if you wanted
to keep an eye on your home, or watch Casey’s mom,
there’d be a way to do that. This is also great as a
baby camera, a nanny cam, a lot of functionality for pet cameras. The reason I do love it is you
do get the full app control. A couple of complaints tied to the camera were just that people had
trouble setting it up, but we had no problem
whatsoever, right Cody? – [Cody] Yeah. – Nailed in a matter of seconds. – Wasn’t hard. – No, it wasn’t bad at all. Before we show you the
demo, this is also something we are giving away for free. – Yup, just make sure you’re subscribed and have commented in the last six months. – The draw and the dance coming right up, but first, with regards to this camera, an awesome camera that’s
expandable via micro SD. You got 350 degrees of
horizontal viewing, and yes, the app can control it so you
can pan or tilt on the spot. It has great night vision. Up to 32 feet thanks
to its infrared LED’s. And the ultimate way to
monitor, store the footage, record the footage, this is
your key to feeling secure. You can see Casey right here. And you can’t even see her
with our $900 Canon camera. Let’s look at the phone again. And this night vision works great. Look at this beautiful face! This would obviously
not be what an intruder would look like breaking into your home, but the amazing this is
you can turn the camera. – [Casey] And this also
has motion detection which means whenever it senses motion it’ll send you an alert which
I think is super useful. – So, if it were to capture you moving, and capture your blue tongue on camera, did you guys notice yet? Casey’s tongue is totally blue right now. – I drank Gatorade. – Show them, it’s so funny. I just noticed that in our screen. There you are, that’s fun. We’re not being paid by Gatorade. That was actually a fluke.
(laughs) Although–
– No sponsorship – Yeah, if Gatorade wants to pay us we’re totally cool with that. Now, one other thing I wanted
to point out with this camera, which is lowest price I have
found recorded for this camera, which is right under the video screen if you expand the description box, tied to a larger trend we see with surveillance camera
deals this time of year. Casey, can you guess what holiday is, sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you. (laughs) Can you guess what holiday
is right around the corner that has a lot of people
stocking up on surveillance? – [Casey] Halloween? – Yup!
(Laughs) Right around the corner and that is when the
price drops all occur. So, if you do want to
take advantage if this, you now know how to it. It’s located right under the video screen. Get hooked up, save you money. Oh, Casey, what time is it now? – I think it’s giveaway time. – [Matt] Using Two Buddies
random selection tool to find a subscriber whose
commented in the last six months. And if you have your notifications turned on you know you’ve won. Congratulations, Barb. Just email support at
Matt’s Daily Deals dot com. You are a longtime
subscriber and we love you. And for everyone else, a reminder, YouTube has changed its notifications. Make sure you have all checks
so you never miss a giveaway and those Black Friday door-busters, which I am guaranteeing
early, will be yours. – Woo! – I’m gonna pivot. – You just won! – Yeah, congratulations! (laughs) I’m actually gonna vomit. – We ended at the same time. That was perfect. – That’s beautiful saving synergies. Is your head still spinning? – A little bit. I’m a little dizzy, I’m not gonna lie. – Woo! There we are. Congratulations. For those of you that
want to buy this deal, it’s a limited time deal drop. – And don’t forget to leave
us a comment and subscribe. We have huge deals coming your way. – This is the countdown of the holidays. And I have more Black
Friday and cyber hookups than anyone else in the country,
so if you are watching this and you want to save money. Man, we got those door-busters,
we got everything else! They are coming up right here. Want to win an awesome
item I test for free? It’s simple. Subscribe. Turn your notifications on. On a desktop it looks lie this. Once your notifications are
turned on for your desktop, or on a mobile platform
where it looks this, if you hear me call your name, you get that item
delivered to you for free. And for those of you that want
to buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window. All the links you need are right there.

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100 Replies to “Black Friday 2016 Wifi ip Camera ◄ Wireless Night Vision deals”

  1. I need this, my neighbors was urinating on my vehicle and even after calling the police well I had no proof that he was doing this from his attic window even though he was clearly doing it….this will work great!!

  2. Hi Matt , I love all your deals. I was wondering if you would do a home security deal with the best quality picture. thanks Bill j.

  3. I need a security camera asap. I have recently had an item stolen from me BECAUSE OF YOU! KC THE INTERN stole my heart! She is my favorite intern ever

  4. We use ours for monitoring our super-anxious pup. It's wonderful; we know exactly when we need to return during training sessions and can send the vet pertinent videos. Initially we felt a little crazy taping the dog, but it has turned out to be a godsend.

  5. looks like a great deal, with SCARES TOO, Blue tongue & a Dance – what's not to like? You have out scared yourself.

  6. I like this, it's a great deal, and may buy one. I'm looking for an inexpensive outdoor camera however. I'll be watching, hopefully you can find one.

  7. That security camera is really cool for a number of uses. The price point for the PT camera is fascinating. Usually the PTZ cameras are very expensive, and for the descent quality video, these PT cameras are definitely on my list. Great job, guys.

  8. okay to win i have to say something, maybe anything but just to be sure i'm gonna make this comment a little long… hopefully this is okay.

  9. Very cool deal. I have indoor and outdoor security cameras. It's also great to keep an eye on my French bulldog and kids when they get home from school.

  10. Matt, I purchased based on your review last week and it arrived and works great!  Will be ordering another for a nanny cam!

  11. Goodness, I wish I knew about this channel a long time ago; I need one of those. Working through Wifi is great especially when you rent or can't put wires through your home.

  12. Time for a new camera to record the pups while we're away. Leaning this way per your recommendation but before I pull the trigger…. anything in the pipeline I should be holding out for? (Love what you do….keep it up!)

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